Broiled Earth, influenced by the classic Scorched Earth, is an oldschool artillery game by Nullygon Technology Studio where you have two tanks on opposing sides--you then fire various projectile weapons, using angles, wind speed and power to hit your enemy. The game just launched in the Marketplace for $2.99 and is loads of fun for those who love these turn-based projectile games.

But what makes Broiled Earth really cool is the online, multiplayer bit--you can play up to four friends (and strangers) online over 3G or WiFi. The game uses a server system to host games, which you can either create or join. While we didn't get to try that aspect yet (the game just came out and it is 4am EST, ahem), the single player against the AI was just as sweet. (BTW, why are there no Xbox LIVE games doing this yet? Go indie developers!)

Could we be on the verge of another AlphaJax/SpellIt craze? We sure hope so as these types of games are a ton of fun. Bringing online multiplayer support to such classic turn-based gaming is something you just can't wrong with these days. Broiled Earth has a free trial (but no online support--guess that's where the $2.99 goes to) and our early impression is: don't miss out. (Are we overreacting or is this not totally awesome?)

Grab your free tial here in the Marketplace.