Last week or so, Cnet's Molly Wood was lamenting her experience with Android on her Twitter account. Brandon Watson noticed and like Scott Adams, offered her a Mango device (HTC Trophy) to try out. If she doesn't like it, then he'll donate $1,000 to her choice of charity.

Since then, she has received the phone and in her first video on the issue, she shares her thoughts. Now at first take, we wanted to roll our eyes at some of the complaints, but then we remembered to step down from our tech-riddled high horse and treat her criticisms as valid--because if anything, her initial experience is what you would expect your non-techy friends to be like, warts and all. So while it's true that 'Words with Friends' is not available on Windows Phone but we do have 'Words by Post', not everyone will see them as the same. C'est la vie.

We're not sure if we're going to cover all of Molly's thoughts on Windows Phone, but it is interesting to see her perspective. And before you laugh her off, remember, she's more like your average consumer than not.

ps If the right video doesn't play, just go to the Cnet. Their player is a bit...lacking.