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Richard Devine Richard Devine

It helps that retailers constantly put it on discount. That and Ubisoft has actually delivered a compelling game that they keep adding content to rather than rushing a sequel.

Sure, you pay every year for more content (if you want) but it's actually a really great model for a game that's going to stick around.

Rockstar does similarly with GTA Online, constantly delivering more content (albeit in their cast it's usually free with IAPs for in-game currency instead).

Richard Devine Richard Devine

Apart from the fact that WWII is the best selling COD since Black Ops 2 or something, might even have surpassed it by now.

More people are playing COD than in recent years which is kinda the exact opposite of what you just said. It's been out since November 3, the people that really want it already have it. And mostly on PS4.

Mister Wolf Mister Wolf

Getting its back doors smashed in by PlayStation and Switch, that's how the Xbox is doing right now.

Yahia Mostafa Yahia Mostafa

I trust Phil Spencer and any decisions he make. Just look at how the Xbox division is doing right now.

ClevLab ClevLab

Hello Gregorius,

We have hesitated with this feature, but many users asked us to open the menu with the back button.

Consequently, we have tested this feature during 3 months in Insider Preview of FeedLab, with a panel of 250 users, and there was no bad feedback on it. So we kept this feature.

We try to satisfy the majority of users, but unfortunately we know that is impossible to satisfy 100% of users.


Jason Ward Jason Ward

Thanks man!😎 And thanks for your contributions to the conversation as always👍🏿

ClevLab ClevLab

Hello Steve,

No, we have contacted Windows Central yesterday with all informations, to communicate this new version 3.0 of FeedLab ;)


neo158 neo158

Twitch has an official app, just not on the store

dicks-webos dicks-webos

You can also update your Intel devices with 16299.194 btw

norville2 norville2

Installed Launcher 10 on my android phone, it mimicks the windows mobile gui, it even has live tiles if you pay for it (i have) the best windows phone GUI I have used so far. Even put it on the Mother-in-Laws phone as was fed up with her moaning about how she missed her windows phone...

Steve Litchfield Steve Litchfield

Dan, I strongly suspect you got this news from AAWP, given that you also linked to the release notes, which I had to ferret out online.

Can I ask you PLEASE to link to source articles when relevant? It's the polite thing to do.

The original URL was here.

Raylz Raylz

Good luck matt b

mmgn mmgn

In what reality?

mmgn mmgn

Not only in design...

Tom87 Tom87

Let's hope he can help turn Halo around.

mmgn mmgn

:)) Well, it's the only thing they are good at.

neo158 neo158

Looks like this app is now available for download on all platforms.

jonny melamet jonny melamet

Matt Booty could be a good fit for the role.

He has proven himself as a leader with the direction that he has taken Minecraft.

I like his mantra of enabling developers to focus on developing games (I am paraphrasing).

I hope he has the best of luck in the role.

ananve ananve

Congrats Matt

kenzibit kenzibit

you mean I can't play alone by myself?

Steve Adams Steve Adams

Yep.  Last time I used that stuff was on XP.  Crazy it's still a thing.

Steve Adams Steve Adams psychological help.  

fdruid fdruid

Honestly, Cortana messes that up often, I have it in Spanish and sometimes it gives me the time for Madrid, things like that. But not sure how the HK works, because in a phone at least it has access to a gps. The speaker only knows where it is from the setup, AFAIK.

justjun555 justjun555

Depends on how Windows on arm devices performs in x86 gaming.

fdruid fdruid

Dell is really comfortable, yeah.

fdruid fdruid

They all have similar specs so I don't think you can really go wrong. I have the Dell, its good though a bit heavy (for me). The HP one has detachable cables which IMHO gives it more durability and future proofing.

Sean Botha1 Sean Botha1

So this year microsoft will aboandon Cortana at a second notice like they have been doing over the past few years. They know they can't compete with other products so instead of trying just turn their back on their clients.

