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Ed,  Agreed.  the fangirls around here hide behind the downvote button. They have no reason why they disagree with true comments other than the fact that it's NOT MICROSOFT.   They have no argument other than that IF it's not Microsoft it's garbage.  Instead of giving hands on account/information.  Just like little children in the sandbox and someone says something they don't like,  they take their shovel and pail and cry home to mommy!  Everytime I see a downvote on my posts I call them out...give me a reason why you downvote a comment....Well besides getting downvoted for calling out the fangirls here.  Hell,  I even get downvoted for positive comments about microsoft....thats how childish the fangirls are here.   Whiny little children.  

Concker is in rare replay bundle as is goulies. Both in origional form. Also cell dammage came out early this year i think. That one is in the store.

I guess they are not counting grabbed by the goulies phantom dust and cell dammage, I'd love to see cronicles of riddick butcher bay, all the frenzy titles, all of pgr, sega racing sim(can't remember the name) the first doa installments including the beach outing, and the sword fighting game thing that had spawn in it....oh and spawn, the Batman animated game, ohhhh i could go on.

"when there was no word from Apple on AR/VR, apple users may have been tempted to try the Microsoft recipe when it comes out. ...I think most of the apple users are going to wait and see what Apple has to offer..."

My prediction is that the vast majority of users don't care about AR/VR. The geeks, sure. I've tried a variety of AR and VR solutions. They're ho hum. Some potential for a game or a sales pitch but little more. It's a solution looking for a problem that cannot yet be solved or doesn't really need to be solved.

VR may find a niche in video games, but, for now it's still in the very early experimental stages.

AR, augemented reality, has aleady made its debut in a variety of apps on high end iPhones and Android phones. It works to a limited extent. For example, Google's Word Lens works quite nicely to translate things on-the-fly. It's not an Earth-shattering solution, but, it's a practical application of AR.

I applaud you just for playing PSO in the first place. I can't see them reenabling online play (or even adding this game in the first place) but man would it be killer to start fresh and work my way back into very hard to grind for the legendary weapons. I tried to get into Blue Burst on PC as it's still online but it's not the same as being able to play with your friends and having one goal as you ravage Ragul.

"MARKETING is, and always has been, the weakest link in the chain.
How many times do I have to say it before Microsoft hears me?

Marketing, marketing, marketing. A familiar refrain here that's easy to say but completely misses the mark.

Marketing is not Microsoft's weak point. They know how and when to market. For goodness sake, they're sitting on $100 US billion in cold, hard cash. They took XBox from 0 to competitor through brute force marketing (and, a Mac game :). They spent good money on the Zune.

Their weakness is their corporate culture. In the last 30 years they've been a company that specializes in making technology affordalesomewhat accessible and to be the business solution. Apple, by comparison has gone for easily accessible but not particularly affordable. This has resulted in two very different corporate cultures and expertises.

Unless Microsoft spins off certain divisions they're going to have a hard time competing with Apple in Apple's speciality which is making things easily accessible.

It's the exact same reason Apple is not going to spin off macOS or iOS into their own divisions so they can compete on commodity hardware with Windows and Android. macOS and iOS sells hardware for Apple (and, act as a conduit for App Store and iTune Music Store sales).

Apple gives the operating system away for free but makes profit on the high margin hardware and on aftermarket services. If they were to shift to selling the OS on cheap commodity hardware Apple would suddenly be competing with Microsoft and Android on their own home turf.

It wouldn't work. When Apple tried that approach it hammered their bottom line because it's the OS that people wanted and the promptly ended the clone program.

So, anyway, my point is that marketing is not Microsoft's achilles heel--it's its corporate culture and no amount of marketing is going to change that. In essence Microsoft needs to split itself up into independent parts if it's going to go after Apple's breakfast.

Windows is becoming a much less important part of its income stream, so, things like its HoloLens experiments won't be given the freedom to compete that they need.

Remember this: no amount of marketing is going to make the visionless shine and vision is not what Microsoft is good at. It's great at copying. No, it's not just great at copying, it has perfected copying. But, it's never mastered the art of invention and never will because that's not what it's corporate culture is built around. Apple is different in that they take good ideas with mediocre implementations and make them great implementations.

