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If you anger someone on here too much then they just go through every article looking for your name and downvote you. I have at least 2 people that do it to me. When I see it happening I usually try to get people back to neutral as well

I know what you mean. There are what, two, maybe three computers out there that run Windows, and why would people restrict themselves in that way?

No to mention that technically speaking downloading a rom for a game you do not own is coughillegalcough

Not cheap? Ok then... Where do you work where you can afford a house, two cars, insurance, bills, and every single console as soon as they are released along with a new 4k TV? I would love to have a job where I could do that. I'm not cheap, I'm realistic

That's an odd way to look at it. They made announcements when they stopped supporting Vista, XP, 7 etc. as well as older versions of Windows Phone. I think they're reluctant to say they are ending support for Window 10 mobile purely because it's an adaptation of Windows 10, their key OS. They are clearly working on something in the background, but I imagine their resources are being drained through adapting to new mobile hardware in-house as well as running a new branch of the OS with CSHELL. So, to them, the game isn't over, it's just changing.

Well, I'm stll on the physical game train. When you stick in your Xbox 360 game, it downloads a Patch, or the whole game from Microsoft's servers.  This is completely emulation on the Xbox one. I did enought reading about it.

Microsoft has the resources on their server side applications (virutal machines, server emulation, etc) to do this on the console. Now looking over the base hardware in the Xbox one (the orignal one), it far better in spec than the 10 year old Xbox 360.  This is why you didn't see this type of thing on the PS4, as Sony does not have the "built in" resorces at Sony.

So the fact that this is just a well done emulation setup, If you have your old console, hold on to it. As when the Xbox X4 is out (3-4 from now), and the Xbox One's connection to Xbox live is no more supported. It's possable that you could never be able to play these games again.

It's nice that someone at Microsoft sees games as Art. I have always felt the same about the subject. I started gaming on the Atari 2600 and almosdt every system from then.  There is not just the beauty of the game's graphics (and even in NES games there is a level that just fits the game), it's the story that it tells, and how you progress through the game in the story.  As well as the thought done for the detail on your multi-player games. There is so many aspects to games that you just cant get in a movie or music (other forms of digtal art).

Anyway about it, nothing beats playing on the orginal system with the original controllers. It's what you remember about classics and it completes the feel of each game.

I don't want another phone. I want a little PC in my pocket. Not interested in apps in the slightest. The buzz around apps has long gone for me. 98% of them are just pure lame.

My thoughts exactly, the best thing is pay developers to make or port apps, quality overall, because actual apps in the store are just bad in comparison with apple and android counterparts. You need to pay here to find an excellent app, tinder, twitter, twitch, YouTube, etc...

Re: aka savagelizards,
Buy a used Icon on Ebay or like my wife and I, try other carriers, each for a month or two, using unlocked phones, and pick out the best one as your new carrier. Don't believe the Verizon marketing hype claiming they are the only carrier you can use.

Jez, from an earlier article, I think by Daniel, Microsoft's logic for not pushing Windows on Phone was that it actually HURT their efforts to get developers to write UWP. The logic went like this: so few people currently use Windows Phones that developers view that as a negative value, so associating UWP with phones instead of desktop users drove away more devs than it attracted.

Therefore, the marketing strategy was to intentionally downplay Windows phone and focus on UWP as the best way to build apps for Windows on desktop and for tablet users. Centennial is about making the Store more attractive to customers, not directly about getting UWP apps. More customers in the Store however, will ultimately make UWP apps more attractive to devs. So the purpose of the Centennial building block is INDIRECTLY get more UWP apps by making the Store the default place where users go for their apps. That will do more to get tens of millions of users trafficking the Store than anything MS can do in mobile right now.

Further, with CShell and Windows 10 on Arm, those Centennial apps will run on mobile, at least via Continuum. Granted, the UI may not be a good fit for a phone, but the strategy is reasonable -- focus on getting apps built for the half billion Windows 10 users, including tablet versions based on strong sales of 2-in-1s, and get traffic to the Store, and then there is no app gap when Microsoft offers another mobile device.

I think there is a bigger risk to their losing out on Augmented Reality, as you have pointed out, than to hurting their future return to mobile by not doing anything visible on mobile right now.

For what it's worth, I happen to agree with you that MS should not have stepped away from Windows Phone and should be pushing it still now (because it's easier and cheaper to keep users than gain new users, and because I personally don't want to use an iPhone or Android phone), but I don't think there is a rational argument that Microsoft's strategy can't work for mobile. It might fail, but it's a reasonable plan and does not require any activity on mobile right now.

