Ciel Arabian Nights

Find yourself on the Arabian Peninsula? Using the free and awesome photo-weather app Ciel? Then head to that app’s built in store to pick up the free Arabian Nights Pack, which features 14 new templates.

Some of those templates feature Arabic writing, while another has ‘Nokia World’ emblazoned across while most are “neutral”, meaning you can easily use them after Nokia’s big event on Tuesday. The bonus pack, which was launched in addition to the $0.99 Halloween themed one, is a nice nod from the developer for this momentous occasion.

If you haven’t tried Ciel yet, you really should. The app is simple in concept: take a photo and overlay it with text detailing location, ratings or the weather forecast. With many templates to choose from (and new ones arriving via the in-app store), it never gets old. In our opinion, it’s the perfect app for when on a vacation or visiting a new area. A few releases ago, it even picked up built-in 6tag sharing, allowing quick and easy posting to Instagram.

Ciel is a free app for Windows Phone 8 and it can be found here. Head into the in-app Store (upper right hand corner) to pick up your free Arabian Nights Pack.

QR: Ciel