We know that Nokia is looking to enter the US market and sooner than later. In fact, Nokia is expected to start with the mid-range Lumia 710 on T-Mobile this week. While a decent device, it's not considered to be their 'flagship' phone that will make a big splash. Instead, that phone was speculated to be the Nokia 900--a device that is more rumor than fact at this point.

CNet is now stating confidently that AT&T and Verizon are both testing a Lumia 800 with LTE on board, backing up an earlier story by the Verge:

"...Nokia has been running an 4G LTE version of the Lumia 800 in an effort to get the ball rolling on carrier approval, according to several people familiar with the situation."

Perhaps this is the 'Champagne' we reported on earlier? In a way it makes sense, time is of the essence. Many people here have been yearning for a Lumia 800 release and so why not put LTE in it, make the carriers happy and get some serious presence in the US? Of course as CNet points out, lots of devices get tested but never released here in the US and carriers could be lukewarm to a non-exclusive device that by the time of release, is six months old.

On related news, the carriers are supposedly working with Nokia on more specific, exclusive hardware for the US--but there's no mention of the 900 aka Unicorn phone either. So we're still a bit skeptical on whether that device will be seen or even called that at this point, let alone released in the next few months. The more relevant question though is anyone interested in an LTE-enabled Lumia 800?

Source: CNet; Thanks, D-Burrs, for the link!