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Sorry...I don't equate rich snobby kids whinning about their iphones, and ipads to being cool...Give me a PC that can run the top games, or any games, which apple CANNOT do....I will gladly take the PC, regardless of its size, and mod it to death with flashy lights and fans and cooling. That's a truly cool system. Not a Apple closed sheeple system.

While I agree with most of what you said I just want to point out a few things. 

1) Many people are cutting cable cords and as a result get 4k content from Amazon and Netflix. 

2) Spending $500 on an XB1X and $500-800 on a 4k tv to do a hobby you are passionate about isn't that much money. I mean it is for me but for many its not. 

3) VR while taking you into the game also takes you out of reality. Its kinda strange putting headphones on when someone is over much more so a full headset. So VR to people with a significant other its burdensome and has limited availability. And I think it's a stop gap to AR or MR. 

And a side note, I think Microsoft agrees that oculus and vive would be great if it worked with the Xbox and I think they are working on getting those connected to Windows/XB1X as well :)

I see this having less to do with market share than other factors. Seems stupid to me to have a separate app for every publication that I want to read. I will always use an rss/feed reader.

I have 2 4k TV's that honestly don't do much better to my movie experience than 1080p. It's not as impressive as 480 to 1080. That said, it's still better. But I'd rather see more texture and effects than resolution. Best example for me is mw2 vs forza. Mw2 wasn't even 720p but offered a rich environment while forza offered a crisp look with bland textures in comparison. Both offer a different experience but my preference if given a choice is more texture and effects over just resolution.

I have been a MS loyal since Nokia discontinued Symbian on its smartphones and went with MS. I had the Lumia 800, 920, 925, 930 and currently 950 XL as private phones and a Lumia 435 as a small business smartphone.

I am extremely disappointed, especially with the 950 XL  due to the frequent reboots (sometimes 4 to 5 times in 10 or 15 minutes!!!) and sudden shutdowns, battery drains etc... They have never been solved since I have the phone and the feedback that is being sent to them falls on deaf ears!

Last week I had to order a new phone and for the first time in years, I was confronted with the choice iOS or Android. I never used either one of these OSs. Windows was not an option since not supported anymore by our IT and they were reluctant to have to configure a phone with Win10Mobile while 99.99% of the company phones are either iOS or Android!

I went with Android since Apple never was and will be an option for me. I have the Samsung S7 now for 2 days and I'm absolutely not regretting my choice. Not only the phone is of premium quality built, Android 7 (Nougat) is very nice and intuitive. I had no issues whatsoever setting up the phone and even setting up my own e-mail account without any intervention from our IT!!!!!!

I am still holding on to my Lumia 950XL as my personal phone. I love the OS, I really do, but the lack of support and update, including the existing apps, more than the lack of apps itself (which is bull), is my main concern and frustration. If by Q4 2017/Q1 2018 MS does not come with a clear support strategy for mobile and a great mobile device in line with their surface line-up of devices, I will leave the platform indefinitely. A Samsung Note 8 or the current Galaxy S8+ would be one of the devices of choice...     





I would appreciate a section where you mention the specs of the PC/Phone in which you tested the game. I always wonder if the reviewed game would run in a Lumia 640 or cheap tablet.

I agree with that..Cost is major, $249 is way more attractive than ANYTHING over $249.... Unless a next-gen console can sell for $249 day one, cost will win out to the masses.

Having built a Scorpio VR reference PC(1070,i5,24GB, 512 Samsund SSD,HTC Vive) last year in anticipation for Project Scorpio, the Xbox One X is a steal at $499 considering my build out was $1200 and that doesn't include a UHD Blu-ray player AND the One X is 60% smaller than my Scorpio VR mini-tower...

Very... Already shopping for 4k TVs and 4k Projecters. On the TV front the current front runners are all LG which include the OLED55C7P(2017 Model) and the OLED55B6P(2016 Model). The projector side of things is just starting to heat up with the only player currently being the EPSON 5040UB, which upscales to 4k. Native 4K projectors are due out this year, hopefully before Nov 7.

How much would a decent 4k tv cost to run games on this? Who wants to spend a couple of grand on a tv. I don't think the cheaper 600-700 tv's will give you the full advantages of this console: ie true 4k hdr

I'm floored to play in 4k. Frame rate isn't as important to me as it is to others.

I feel like all racing games just tread more of the same with each new iteration in a series.

