Chime in: Do you think Microsoft considers Android O and iOS 11 features when planning Windows 10 updates?

Android and iOS are both mobile juggernauts, accounting for practically the entire smartphone market and most of the tablet market. They're both updated frequently, and they both have plenty of great ease-of-use features that draw users to their platform. But they're not Windows 10.

Windows Central forum member dharma teja1 recently created a new thread, asking whether or not Microsoft considers Android and iOS features when dreaming up content for future Windows 10 updates.

dharma teja1

Do MS consider Android O and IOS 11 features in making new features in Windows 10 upcoming updates?


dharma teja1 poses an open-ended question, and there are already some worthwhile responses that help narrow down the topic and also keep the conversation moving along.

What do you think? How closely does Microsoft follow the features in Android O and iOS 11? Visit the thread, read the other answers, and deliver some knowledge!

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