Apple's marketing succeeds because it has products to sell that do a really good job of meeting people's needs or creating new, undiscovered solutions to undiscovered needs. Yes, marketing will get you to buy something once but it won't make you into a repeat customer if you're disappointed with the experience. Apple has a customer loyalty score that is the envy of the technology business--this is because it delivers what its users want, time and time again.

We will never see Apple software on commodity hardware. Surface notwithstanding, we will never see Windows on premium hardware, unless Microsoft spins off Windows as a wholly independent company. The respective corporate cultures determine the types of products they sell and it's dangerous for either company to try to change course mid-stream if they're to remain profitable.

Microsoft and Apple have both expanded into the services sector, but, that's a new business that didn't require a change in their existing business model. Changing their existing business model likely will not end up in great success. Microsoft is laying the ground work for a challenge to Apple's dominance in the high value computer hardware sales with the Surface, but, unless Surface andn Windows are spun off from Microsoft they won't have the frreedom to properly compete with Apple.

"the user base is Apple is much larger, they have more developers working on their platform than ours"

"we created hardware first with the "hope" developers will come flocking to us"

These are crucial mistakes. You (and many others) are setting yourself up for a hostage situation and Microsoft has a sadly well worn track record as a monopolist when it has the opportunity or perceives the need.

Microsoft gets lazy when they have a lead or have a monopoly. They're working really, really, really hard at AR/VR because they're behind the proverbial eight ball. They saw their "lead" they had with mobile devices in 2007 vanish, overnight ("we're selling millions and millions and millions of phones", Steve Ballmer). Now they're trying to recapture the moment with AR/VR.

In the past decade (an eternity in the world of computing) and in the world of the operating system--what they're famous for--they've been relegated to third tier status on an entire new computing paradigm. Apple cornered the market on extremely profitable mobile devices with iOS. Google cornered search and service on the cheap/low margin end of those device with Android.

All Microsoft has been able to do is establish a beachhead presence as a services provider.

Now, back to the dangers of tieing yourself too closely to Microsoft: Look at what they've done with Windows 10 S and Edge--they're right back at it. On a desktop they've dictated that Bing will be the one and only default search engine for the default browser and EdgeHTML will be the one and only rendering engine ever allowed on Windows 10 S. There is a good chance that Windows 10 S will become the new consumer version of their OS--with no chance of another search engine or web browser rendering engine ever allowed.

As for us vs. them: if you're not prepared to look at other technology companies you're limiting yourself. Apple makes a mean mobile phone. But, even more importantly, on Apple's mobile you find most of the hottest developers. If people are going to do something first, it's most likely happening on an iOS device. At this rate those hot new developments don't ever come to Windows.

Look at the paucity of good software for Windows Store. For that matter, Windows Store, the software itself doesn't even work well. Recently I was trying to install an app, KidsVids, on multiple WIndows 10 devices and in multiple accounts on one device. I couldn't find the app, even though I typed in the right keywords. Amusingly enough, eventually, when I typed KidsVids in the search bar it appeared in the immediate list below the search bar, but, if I pressed enter the search results did not include KidsVids. The other thing I find strange is that there's no such thing as a cross-device "purchase history" for apps. I couldn't just pull up a list of apps that I'd purchased on a different device on my current device. These are things that I figure any app store would've have. Even the BlackBerry PlayBook's now long since obsolete store had that feature six years ago.

Disclosure: aside from a rapidly ageing iPhone 4S I don't use any Apple products [anymore], and, even that ageing iPhone 4S was a hand-me-down from a brother who's far more addicted to upgrading technology than I am (I haven't bought an Apple product  for my own use since 2007... strangely enough that co-incided with the rise of the iPhone as a money maker for Apple ;).

Sorry, I misunderstood... I didn't realise you meant Hulu + Game on the Xbox at the same time. I thought you meant trying to stream a game while someone is watching Hulu on the same WiFi network... not from the XB1. I'll stream a game while the wife is watching TV, but if she wants to use Plex (or Hulu in your case) then she has to use the PS3 or Xbox 360 while I'm streaming from the Xbox One. It can be inconvenient, but I have enough devices around the house to make it work.

Many places are eliminating the downvote because it acts as a deterrent. What I'd like to see being able to hide is the low quality comments like the "I disagree" type of posts. I don't give a crap(fish) about whether a person disagrees, I want to know why.

