Microsoft broke ground early by unveiling Recite, a searchable voice notes application for Windows Mobile. The application is being labeled a "technology preview," which is basically a demo of what the application can do. While it lacks a lot of features that we expect the final version to have (e.g. delete messages, sort messages, play messages, etc.) the "technology preview" will let you record a note and search through the recordings. Follow the break for a few screen shots and more information on this new application from Microsoft.

Recite is a voice notes recorder that allows you to search your notes for key words or phrases. For example, if you record notes from several meetings during the day and need to remember where or when "pepper mill" were discussed, you simply tap "search," say "pepper mill," and the voice notes with "pepper mill" are located and played back.

The "Technology Preview" allows you to demo this functionality and definitely has a "cool" factor to it. You tap "Remember" to record your note, "finish" to stop the recording. When you need to search the notes, you tap "search," say your phrase, tap "finish" and the note is played back. Audio files are recorded in .WAV format. Files are stored in the phone's main memory (can't record to expansion card out of the box - boo) and navigation between entries is accomplished using the directional pad on your Windows Mobile phone. 

There is no word on what the finished product will eventually look like. But, hopefully, you can label and sort notes as well as navigate through the application with the touchscreen. While the temptation to tap at the screen can be overwhelming, you get used to relying on the d-pad.  Regardless, Recite is an interesting program that many will find useful.