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Firstly I want to know exactly what "Questions were asked to 500 carefully selected respondents" these 500 were carefully selected for? Positive to the overall micro transactions perhaps? 

I have no problem with micro transactions IF the game itself is free to play (ie Warframe or the like), or that micro transactions are limited to purely cosmetic items. It seems we are being pushed into this whole sense of buy a game, buy DLC, buy MT items for the gaming experience.

I remember when you purchased a game and you got the whole game and nothing but the game - complete. Then a couple years later you purchased "The Game 2". Then we started getting DLC, additions to the game we purchased, and there was backlash (as there are some still today), that we buy a game but then 1, 2, or 3 DLC are planned each has a price and gamers were complaining that the initial purchase only bought half a game and we are now expected to pay for the rest of it under the DLC guise.

Now, on top of buying the original game, buying the DLC we are now coming up with buying micro transactional items within the game and/or lootboxes further adding another layer onto a merchandise money grabbing machine. And today we're not only buying a game, buying DLC, buying loot boxes and being inundated with micro transactions we are also getting "The Game 2" which heavily uses assets, mechanics, ideas and enemies etc from Game 1 and mushes these into making a minimal Game 2, (in comparision putting only one third the build time and money into building Game 2), then adding further DLC, micro transactions and loot boxes. 

If we compare this gaming model to movies we'd be buying a movie that is provided as black and white, and no sound, but if you want any of these for the full experience you will have to pay for the sound and extra for the colour. Possibly a bad example but that's what I could come up with off the top of my head, and it's free. :)

Erkyer, can I suggest you find another site to frequent. Your condescending tone regarding this article and it author was unwarranted.

It does not "go away" with familiarity and it is a very real concern. I've been using VR headsets for 15 years, and still can get motion sick in some situations, like using a gamepad to control motion, and I have a history of getting motion sick in vehicles as well. It can be debiilitating to the point of making VR unusable for those who are affected. There is no ability to "man up" for thoe affected. I think you need to "grow up" instead.

I'm surprised Daqri has also filed because I know someone that used to work there and they were rather butthurt about the HoloLens given that I believe their helmet came out first.

Anecdotally, I can report that once people try the Samsung HMD or HoloLens, they come away impressed, even if they are not normally a pro-Microsoft person. I am cautiously optimistic versus other areas like Windows Phone, where people were predisposed to not like it.

The limited FOV has nothing to do with battery life, as it's a problem of the physical optics used. In a see-through HMD, you can't use the same kind of wide-angle distorting lenses that are used in regular VR headsets. A larger field of view would result in a much heavier headset, and more costly, but would not directly affect battery life.

Yes, those who started playing around 8 years ago will probably find microtransactions "normal" as opposed to us who used to play games with none. And that's why it's so important to fight this. These companies are trying to make this an industry standard. They are pushing it little by little and see if they can get away with it. DLCs and season pass has become a norm. In 2013, we had all that DLC/always online bs... This gen microtransactions in full price games is so common with these bigger companies. 

These companies introduced pre-order culture, exclusive content per retailers, "get the game late if you don't pay", silver/gold/ultimate edition...

They have had collectors edition without the game or with just a digital code. Patent about how to match fix games so that people spend more on MT...  They had continuation of a story behind a DLC....

Basically games as a service. Gaming strategies used by many company...

150Mbs for $90/mo without a package in New Orleans. That's with a 1 TB data cap and either $10 per 50Gb over or an additional $30 for 500GB or unlimited for $50.

My Surface Pro 4 does that pretty regularly when I'm using it with an external 4K monitor, Surface Dock, and running Premiere and After Effects at the same time.  This isn't new, and it's not specific to the Surface Book 2.  I'm glad I can squeeze as much performace out of it as possible, at the expense of battery charing, when I want to.


can you let me know one of the games on your list that isn't WMR compatible? I can try it here in the office if it's free (or has a free demo) and let you know. It may just be that some games haven't been tested yet and so aren't on the compatibility list. I can't think of a technical reson why it wouldn't work...

You're welcome Richard, the long term memory of most people is almost none existent these days lol. We've got social media to thank for the lack of memory retention

The LGV30 has a 6" qhd display, so it's marginally bigger compared to the 5.7" iqzo display on the razer phone. I'm curious about the internal placement of the DAC and 3.5mm headphone jack on v30. As we can't really say for certain it's because of the 0.3" we got no internal dac and 3.5 mm jack on the razer phone as for all we know, 0.3" could be empty space in the v30 lol. I prefer to have facts as opposed to speculation :).

This is what I was getting at about normal college students. It's hard to put a value on something with only a couple of decades of life experience.

I agree.

Either the editor of the questions and options knew exactly what he was doing as he try to direct "answers" to where he wanted them to go. Or he really has no clue about what this is all about.

Get off it. A cover up is never warranted. They deserve all the attitude they get. So sick of these companies acting like data breaches will just 'go away if they ignore the problem long enough'. These companies need to start being held accountable. I'm looking at you Equifax!!!

Yes, I totally agree with you. I'm sorry I didn't add MT/loot boxes in full price games. MT can be a good thing if implemented properly in F2P games. There are many great examples where microtransactions were well implemented and content was not forced on you. Unfortunately most of these huge companies are doing it for MORE AND MORE profits for their investors even if it pisses off their consumers. EA lost quite a bit in shares recently. And that's a lesson for all of these companies. ******* off gamers, will make a lot of noise. negative media coverage will probably mean poor sales and also ******* off partners and investors. A sustainable business is were you make less profit but keep everyone happy for long term gain...

