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I would like it if the Microsoft Stores would sell them for the people who ordered the dev kits. I think they'll do it, just not sure how long I'll have to wait.

I expect Samsung will roll it out further once MS have demonstrated they aren't going to reboot or retrench or otherwise fanny about with MR and ruin another market for their oft burnt OEMs.


I've been flirting with the idea of getting an android phone for a while now.  Blasphemy, I know but needs must when the devil drives I guess.  I'm going to give it a try and just come back when the surface phone of my dreams becomes a reality.  I was really hoping to have 3d scanning on my phone though.  It would have been great with my 3d printer, and a MR headset, oh well.

I think, considering Microsoft's history of burning OEMs as well as customers, it is a pretty safe assumption. OEMs are going to be as leary about MS as the rest of us by this point.

So for you it was Samsung or nothing? That headset is a bit better, but not that much better.

Exactly, pages like youtube and gmail and all of their services are already embedded in the chrome. Chrome doesn't have to fetch all the html and css from youtube. It just downloads thumbnails and text data and automatically places at appropriate places on the page.

Have a question. What makes ARM better than x32/x64 processors? Why can't Intel have that kind of battery life with their processors? And what gives Qualcomm their good battery life on their ARM processors? Are we losing power?

@Kryvdynn21; Seemingly, I thought it would be in the Fall Creators Update and should be seemingly ready to go by this time. 


Agreed - all those reboots were brutal.  Win 8.1 - looked great!!  W10m was pretty solid I have to admit.

But would have been really nice of MS to tell us they were going to kill it.  At least communicate with the consumers. 

"Silence, Silence, Silence" - yup!

Btw, I know MS wrote off Nokia, but does anyone know how much money MS was losing on W10m....?

Great pod cast !!!  Sad, but thanks!

If they allow mouse and keyboard to online fps I'll be abandoning online xbox and jumping to ps4. Unfair advantage to people who are accustomed to using that style.

Actually, I'm using the One Plus 5 now and it's quite a lovely device, I actually love it and I can't say I loved my Lumia 950 XL (I loved the camera). Android has cleaned up a lot over the years and has a lot of nice functionality WP never got around to getting. Don't be stuck in a bubble like Apple fanboys, making outdated critiques about an OS you don't even use. If you get a stock, or near stock like the OnePlus 5, you can pretty much avoid all Google services if you wish. You can even get the 3rd party app store like Amazon. It's time to give it up, you're being left behind.

Why wouldn't I use Google app..a long with all the integration it has.  Google Search, YouTube, then comes gmail, drive, voice assistant....

So why stick with MS is my point.  What does MS have as an app that unique?

"ATOM processor". You have an interesting point and it will be interesting to see how Manufacturers use this processor. It seems the Snapdragon 835 is in line to eat it's lunch for low ended devices.

Jason Ward......
"However, according to Qualcomm, the introduction of Windows 10 on ARM will likely draw new manufacturers to the PC market from mobile. Some of the larger manufacturers like Samsung and Huawei already have a lineup of PCs available, but we could see a currently mobile-only company like HTC enter the space, for example."
That says something.

You don't care for a small Surface device? WTF does anyone care if you don't? I can tell you right now, I don't give a rats ass if you think one is coming, or not, want one, or not, or if you buy a million of them, or not. You know that's what I want regardless of what you want, so why are you talking to me about your drama?.... What's your point? Are you so lonely that you're looking for me to agree with you? Well, try someone else, because I don't, and probably never will.
Keep your issues to yourself... Either buy one, or don't, but shut up about it.. And, if you're so sure nothing is coming then why would you comment about nothing? Stop trolling, and move on to an article, or comment, about something that interest you. End of story.

Netflix (ARM app) can stream perfectly on a really, really, really old L520 with a Snapdragon S4 (2 x 1GHz) and the fastest Intel ATOM which is about half of the 825's (4 x 2.45GHz & 4 x 1.9GHz). so it's a safe bet, 835 device will do just fine. As for motherboard size, it's the same as any phone motherboard so it's up to OEM how small the go and if they choose to take advantage of all the integrated hardware in the CPU

At least they provided an official way to get direct ISOs on a PC now. Alternatively you can get a direct link to the ISO images by accessing the Microsoft website on Linux/Mac or a mobile device (or even spoofing your user agent if you know how to do it).

When it comes to fear, in a video game, one should consider 'F.E.A.R.'!!!!  :-)

mine Edge browser works much better after the update...load faster than Chrome..
but load youtube is slower, I though google purposely make Edge load youtube slower...?

Would love to own one, but it's priced beyond what I can spare for a laptop right now.

I'm looking at upgrading my desktop, Surface Pro 3 still handles my mobile needs well.

I will get one. I've been waiting for the Book 2. I was surprised by the 15" and my old eyes got excited when they saw it. So I'm excited about the new Surface Books!!!

Absolutely not. It still looks horrible in that colour and specially with that horrendous hinge.

If Mobile was driving UWP development they would never have been made. There is a steady stream of development because of W10 and Xbox and it will continue.

that actually makes sense... as horrible as i originally thought it was. 

This is something that I totally would vouch for given i dont have alot of time to invest into games anymore.


But perhaps they should market it like this. "For those who are time poor yet avid gamers, unlock everything upfront" (I believe BF3 did this )

Definitely not a sad day, and not sad times... I'm never gonna look at it that way. Instead, I see the opportunity to move on to something worlds better. A Windows device that has the support, and confidence, of the entire Windows 10 ecosystem, and Surface branding. Windows on PC isn't going anywhere, and that's what we have always wanted in our pockets. People even tried to hack Windows on smartphone hardware, with much success... So many people (including Android fans) are gonna be interested in a pocketable PC (the trolls here represent only a fraction of the views about a Surface Ultramoble)... So, it's not over with Windows + Phone

I have a feeling here that the fly in the ointment will be running Win32 apps in emulation.  Emulation is VERY cpu intensive.  I highly doubt that it will last 30 hours running photoshop.  

Also, these claims are very fact-free.   Streaming Netflix with a native ARM app?   How big is the battery?  How big is the screen?   I wouldn't be surprised to find out next year that we are talking  about a 13" laptop that is basically 80% battery by volume/weight, NOT an 8" tablet.  

The last Cod was so crappy and worthless they should be giving this latest version to us for free as partial compensation

My WP is now my music player when doing yard work. Just the truth! I kept it for updates, keeping up with the platform. After no more updates I decided to say screw it! But it is really handy! lol

Price almost the same. Mac is better because you can dual boot, run mac and windows on one machine. Best of both world, especially you are developer, XCode and Android studio on mac and Visual studio on Windows (bootcamp)