Microsoft hasn't announced anything on that matter, so I'm guessing not. It seems they're trying to do as much as possible to prevent people from buying a Kinect, so keeping the extra $40 surcharge for the adapter as a disincentive will probably be the norm, which is a shame because the Xbox One with Kinect is far more interesting than without it (at least, it was before Microsoft spent years forcibly stripping away its features).

As a pc gamer who spent £1000 on a 1080 p system, £500 for amazing 1080p sounds very appealing, it will be loading times and texture quality that will decide it for me

Same here.  Even unplugged my other internal drive and all USB items except keyboard.  Busted build #2 in a row

"Then they'll change strategies and leave devs and fanbase consumers stranded."

Chasing fanbase consumers is a losing strategy for Microsoft because it does not have loyal customers. Microsoft customers are largely Microsoft out of necessity, not because they want to be Microsoft customers. When people start earning the big bucks they are often inclined to switch to Apple--which, over the decades has been forced to earn its customer's loyalty because, since the late-80's, they've been the underdog compared to Microsoft.

That's a key difference between Microsoft's and Apple's business cultures. Microsoft has grown big through enforced loyalty because people couldn't afford Macs or did not believe they could do what they needed Macs to do. Apple had to approach things differently since they needed to give people a reason to break from 90-95% of users--their approach was to get computers "out of the way" and allow people to "just work". That philosophy generated loyalty.

Microsoft has now had to eat humble pie in its failure to enter the mobile market, and, it has learned some tentative lessons from their failure. But, I don't think they're quite at Apple's philosophy level yet of "get technology out of the way". They've come a long way. I'm a true (IBM :) blue, dyed in the wool, long time Mac user (right from the very beginning as a young child) who now exclusively uses Windows 10--not because I dislike where Apple went with Mac OS X/Intel but because Windows came to me.

That said, Microsoft's business culture still doesn't get Apple's philosophy all the time. For example, the touch component of Windows 10 is so mediocre it's frustrating. Releasing a half-baked web browser like Edge as the flag ship browser for their brand new OS in the face of refined products like FireFox and Chrome (and Safari) is just bone headed.

These are things that should've been made to "just work". It's not hard to do things right with a browser. EdgeHTML was unnecessary. It hasn't proved to be a particularly good rendering engine and Microsoft built it from scratch. Instead, they could've gone a long way by taking Safari's or Chrome's or FireFox's rendering engines are refining them (I suspect that the Safari/Chrome licences would've been more to Microsoft's liking than FireFox's, though).

That Microsoft released Edge as the laughing stock of the on-line world speaks volumes to the last remnants of their monopolistic arrogance: "because we're dominant we can give our users a really bad experience and expect them to stick with us". Guess what happened? Edge is now a polite euphemism for bad because it was so bad compared to the competition. Combined Edge and Internet Explorer don't even break the 10% mark of desktop browser share--this is despite the fact that only 10% of the world's desktops run on an OS that does not support either IE or Edge which mean people have to actively install FireFox or Chrome.

You are mixing OSs with phone hardware. BB as a brand (hardware) is alive, WP as an OS is in life support. the Lumia hardware line and BB10 (OS) are dead.

there are a couple of OEMs making windows phones and Microsoft itselt is working on mobile HW and SW, so, not dead yet.

Gamers are always about having the BEST.  The most realistic graphics are immersive and best framerates.  Xbox One X will help with this.

There is a cost tradeoff to get this, but having choice is also good - you can play on a regular Xbox One S for a great price or the X for best experience.

Over time the X price will come down and more will choose it, but it's becoming like the PC market... you can run Photoshop on any laptop, the more you spend the better the experience.

Wow, all those redundant articles making the same point, looks like someone had a talk with their ContentFarm overlords that they really want to be score the Top Google Result and PageRank for the XBX searchterm. This is some interesting SEO in action.

Well, at least it is slightly more relevant than Android or iOS articles since the console runs a form of Windows.

Hmmmm that does not seem right. Have you found anyone with the same issues? What build are you on? The only Bluetooth issue I am having is with a Garmin Vivoactive HR (which Garmin is working on fixing it). Everything else works great.

Wait 6 to 9 months and the Xbox One X will be discounted, it's the retailer's way. They catch all those who just have to be one of the first to own one, so they pay the premium price, after the BRU-HA-HA wear off, the prices will drop, then they'll be sold in bundles with gaming software. Then to, my Xbox One is just fine for what I use it for. Especially since the Xbox One X will not support Bluetooth.