Wait so they made other companies sign confidentiality agreements and complain that the 'infringers' don't credit them thus stealing their idea. If you want them to talk about the partnership and your product openly thus acknowledging you developed the product thus giving credit and bolstering your rep + mindshare in the tech sphere, why would you stop them from talking about it in the first place? Lol.

Do u think that u are some cool dude now for saying that? Steve Adams: Typical keyboard warrior, lacks everyday knowledge of things, seeks thrills by acting a badass posting comments everywhere he can thinking that people will like him for it.. meanwhile still lives in his moms basement.

The solution is to let it pass. This will happen for the great majority. There are always odd cases, but that's true of people who use monitors as well. Some get fits. You can only do so much. The solution is to do what everyone has been doing quite successfully for generations. Get your sea legs. Toughing it out is the solution to much in life. Also, did I mention ginger? I think I did.

This is never marketed as a heavy gaming machine. It is listed as moderate gaming, the dGPU is more for creative tasks. I don't see this as an issue. If you want a heavy gaming machine get a Razer. If you want the versatility the SB offers, plus some gaming, get the dGPU SB.

We had this promo is France yesterday on some retailers... and an additional 50€ voucher

I ordered it for 250€ <3

That's what I thought. You are here to defend MS, take two and EA. Your comment sounds like you are here to damage control these practices.

You know, you're not obliged to come here and complain about industry journalist try to talk about this anti-gaming policies or about gamers trying to defend gaming.

No one is forcing you to open these topics. You don't have to deal with this so why are you here getting involved?

The thing is if you want to try to defend microtransactions/loot box/pay2win in a full price game then please do. Post your arguments showing that these are good for the industry. 
I'm ready to have a discussion about the issue with anyone favouring it.

If you don't want to get involved and is tired of the whole thing then I don't understand the reason why you're even opening these topics.

Rene, can I suggest you change the tone of your article, a lot of us like and use Uber and your thinly disguised social justice warrior tone is pathetic. Strong editorship practice at Windows Central, not.

I'd rather keep the current UI, I've better integrated in windows.

It looks like a step backward to W8's fullscreen search (but enriched)

I can't believe how much you guys have to pay!

We can get up to 76Mbps over fibre with copper for last mile for under £50 a month.

Cable subscribers can get up to 300Mbps and TV for under £100 a month.

We're soon gonna see copper network speeds up to 300Mbps as well!

Even if you take TV packages it can still be less than £100 a month!

Thanks for this comments. I'm surprised that there are editors here doesn't know the difference between DLC and micro-transactions. I would say the editor, as well as the original poll,  are misleading. See the questions in this article.

3. Which of these scenarios would you prefer when it comes to purchasing video games?

a. 42.4% of video gamers would "rather spend $120 for a full game that comes with all future downloadable content included"

b. 57.6% of video gamers would "rather spend the standard $60 for a game & have the option to pay for downloadable content

We know for many games, the total price of DLC (except many non-sense, e.g., cloth, weapon) is less than the original price, so in most cases there's no way to be $120. If instead of $120, it's $80, I'm sure the result will be much different; and if it's $60, that would be a for 100%.

12. Will you stop buying video games that offer downloadable content in the future?

a. 19.6% of video gamers said "Yes"

b. 80.4% of video gamers said "No"

A better question should be "will you stop buying DLC in the future", or "will you stop buying games which heavily depend on DLC". Again, it's not microtransaction.

13. Do you think paid downloadable content should be allowed in online multiplay games?

a. 40.4% of video gamers said "Yes, all paid downloadable content should be allowed"

b. 45.4% of video gamers said "Yes, but only if players do not gain a performance advantage from downloadable content"​

c. 14.2% of video gamers said "No, online play is tarnished by paid downloadable content"

Apparently the editor is happy about that 40.4%, and ignored the 45.4%.

they found valid credentials, then logged in and found some stuff?  is that hacking?

govt/corporate collusion has created monopoly isp with no competition in many markets

you look at people sticking their head into these things to game and it reminds you of virtual boy all those years ago

Technically the Surface Book shouldn't need the dock though as the base is a dock in and of itself.

EA Access is good. Shame there is not a better spread of titles. Could do with a couple of indie studios in there. Mainly older titles. Having said that, it is worth the £20 to play Dead Space 1, if you never tried it.

"Gamer" to me is broad. How many hours do they play, how long have they been playing games, what is their ages, platforms. I've noticed people in their 20s with less responsibility are more likely and less vocal about microtransactions (in America) than others. I remember hating free to play browser based games in the early 00s, but for someone who grew up with that in abundance, it's more acceptable.

Going to the HoloTouch website what they have created is a means to actually "interact" with a holographic button, so effectively you could have a holographic keyboard that can be used like a regular keyboard. That is a pretty significant technological advancement and I'm pretty sure if you had devised that then you would probably want to get paid for the many man hours required to make it happen.

This is me, through and through. I don't buy EA games straight away (except the occasional indie title) because of EA Access.

All this time...when I told my daughters to catch a taxi instead of an Uber...I was looked at as being old and out of touch.

Out of touch alright....the taxi company didn't have login data and personal info for me so yes, my old fashioned recommendation may have been out of touch and as a result, my credit reports and privacy info hasn't been touched either.

Oh well. We live and we learn.