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I love Windows 10 but one has to admit that Windows Phone is the only platform where you still have apps force closing (for lack of available memory) on 1 GB RAM devices.  When the f_ are we going to get a Facebook app that does not require 2 GB RAM that does not force close as soon as I open it.  I'm surprised that Instagram still works.  Even OneDrive has been known to force close.  

If you buy the new Pen, then Tilt, yes, once the fw/sw updates for older Surfaces hit -possibly even the PS improvements.

The touted Latency improvements, no, you'll need the Surface Pro 2017...

I have a Cherry Hill Surface 3 and will there are many things I like about it it is just to slow.   I wouldn't get an M3 because of that.   Interested in the i5 model becaus of more power.    I doublt that the M3 could beat the A9X in the iPad Pro.     But if the i5 Surface Pro does actually offer power without the fan (and throttling of applications) that along with the LTE modem could open up a new generation of powerful truly mobile apps on the Surface Pro that the iPad Pro could really only do.

Does the new Surface Pro have a MicroSD card reader?   I don't see it in the specs but the Pro4 has one listed?

And immature.  Tried dealing with Android on Marshmallow after being on WP 8.1.  So ugly it was insufferable.

I do like Nougat though, at least the menu settings.  Finally brings Android into this decade.  But I stil fail to understand why they did not bring some of that greatness to the start screen.  

Windows Phone is dead, and so on and so forth but we still have a better looking UI.

Windows Phone is like the NeXT computer.  

Interesting.  But the short answer is no. I actually prefer what Microsoft is doing with Windows 10, design wise, to what Google has done with Android and Apple has done with OS X and iOS.  

From the looks of it Microsoft is back to their old tricks at implementing sophisticated visual effects on high end hardware, which is a completely different direction than that Google is going in.  Think of it as Vista Aero for a new generation.  

No, they did it because they need more reasons to force people to use the cloud. All of their "AI" offerings are based in the cloud. There is nothing there that a company can insall on prem or have running soley in your home. Its just natella forcing his cloud "baby" onto everyone.

I hope a mobile update comes soon. My 950 has been atrocious since creators update. I'm about ready to toss it. It was working so well beforehand.

I'm hoping that once they are shipping they allow BuildToCOnfigure options.   I want an i5 with 16 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD.    I image next year they will make the switch to Type C 

I don't know about you but my various surfaces (3, SP4) and other windows tablets (miix 720) aren't exactly reliable when it comes to waking up from sleep vs my iPad.

I doubt it. Microsoft might be more aggressive about their push, because of what Google is doing and how the market responds, but Microsoft has been working with AI for a long time.

I know this has little to do with tech...but I really enjoyed it!

Maybe their can be another installment  - People with Apple devices and hammers?

I hope the pen is better.  i had a chance to play with iPad Pro and pencil and I'm sorry to say that it blows the SP4 pen experience.  I have an SP3 but the pen is really well not that bad but could be better.  I hope the new Surface pro's pen is as good or better than the pencil.  I really don't want to buy the iPad Pro and Pencil but its really easy to use but really expensive.  I hope this new Matebook E fits the bill.  Hope Windows Central can provide a good review of the new Surface Pro and this Huawei Matebook E.

Yeah, you're worse🙄
You're problem is that you don't know a pathetic fanboi when you see one... You just call any WP fan a famboi, which is blind in itself... Anything that you could possibly say bad about about WP, and the way MS handles WP, I will most likely agree with... I'm THE biggest WP fan, but I'm also It's biggest critic... Nevertheless, you CONTINUOUSLY refuse to see that...... To be honest, yes, I don't believe trolls like you ever used WP, and Yes, I think this place would be better without your stupid negativity........ Change your ways, dude.

