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Exactly... That's what this device would represent. Microsoft has to get the marketing right. Maybe not the first two generations, but by the third generation this device needs to be mainstream. It needs to appeal to average consumers.

Surface Brand Not For Consumers❓ 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
This is new.

That is exactly what Microsoft is saying. You don't see anyone connected to Microsoft talking about phones. They do talk about connected devices and mobile devices. I agree with some of the author's comments but not all. I am not convinced MS is working on a pocketable device. I think we are looking at something in the 6.5 to 7 inch range. I also don't think we will see anything until at least 2019.

That is what's going to happen.   The apps will not come.   You will still have to use a web browser to use the phone as anything other than a phone.   

I wish in 2017 we can see new windows 10 mobile.

I don't know u are living in this world or not. And also u r reading comments regularly or not. Before writing this article u would go to take some survey. I don't about ur country. But in India W10M is no more. Some are using forcefully bcoz they don't have any option as they had buy a costly device like 950 and as they don't get a good resale value and so they can't buy a new phone (android & Apple).

I am using lumia 950 and 640xl. One for insider and other for non insider. But now in near future they also not support new C Shell OS. 

As u said fans not important, they are must bro. As personally I will never buy current devices for my family. If in future windows devices support a larger number apps then it's k.

But to win the heart of the customer microsoft have to do a lot more then they had never done before. Android and ios devices are in the blood of customer now a days.

All microsoft apps are already available on both this platform, but they release new update for both this devices before it's own W10M.

If customer getting everything on this both devices then why they buy new surface phone.

U r thinking that windows fans are in larger number so phone will be sell in larger number. Then remove this thing from ur brain.

Bro listen popularly surface phone will be buy those who totally dedicate windows phone fan and once they buy and experience will be good then that will be formation cycle. Due to fans the phone will be success.

Bcoz right now senerio nobodg  will be buy windows phone why they should transfer and if fans will review and give good response to then only then it will buy by other.

Last not tell that fans are not important.

It was

It will be.


Jai hind 

So your whole point is that you started with low expectations. And no, phones don't get "obsolete" in two years. It just so happens that the carriers - mostly in the West - dictate the upgrade cycle.
My mistake. I should've excluded the types of people who are ready to fork out hundreds of dollars for half baked OSs and flimsy hardware, on a platform that in comparison barely gets any apps or games. Yes, if you start knowing all of that, you don't feel abandned. You are just perfectly happy with an abandoned platform.

By this time, it is pointless to write about Windows phones, MS screw with customers and fans countless times. Who cares about UWP, I personally hate it, so buggy, if you are a developer, you can choose other better platforms like Java hands down, in fact some of the most robust enterprise developments (Middleware) are made with a mix of Java, Linux, Oracle. Sad but true, ask developers, Java ones are better paid than .Net ones. It's commonly hear that if something fails the first question is: Is it running on Windows? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Good! The article mentions the hackers using fake MS files. Not everything is about your precious Troubled Trump.

Same reason Casablanca is still a great movie even in black and white and without any CGI effects or surround sound.

Did you ever use a legacy USB printer from a phone while using a monitor, keyboard and mouse? Our did you ever try to code while on a phone?

Hi wazinated actually I carryon both a Lumia 1020 with Windows Phone 8 (because I refuse to upgrade it because I like some of those forsaken features/UI elements) and a Lumia 1520 with Windows 10.

Microsoft is a business and is driven more by business strategy than sentiment. This article was highlighting what I believe thier perspective to be.

Please read: I am a Windows phone fan in an iPhone and Android world. Why? Because Microsoft has it going on:

"Really looks like for unknown reasons you want to defend Microsoft comparing it to cheap devices when Surface brand aspires to compete with Apple devices. Compare it to MacBook pro or iPad . You will see the difference in quality. "

The HP EliteBook shown costs more than any of my Surface devices. MateBook X is over $1K. The XPS and Spectre line are premium/high-end PCs for those companies. I'm doing something no one else has done yet: compare it to other mainstream PCs for perspective vs. looking at it insolation. I also shared exact data situations for testing and was consistent.

I present evidence that not only is this common it can look worse on other PCs and you just dismiss it, wave it away. It doesn't meet your standards.

Re: MBP, I'm but one man and I'm not here to try to prove your argument by comparing it to every PC in the world until you are satisfied. You'll just keep moving the goal post, I'm sure of that.

