Razer Phone

Razer is a company of great interest to the staff and readers of Windows Central alike. The company has quickly grown to be number one in the charts for gaming laptops and peripherals, but now, it also makes smartphones.

We've covered the Razer Phone pretty extensively, and with good reason. But while we know what we think of it, now it's over to you down in the Windows Central forums.

Al Sacco

Razer made its first phone, called simply Razer Phone, available this week, as you likely know. It's impressive for a number of reasons, and it's made by a well known brand in the world o' Windows. But ... it runs Android. It seems to be aimed at gamers, and most of its best features reflect that. But it also looks like a great all-around Android smartphone. What say you? Are you...


It was always the end game when Razer acquired Nextbit, but the launch of a phone is also the culmination of years of planning and brings together previous acquisitions like Ouya and THX.

I've got an early unit right now and while with a reviewers head on, it's definitely not perfect, with a consumer head on and importantly, being the sort of person who Razer usually targets with its products, there's a lot to love.

I love that it's not glass on both sides, I love that there's no 18:9 super-tall display and while I'd prefer a headphone jack, the THX DAC in the dongle at least goes some way to making up for it. But, it's not about what I think, it's your opinions we're looking for here, so hit the forums thread below and join the conversation!

From the forum: Soooo, about that Razer Phone