Coin Toss OMG is described as an ultra realistic 3D coin toss for your Windows Phone. The toss can be initiated by tapping your Windows Phone screen or shaking your phone.

While Coin Toss OMG sounds like a simple app, it has a wide range of settings that sets it apart from other coin toss apps. You have seven coin types to choose from ranging from an U.S. Indian Head penny to several versions of the Euro. You can toss multiple coins, follow the toss from multiple angles, turn on/off a gravity tilt (coin slides with the angle of the phone) and choose from multiple backgrounds.

Graphics and sound effects are really nice. I just wish it had a larger coin in the selection (say, a U.S. Silver Dollar). Regardless, if you need a coin toss app as a novelty or to use as a decision maker, Coin Toss OMG is worth a try. It's a free app and you can find it here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.