But, yes, I would love to mute the most whingy of fanbois and there are a few kicking around (trouble is that they sometimes have good points to rebut... and, once in a blue moon they have a legitimate point)

Burnout series, kung fu chaos, wreckless, bloodwake, battlestar galactica, brute force, XIII, X-men legends 1&2, outrun, corvette, splinter cell series, defender, Riddick, spawn Armageddon, Elder scrolls III: Morrowind, Wolfenstein tides of war, robotech invasion, star wars clone wars, Simpsons hit and run, doom 3, and mechassault 2, lone wolf. Just to drop a few good and fun titles.

I hear ya.

#1 Get a real screen recorder: screencast-o-matic or CamStudio are good choices. They show the location of the mouse and mouse clicks so you don't need to waste time explaining things (screencast-o-matic has worked well for me)

#2 Change the screen resolution from 1080P to something like 720P

#3 Scale the fonts up

#4 Don't flick nervously back and forth back and forth between windows

But the APIs for the design don't work on the CU, so they have to build it from the ground up for every app in which they implement the design. They could just wait for the public APIs to be available to save a lot of work (if I understand that right).

Burnout Revenge
Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO
Indigo Prophecy
Jade Empire
Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Murakumo: Renegade Mech Pursuit
Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath
Otogi: Myth of Demons
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
Phantom Crash
Project Gotham Racing
Rallisport Challenge
Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus

Ohhh forgot the LOTR games. Think I played them on PS2. Would love them.

There were some great spiderman games back then too. Annoyingly the new PS4 spiderman looks to go back to those roots but I'm not buying a console for Spiderman lol

Bought already with cod iw.

Its good this great game going standalone release for everybody.....and dont forget 40$+10$ for one dlc;)

It's also the single play I have the fondest memories of.

Would also like to see OG version of Double Agent arrive too, because it was different to the 360 version in a lot of ways. Not actually sure why they did that but they probably had a reason at the time. Complete levels were different between the two.

I think the Wii got the OG Xbox/PS2 version and PS3/PC/360 had it's own

Yes! Loved playing that, and Rainbow Six haha. I think RB6 was the easiest way for me to get a headset IIRC and back then way more people used their headsets, maybe because it was a bit more niche and only those who really wanted to game online bothered to

It's worth remembering that any OG Xbox games that were also on PC will be pretty cheap now and tend to run better and look a bit nicer. Same with some Xbox 360 games, like the Just Cause games which you can play 60FPS on fairly low end hardware these days.

I do love having all my games in 1 place on Xbox too though, so deffo keeping an eye out for any OG exclusives or games where the console version was better than the PC/there wasn't a PC release.

Uhh Kyle.. I installed the Magician software first, and it doesn't even RECOGNIZE my SSD!! I think that clean install via USB ruined everything. The Manufacturer is listed as "Unknown". :((((

That's the problem, I don't find any drivers in their website :(
Another issue is, I did a USB ISO clean install and now task manager doesn't show the exact model number of my SSD. Before resetting, it used to say Samsung NVMe, but now its just some generic name. Part code I guess.

It's the default NVME driver so you're not getting the performance of your SSD. Grab the drivers from Samsung's website and you'll be good. Also grab their Samsung Magician program to monitor the device and keep the firmware updated (if any is to be released).

1) Enable macro prior.

2) Download the file from the local network.


If that malicious documents can somehow get into your local network without people realizing it, and you then decide to download it, run it with macro enabled. Well, I would say you will have a bigger problem there than your W10S getting hacked.

I don't buy a surface or any ultrabook for gaming, but it's still nice to know what it's capable of. I play a few games on my Surface Pro 3, especially when I'm away from home. I just know most games require my desktop.

There were days when I used Linux... And now look at this... It's incredible how feature rich and awesome windows is becoming.. Linux no more.

I waited to see if anyone else here wanted the games I'm wanting most, but alas no.

I really want both Buffy The Vampire Slayer games.

Because people are not making the right comparisons. It's Apples vs. Oranges despite "geekbench" being the same word.

Because we don't have enough of these types of games for XBOX One, hoping to see these:

The Incredibles, Super Monkey Ball Deluxe, SSX3, Fairly Odd Parents


Man shut up.... That's not MS doing this app nothing to do with them... So your point is moot.... It's like ******** against the new york mets when the chicago cubs are playing... Makes zero sens..... And what do you lack on maps anyway.. I use it often without issues

It's stupid, son. Infinity ward isn't responsible of AW and BO3. And like every company, they need money.