I'd be more invested in this if I actually saw throngs of users complaining; instead I see the same handful of users on all sites saying the same thing. I'm not a consumer advocate; I looked into and don't see much of a controversy here. Ultimately, it's up to the consumer to decide if they are happy with the experience or not, not for me to tell them to be happy.

We have covered Surface issues in the past and raised them with Microsoft, which I even cite in this article. This isn't about credibility, it's about evidence. I'm not seeing it. I do see the same guy on every site making the same complaints though. I need more than that before I sound the alarm.

"Daniel - I don't think people are 'trying to turn this into a controversy'. These users a rightly unhappy with their experience and expectations are high with a premium product costing so much."

As I've stated, if you're unhappy, return/exchange/get your money back. I'm not here to tell you that if something is wrong looking on your display to be OK with it.

My contention, of which I have not seen any evidence for, is that this is a widespread manufacturing defect with throngs of users being upset over. Nor do I see anything unique about the lot of these devices.

Of course, like any mass produced high-end product there will be/could be issues and that is legit to complain about and rectify; but again, I'm interested in perspective. Is this a lot of devices that many users are actually noticing, or a few? I contend it's the latter.

Windows fans enthusiasts are much more likely to use MS services even when they are inferior. Groove - Spotify

Actually, the answer is simple.
Everyone is busy with Android and iPhone, no one have resources to build app for another phone ( But, if you want to write applications for win10 PC? Chossing uwp.win10 (if you do game the add in) over win32 is just no brainer.

So, no one have time for + uwp.win10 is essential = ?
Just get rid of, devs then no longer need to maintain 3 platforms (, uwp.win10 and but just 2 (uwp.win10 and

Having something to say to the public means, the shows is about to be out right? Excited!

Upon reading this article, Microsoft shareholders must be thinking STFU to their legal department. Thank the Russian hackers instead. MSFT stocks are flying historic highs.

That comment about best Sci-Fi - Battlestar Galactica, was meant as sarcasm right? It barely qualified as Science Fiction, way too much soap apera, like much of junk passed off as Sci-Fi today.

Well, this must be one of the slowest rollouts ever. I've been looking for this app since the 17th, when this article came out. Still don't see it.

waiting for Krypton coming to Syfy in 2018.

Right now, I am only following two Syfy shows: Dark Matter and Killjoys.

Ahhhhhh the fanbabies can't tell me the difference between a smartphone and pc.  why?  because there is none.  It is still JUST A PHONE that runs windows.  Running x86/EXE on a phone is useless to being mobile,  so why bother to have it....


So,  to all the fanbabies...downvoting me,  step up...put on a pair of big boy pants and discuss.....WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A SMART PHONE AND POCKET PC....**** pressing down vote...whiney little crybabies....please!!!! lets talk!

This is the point: There is no reason to suspect ALL devices manufactured are affected. Some may show poor quality of workmanship and components others won't be obvious. Apart.from screen problem one of the units I had was really poorly made. There was approx 1mm gap between the screen and bezel close to the switches and stand had different shade of silver to the rest of the body. Oleophobic layer on the screen all  I the way around it really  I was missing at approx 3-4mm from the edge. It looks to me like there is issue in manufacturing and QC.

hey everyone.
this is my first reply. And English is not my native languish. But I have a opinion to share. Yes, I was one of the first to own a Ativ S en now a 950. But I'm mostly like all people a pragmatist. When doing business everyone know for every customer you lose you must make a double effort to gane one more. So this has nothing to do with us but purely business. This sad. Let's talk about the new windows divice. Why would be the market strategy to push the divice in a specific corner????

why not take the strategy of de multiple diversity of Surface divice???? It's the divice that has everything onboard. This machine can be you best friend, from the moment you need to wake up, when having breakfast reading the news that interested you, when need to order something online when going to work and yes, also your office divice. Your phone assistant and many other thing that makes each of us special to use this divice. 



Yes...a tablet.   the surface form factor...what else would you think it could be it's either a tablet or a phone.....One or the other,  not a new magical's a phone or tablet.  

To borrow one of Cupertino's favorite adjectives, Microsoft needs to create a revolutionary product if it wants to succeed in mobile, a product that will make the average Joe stop and consider before getting their next whatever. Easier said than done, yes, but Microsoft has the very best minds around. They can pull it off.