Wilson Kisitu Wilson Kisitu

Very true, I made a switch to android, but was not happy at all, I kept referring to my apps on Windows 10 Mobile. I couldn't find a better alternative to my tube, movies &tv, groove on android is a joke. Photos app on windows is far better than the galaxy app on android.

justjun555 justjun555

Surface pro will not fit in your pocket.
This device only targeting pocket gaming enthusiasts.

Musti Tunc Musti Tunc

"It's great to see Booty take over Microsoft studios" sounds a little weird tbh but let's see. Fingers crossed.

Jatinder Lall Jatinder Lall

Yes it does, it's called google assistant.  In your car say Ok Google and say read a text message, read whatsapp, navigate here ???


It works !!!

Android and Windows plays nice togather you just have to learn and not moan


Cortana for your buisnes, and personal stuff e.g appointments and reminders


Google assitant in your car



Gregorius Magnus Gregorius Magnus

Great app that just got even better. Although I don't understand opening the menu with the back button on the Home page. It is against design guidelines for an app not exiting with the back button at all.

ads13 ads13

That pair was TH2 & RS1 though.

reomw reomw

At least they don't take sh*tload amount of space without need. Because that's what "Live" Tiles (icons in disguise) do.

ad47uk ad47uk

Really, So having my computer connecte  up to Ms servers is one of the best features of Windows 10?  Bad enough with having windows tewn send data to MS as it is. 


ArnavA ArnavA

You cannot build a decent gaming PC in India for 45K! The price of an equivalent GPU ie. gtx 1060 alone comes to about 24K. Glad I bought my Project Scorpio for 35K from UAE.

Satish Singh Satish Singh

It seems Microsoft has introduced a new KPI in the BSC - "Kill atleast 1 app/feature/device per month".

Hirox K Hirox K

I heard the previous one had some quality issues? like communication, battery issues, delay and using site associated with malware for driver downloads, etc...

Manus Imperceptus Manus Imperceptus

Indeed! So far it's simply a huge missed opportunity to promote both the console AND mixed reality!

dov1978 dov1978

Yeah what phone do you have? Because having a phone where "the glance screen is only useful for telling the time and date" pretty much narrows it down to one or two phones like the Huawei Mate 10 Pro. Every other phone with Always On Display has all the notifications on there and much more.

neo158 neo158

The point is that you shouldn't have to change the language to US to get ALL the features of Cortana in the first place. If Cortana is available in a particular language, then all the features should be available not just a small subset of them.

Hanley Gibbons Hanley Gibbons

Shame that the Samsung Odyssey HMD isn't on sale. I'm still going to keep waiting.

neo158 neo158

No Problem but it does make you look a bit of an idiot when I stated that it works on W10M below before you even commented ;-)

Wan Firas Wan Firas

I would suggest to change the language used over here. Like, "MS HealthVault Insight research project has ended successfully," "Machine learning FTW," and provide some insights what are the functionalities being tested. It seems like everything reported over here means to be "doom & gloom" or "seeing light at the end of a dark tunnel" themes.


No Türkiye as expected.

Jared Harrington Jared Harrington

It's time for Microsoft to announce VR for XB1.

Sin Ogaris Sin Ogaris

I highly doubt it, I imagine the One and PS4 will see some love.

Sin Ogaris Sin Ogaris

We know literally nothing about this game other than the developers and the setting and yet this is 100% my most anticipated game by a very large margin.

The only other developer that could have me this excited for a new release is Frontier, but I'm quite happy they are just improving on their current game.

Sin Ogaris Sin Ogaris

Microsoft love loot crates, they must be kicking themselves that Battlefront 2 effectively ruined them with their horrid implementation.

That being said, the developers behind it know how to make a good game, so I am cautiously optimistic, the Fable games were never really ones for a good story so hopefully a new team can breath some life into the World.

Jason Ward Jason Ward

Thanks Johnny and I appreciate the input.🙂