As much as i love my Surface 3, i bought it because i needed a tablet replacement for my old Asus transformer. Personally i prefer Lenovo machines, and i also own a Dell Inspirion 13" 2 in 1. If someone wants a really expensive computer that looks nice, then go with the Surface lineup. If you want High quality at affordable prices w/keyboard, go with the Lenovo Yoga series. Although the Surface Pro or Pro 5 whatever, could be a nice upgrade to my Surface 3. Today i don't need to upgrade, maybe some day in another year or 2, but i'm satisified with my Lenovo Flex 2, and i will soon get a Lenovo Flex 5 a little later this year. This week i just upgraded my AIO with a Lenovo Ideacentre and it is freaking amazing. Then again my old Samsung AIO is a 2012 so it's a big upgrade for me. In 2015 i bought a Gaming rig (Cybertron Hellion) PC. It is the PC that i'm going to be working on upgrading over the years and keep it current. I just bought some extra ram, doubling what i got in there to 32GB DDR3 which will help alot with my gaming needs. Next year i may get a new Graphics card or SSD Drive or something. Anyway my advice is hit up on Lenovo PC's. They aren't too pricy, but not too cheap either. They are built with high grade materials and will serve you better than a Surface Laptop or Surface Pro. 

Good review.  I've always loved these laptops, especially the keyboard.  They are dreamy, aren't they?!!?  Just a quick note that on the left side, it looks like there's a card reader slot.  That's important for offices that have (or are moving toward using) identity cards for logging in, like my office.  We've piloted the Surface tablets, but they don't have in-built card readers and the dongles that we have to use are just awful to lug around.....

Of course they did GCYOUNG,  selling people's personal data is a 100 percent profit business.  It is an excellent investment,  but maybe just the WRONG one all the same.  Putting 28 billion into Device and OS creation would still be a much better investment.

nightlight works on my dell 2 in 1.  But, it does not control HUE that is the big draw for me.

I'd like a type c port for egpu but I'm SOOOOOOO glad they didn't get rid of magnetic surface charger. Stiff plug in dongle are just a pain and dangerous. The surface type c adapter will be fine for me

I'm starting to think Microsoft should just stop saying Centennial and call it Windows Store Backwards Compatible, just like Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One.

Well bought a new 950xl today,  GASP!!!!!!  need the 3d builder functionality for my,  another phone with me.'s all  hoekie.  I call a few people here fanboys because they are blind and think one OS is vastly superior than the rest...IT'S not...but those same fanboys call anyone who uses another OS trash?  I think you need to learn the definition of "the same".   BTW I just purchased a 950XL again....Now that 3d builder works on it....I was going to buy the 1020,  but I would have to hack 10 to work correctly so I just bought the 950 XL AGAIN!  so,  please...I am NO WHERE NEAR THE SAME as some off these people.

Nice review. They are built like tanks, but, pricing may be a huge concern. That said Lenovos age pretty well especially top spec-ed ones.

@DarkLykan114 someone in WC has a article about this. They will provide a dongle to enable the Thunderbolt 3. I know, its not ideal but, its something.

I have made it a habit to just go into the extra tab in settings and change my advanced color profiles to one of the presets which I configured to a night light like experience. It's not the same in the sense it's not automated, but well worth if you like me use your phone late at night or in the dark 😊

Its twice that you've mentioned that u don't choose the titles but y is it that only your titles look click baity. May be its time to have a talk with the ME. You shd havr the right to choose ur title especially if it makes u look bad. Or may be write an article on how titles' are chosen so we the readers know the process n may be offer our suggestions or complaints

Great, definitely great stuff. We do quit some Citrix related work at our customers' though RDS has taken a big chunck of the SBC related business.

Look at your own posts. It's at the same level, just the wording is different. Move on. This is the internet.

The Surface Pro offers WAY better value for money. It's overpriced as well but not to the ridiculous heights of the Surface Laptop. And it's much more versatile.

For a laptop form factor, there are far superior offerings from HP and Dell. Only silly fanboys who want a Microsoft logo on the laptop will go for a Surface Laptop with that sh*t version of Windows in it.