Now that's a sight for sore eyes. The demo units for the Cingular version of the 750 have appeared over at the BoyGeniusReport. I recall reading that we ought not hold our breaths for the HSDPA update, but it'll be UMTS for the areas that support it. I'm rolling an unlocked 750v on T-Mobile right now, and I loves it. Hopefully that love will spread across the US very soon.

Seems like we could have the Treo 750 by Christmas or shortly after. Various Cingular stores have started to receive a Treo demo unit. The case is identical to the Vodafone Treo 750, even in color. Only difference being the Cingy branding. This demo unit only means that the release will be soon but we still haven't heard a date yet, just the broad "Q4" time frame. Trust us when we know, you'll know! At least for now you get to enjoy some pics. Click on for the rest of them

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