Cobalt is Mojang's latest title, sporting shoot 'em up action and slo-mo mechanics to unlock new and rewarding ways to absolutely obliterate your opponents. The side-scrolling shooter puts you in charge of a cyborg. You've got the campaign to battle through, or fire up multiplayer and see just how well your friends have mastered their skills.

According to the official website, while published by Microsoft's Mojang, the title was actually developed by Oxeye Game Studio. Here are some features of Cobalt to get you interested:

  • Speed and combat challenges
  • Nail-biting survival mode
  • Cute robos
  • Lots of upgradable guns
  • Slo-mo combat rolls and rocket punches
  • Tamable Space Hamsters

Sound good? Cobalt is now available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360 for $19.99.

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