What in the World

Yesterday, on Reddit, someone found a link to a new Xbox game headed to Windows Phone. The game is called 'What in the World?'. Moreover, it is published by Game Troopers, a relatively new studio focusing on Windows Phone gaming.

Those who tried to download the title were met with a pop-up telling them they did not have permission. This error is because the game is currently testing in a private beta, so there is not much to see (or report). However, from the screenshots it looks like a cross between Trivia Crack and Draw Something with a hint of Wheel of Fortune.

We spoke with Game Troopers about the title to find out a little more about the upcoming trivia game. Here is what they told us.

"The game is a single player but has deep Facebook integration to collaborate with friends in order to find the right word for each picture. There are a few hundred of hand-made illustrations that can represent movies, tv, celebrities, brands, cities/countries or fantasy characters."

Games Troopers is working with Plunge Interactive on the title, and they note "many things may change" before release.

As far as a timeframe, they are not expecting it to launch "later than May".

The Game Troopers studio has already brought numerous games to the Windows Phone platform, including Tiny Troopers and Make it Rain: The Love of Money, both of which are Xbox enabled. In addition, they are also working on Overkill 3 for Windows Phone, also due soon with Xbox support.

We may be getting on our hands on the forthcoming Xbox title, so stay tuned for that. Otherwise, we will let you know when this game is ready to launch!