I don't have much to say about this except that maybe if the designers of MySpace weren't so enamored of Flash and of horrible, horrible web design services like this wouldn't even be necessary. I actually have a sneaking suspicion the horrible design of MySpace is actually part of its appeal. "A website that freezes, is difficult to navigate, and is often so butt-ugly I weep blood? That how computers are supposed to work!" Or something. Pah.

And charging customers $2.99 per month for this, Pah again.

Cingular, the largest U.S. wireless phone carrier, will offer a version of popular Internet social network MySpace on its phones in an expansion of their partnership, the companies plan to announce on Monday.

For an additional $2.99 per month, customers will be able to upload photos taken on cellphones, read and respond to MySpace e-mails, update blog entries and view and search for friends from their handsets

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