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Who say that I don't like colorful UI? I love it, take a look to Windows 10 black and white taskbar, and remember colorful taskbar in Vista

So are these ultramobile devices going to be like that little 7" "laptop" i ahve seen running windows 10?

The one that's left the worst taste in my mouth is purchasable praxis kits in Deus Ex (published by square, not Activision). It's literally the ability to buy level ups, in a single player game no less! It's so ironic that the games warn about one distopic future while participating in another!

It's one thing, and bad enough, when we talk about these micro transactions during free to play MMOs and mobile games, but these are full "AAA" games being sold to us for $60+ where the motivation is purely to try and milk as much money from gamers as possible from gamers.

The genuinely disgusts me. It's no wonder people are flocking to indie games.

Today's empires are tomorrow's ashes.

Yeh, I'm just trying everything before I turn to the last resort of a complete install of the OS. Takes so much time to get it back to the personalized setup.

On the contrary.  Because aesthetics are consumer facing, and the first thing the consumer notices and remembers about the product, they are arguably more important to the consumer and therefore at least equally important for Microsoft.

You must never have been involved in consumer product development.

Yes, I'm aware that it wasn't "free." It was included, when I upgraded to unlimited data plan. Appreciate the info. But I'm very aware of how it works.

if everyone just bought the games and never any of the microtransactions what do you think the companies would do?

I am running the Fall Creators Update on my Lumia 640. I run it on the Fast ring and it is fine.
Next to drop if there is another update for Mobile will be the 950's. It is a pure time and age of devices thing.

I lost the STORE and all store apps after install. Update took HOURS to install. Not smooth here. MSI GT73 VR TITAN laptop. Still have noit been able to reinstall STORE!!

by what measure? security or stability/reliability? cause win32 is far away from unix, boy

Well, you can't really develop apps for the Windows market on a Mac if you don't buy a PC and link your app to the Windows platform. Secondly, Mac OS is a closed system, so you won't be able to change a lot of thing in the system, like you can on Windows. Thirdly, Visual Studio was until a few months ago but available on Mac OS, which also says something about how bad Mac OS is for developing.

Windows has so many architectural goddamn problems that lay for almost 30 years that I think aesthetics is the last one in MS' list of priorities

hopefully the higher end devices won't have problems the way the higher end ones did for the first release.

I don't like the look of the armadillo hinge either,  but im looking past it as the device is such a killer machine.  

Thats what I will be doing with it.  photography video work.  But would it really slow me down that much if I was using the 13 with the 1050 in it?

I guess I am buying a surface studio too.   I would pay 1000 dollars for a studio monitor to run off a book 2.  IMO that would still be in line with the whole, surface line.  Premium products...premium price...

No, I'm not.. But, let me go back, and see if you're trolling.. I'll let you know..

Yeah, yours is garbage.... Find out what's wrong with it, and fix it.... Mine is great!! Battery last forever. I need a phone just like it.

I didn't know there was a Fall Creators Update for mobile. I thought it was a feature update,not RS3. Make up my damn mind already!

That was the one I was looking to... and I'm in Europe.

And I won't buy a cheaper one because it's not available...

I guess it's no WMR for me then :(

It's hard to do this Microsofts defense, I have a Sony Xperia XA Ultra that was literally released like a year ago that has all but been abandoned by Sony. 

It becomes more and more like my Gmail. I like it.

However, I need HTML signature support before I can use it daily.

I just picked one up myself.  Where I live now, I am rather limited by which phones I can get as I am with T-Mobile and require wifi calling.  This should fit the bill.  How are you liking or Idol 4?

That's a waste of money... Just get a Stankdroid device, so at least you'll have some resale value when it's time to switch back to Windows.

Yeah I get your point you can do that but for some maintenance issues like buggy drivers for printers you have to access control panel and device manager for unrecognized devices.. and for some mods like regedit. I wish they focused on this before and not let it become an eye sore.

Esthetically pleasing design greatly enhances the satisfaction users have with a product.  Microsoft can't afford to let users slip away to other options.  Windows has to be a pleasing experience overall in order for it to continue to be successful.  If you don't get that, then it's a good thing you're not making the decisions over there.

My Cortana still can't shut down/restart my PC... It still says "Check back for future updates" 🙃

I truly believe the end goal is to get affordable devices out to the masses and because it's cheaper, more powerful and loaded with more integrated hardware than an ATOM, we can certainly expect some really cool devices at a price we can all afford.

So what else is new? Microsoft routinely abandons it' customer base, the one's who took a chance on Microsoft.

So that means, that even though the update works fine on those phones, people running them shouldn't be able to get the latest updates?

The very fact that it's there is a problem especially on a single player game.

That's why you need to grind to be able to finish the game without paying.

I was looking forward to it but canceled my pre-order as soon as I learned about those loot crates.