A week or so ago, Jabborworx released the Windows Phone 7 game Chicks n Vixens. The game was released as a Beta and while the first version of the game was a little on the rough side, two updates have polished the Windows Phone game up nicely. Graphics have improved, load times quicker, and overall performance is better. Additional updates are in line that will add more features and clean things up even further.

The game premise is simple. You launch your supply of chickens from a canon to take out a group of foxes that are hold up in various strongholds built of wood, glass, stone and steel. You have an assortment of chickens at your disposal that go supersonic, explode, and drop egg bombs all in a unified effort to destroy the foxes. Sounds a lot like Angry Birds, right? The game has just as much potential as the game it's modeled after and with a few more updates it could be just as popular.

In playing Chicks n Vixens, we found it to be an enjoyable, mildly addictive game. For the most part, the game ran smoothly with no major bugs, glitches or crashes experienced.  The canon can be a little sensitive (at times it fired while scrolling around the playing field) and the game lacks a Help or How-to section.  All of which should be addressed in future updates.

Chicks n Vixen is a free game and you can download your copy here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.  Once you give Chicks n Vixens a try, feel free to chime in over at the Forums with any suggestions you may have for the developer.

Ease on past the break to see Chicks n Vixens in action.