We just received word that Chicks n' Vixens is once again being updated to version 1.0, which should be available within the next week. But the update comes with a twist in that the Windows Phone game is now a paid app over at the Marketplace.

The developer, Ahmed Hakeem, tells us the pricing was a mistake. According to Hakeem, when submitting the v0.9 update part of the submission process is setting a price for the app. Which was set at $.99. As he understands Microsoft's policies, that price will be carried over to any future updates of the game.

It is Hakeem's understanding that those who installed the free version of Chicks n Vixens will not be charged for future updates. However, he emphasized that this is based on current Microsoft policies, which are subject to change.

The pricing error has a silver lining though. Chicks n' Vixens has a healthy following and was on the Marketplace's Top Ten List for free apps. We're not sure when it happened but, now that Chicks n Vixens is a paid app, the game has moved into the #1 slot on the Marketplace's Top Ten Paid Apps list.

There is a free trial version of Chicks n Vixens available if you haven't given it a try. Both the trial and full version can be downloaded here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.  There is also a discussion going on here in our Forums on Chicks n Vixens with the developer popping in from time to time.