CNET has released its official Windows Phone app. They actually released it a few days ago and it completely flew beneath our radar. Nonetheless, the app delivers all the tech savvy information CNET provides to the comforts of our Windows Phone 8 device.

Developed by CBS Interactive, the CNET app offers reviews, how-to articles, news stories and more from the world of technology. Be it the latest computer, digital camera, televisions, and even smartphones. Just tinkering with the app for a short time, it comes across as a clean looking, informative addition to the Windows Phone Store.

Main pages for CNET include a Featured Story page, Latest Headlines Page, and you Category listings. Categories, much like the website, are broken down by product type along with a How-to section, CNET TV section, and the CNET Top 100 products.


Additionally, the CNET app has a barcode scanner that will let you pull up articles based on a product's barcode scan, a keyword search and a product finder.

While we are partial to a certain Windows Phone app for technology information on the run, the CNET app looks like it could come in handy for information on the rest of the technology world.

CNET is a free app and available for Windows Phone 8. You can find your copy of CNET here in the Windows Phone Store. This is also a universal app, which means you can grab it for Windows 8 at as well. Get that version in the Windows Store

Thanks, Kevin, for the tip!


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