Chronos Windows Phone

Chronos Calendar for Windows Phone has been updated, introducing more functionality and configuration for the Live Tile. The popular calendar app for both Windows Phone sports new display modes for Live Tiles with multiple options available. We've previously looked at the developer releasing update for the app, with a rather large recent upgrade introducing Google Calendar sync.

So what's new in this latest release? Here's everything that's new in version (according to the app listing):

  • Dutch language support
  • New tile display modes:
    • 6:6. - Only events
    • 3:4. - Location/details on separate row
    • 2:2. - Date/time, subject, location, details. Two events with four rows each and a large date number
  • Optional week number on small tile
  • Tile switch for showing last updated time on tile. Usable to check if the tile updates two times per hour
  • Less tile memory consumed, back to .png instead of .jpg
  • New colour palette with the themeaccent colours and spectrum
  • Google sync login keyboard with @ and .com options

That's not a bad update at all. If you haven't tried out Chronos Calendar yet, it's a perfect solution for those who require more functionality and personalisation than what's currently offered by the native calendar client.

Chronos Calendar

You can download Chronos Calendar from the Windows Phone Store for $1.99 (both Windows Phone 7 and 8 supported). Trial is also available.

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