Hey Steve! So you really don't think there is anything to the whole Windows 10 on Arm stuff? Or CShell? From what little I have seen it looks like a step in the right direction. And then there are patents about foldable screens which could really shake up the phone world.

@Gustav A; I was about to state the same text almost word for word no sense being repititious. Those new Snapdragon devices should be in development as we speak and available either in the 4th quarter or in the early quarters of next year and then a constant flow entering the market continuing into the future. All Microsoft would need is the bridges for the developers to port their work over to Windows that could span across multiple devices. In my opinion Windows should become a win win for developers.

Same here. I think the vast majority falls into this category. 4K displays are still a bit pricey compared to 1080p displays. As I mainly play shooters, 60fps is more important than 4k @ 30fps for myself.

Actually I've bought all the Xbox's I attend to buy. Unless this do something SPECTACULAR and not just look good on the TV Monitor.

Did you read the article or are you commenting on comments about something which you are ignorant to? This article was showing people how not to use MS products on a non-MS device. There is a place for this article, but it is not this site.

As soon as Microsoft releases their new vision for mobile I am jumping right back into it. Technology moves on. I will move along with it.

and hopefully we'll get those options on the X for Tomb Raider (Rise) - it hasn't been confirmed for an X update yet.

Ummm do you speak for everyone? I am an insider and am excited about the new build. Downloaded it right away. Always nice to have fixes. And you really think they detail out every fix that they have made? I am sure there are more tiny fixes than what are listed by Microsoft.

How important is 4K gaming on the Xbox One X to you? It's not important to me at all, if you are investing the money to buy a 4K TV just to play games on it, there's something really wrong with you. Television Networks effectively killed 3D, and they are doing the same to 4K don't care how Ultra or Extreme High-Def Television Makers produce them, the Networks aren't supporting them, buying a 4K TV to just play games, is really rather stupid, but this is just my opinion. What would make the Xbox One X even better is, if it were capable to play games in Virtual Reality, using Samsung Gear VR or Oculus Rift. When that happens, then the Xbox One X will be worth it. VR puts you inside the game.

I can agree it would be a good thing FOR NON-MICROSOFT USERS! That is why this article doesn't belong here and only belongs on iMore which is where most of your articles are published anyway. Are you trying to poach Microsoft fans from this site?

"I'm rooting for MS, but I'm tired of seeing the same story unfold."

I couldn't care a less who does it. If Microsoft does, good for them, if Apple does, good for them. What I want is that two companies, at the very least, succeed. Monopolies are bad. Microsoft proved that multiple times over. First with Windows on commodity hardware. Then with Internet Explorer after they used their monopoly position on cheap commodity hardware to illegally wipe out the competition.

Whenever there's robust competition the marketplace benefits. When one fish gets too big they stagnate and stiffle innovation. Microsoft has used its dominant position in desktop OS to stiffle competitors at every turn.

Apple's iOS may be dominant (in terms of profits) but it has to innovate with iOS because Android is nipping at its heels and will be happy to siphon off those profits. Microsoft had to innovate with Windows 10 because Apple successfully took over the $1000+ laptop market, the most lucrative part of desktop sales (IIRC a few years ago 70% of the $1000+ laptops sold were Macs... that's despite Apple only enjoying a 10% share of the desktop OS market as a whole).

For Microsoft to succeed because it's Microsoft it's pointless, and, as history has shown, terrible for the marketplace. For Microsoft to succeed when faced with an equal or superior competitor--now, that's good for the market place because it means Microsoft won't be able to sit on its hands and watch the dollars roll in.

I'm seeing a fair few feedback items reporting the same instability and unresponsiveness. Getting the word out in the comments on each one I see that it's being causeed by ctfmon.exe crashing all the time.

Not really. It will be a couple years before I make the plunge into 4K and so high quality 1080p60 games work for me.

Shame you still have to buy a nib kit (various thicknesses) for £19.99 when you only need one standard nib, this problem has been going on since I bought a surface pro 3 I have the 4 now and still cant get a pack of standard nibs, are there any out there? thanks

Ha! A fellow Garmin vivoactive HR user :)  I loved it before CU, it was awesome and everything synced and would get notifications. I can still force it to sync through the app without using the cable, but it is an exercise in patience lol

The Garmin used to work great until CU. Now it is once in a blue moon that I will get anything. I think it is more on Garmin though than Microsoft.

There are so many articles like this saying the same thing. MS has said that devs can use the horse power to do whatever they want. It's almost like authors are threatened by 4k televisions. You will be fine.