Sounds pretty spot on to me. I finally gave up a few months ago with my all Microsoft ecosystem. As an example, I got tired of waiting for a whole home audio solution that was always "coming soon". The day I gave up, I went out and bought several chrome cast audio receiver's, and in the span of a couple of hours, have the music system I have wanted for a while. Problem is, I had to switch to android to do it and ended up breaking the whole Microsoft ecosystem I had built and enjoyed which sucks.

I get it, business is where the money is, so that's where Microsoft is focusing. I can't blame them. However, if they don't find some sort of success on the consumer side, Windows risks becoming a simple "launcher" (like how some perceive the iPhone, ironic huh?) so I can get to my services from Apple and Google.

I agree. With each new batch of students that moves through my classroom each year, MS is losing more and more valuable consumer awareness. Those young people will grow more and more accustomed to using iDevices and Android devices since MS was overrun by tablets in the education market. They have a huge hill to climb.

You have read to much of Jason Wards fantasy novels :-)

WARM is necesary to be able to put out simple, low cost, easy to use tablets, 2-in-1s, laptops. Most people want something with a web browser, netflix and causal gaming that are easy to use also for light office work, that needs no boot time and have a working time that at least  is enought for a full day.

CShell is necessary for the small devices of WARM type easyly be connected to a large screen (your TV) and handle the the transfer from a 8 inch screen in tablett mode to an 55 inch screen in either desktop mode or xbox mode. No need to  fit and phone into that formula. CShell is needed for the ubiscius computing that are follow your steps and appearing on the screen or device that you are at the moment.

Continuum is what I can see more of an user experiance experiment to see if the users accept to bring a dock withem to get the mobile ubisius user experiance or if we have to what until we have an working wireless solution. I would say that both continuum and dex failed in that as most people do not want to tog around and extra dock to be able to connect to the nearest screen.

third party Emulators would be worse performance than native emulion.  They should reintroduce the Android Bridge.. But it should be true bridge with some method of eventually converting the app to full uwp over time like the Win32 bridge does.  Some say it is a bad idea and it would be doom for windows mobile, but you have to look at the realities of the situation.  1. Windows mobile is already mostly dead.  So there is very little to lose in the first place.  2. Best case scenerio is people use your app platform (UWP) on your OS, next best would be 3rd party app platform (Android, iOS) on your OS, third best would be your app platform (Xamarin) on 3rd party OS.  Worst case scenario is 3rd party app platform on 3rd party OS.  Seems like MS has chosen to skip a whole lott of good options to get where they are now. 

Users want to use at work what they use at home. The more fun something is to use at home, the more they want it to bring to work. You say it with the iPad. The first versions could only do basic ****, but even then everyone wanted to struggle at work with an iPad. They don't care if a Windows pc can do more. Users want simple stuff. Life is, and jobs are complicated enough.

Microsoft themselves are sure trying to attract a consumer. It's their on the ground, retail team that is failing miserably. I've been to 3 MSFT stores now (including one on 5th ave) and sales team in all 3 were clearly bored and not interested in their own products. You go into Apple and immediately greeted by an Apple employee, MSFT sales team don't even know how to great people. Retail is everything when it comes to attracting consumers.

Spoken about deploying the application today. Seems they failed to make it deployable in schools as it would have to be installed per user on login, slowing down the experience. How do they get this wrong?

It could be dangerous for them to focus and rest too much on the success of their cloud and Office business. Also: people WANT consumer products from them. With all their money and knowledge it's even irresponsible not to offer any health products anymore while the digital natives become older and would love to use technology to help in this regard.

Burnout 3: Takedown and Tetris Worlds/Star Wars Clone Wars. I mean come on the second one was a launch title!!

I think that if they lose all the consumers at the end they are going to lose also the enterprise. Because new consumers are not familiar with ms technology. So the cost for enterprise to familiarize them is going to be great.

I thought Windows Central is geared towards the windows community. This news totally unnecessary on this channel!!

Not going to name the doezen or so but one killer is an remote app for my sony tv. When the kids loose the remote I could use my andriod. no app for windows.....that alone almost made me go andriod.

"is there a big downside to buying the i7 vs i5 noise-wise if you spend 95% of your time using Office apps"

I'd say it's negligible. You really don't hear the i7 fan unless doing prolonged CPU-intensive tasks. Sure, it can get a tad warmer, but these are very quiet machines. Now, if you do a 15-30 minutes stress test at 100% CPU the i7's fan will roar, but it's still quite tame compared to most modern laptops.

What a lot of people here don't get is that user experiance is subjective and shift from user to user. Fact is that most of the user base are on either Android or iOS. You could see your self as en elite minority that get the Windows experiance or as an special group with speal needs but in what ever way you see it the Windows lovers are in a very clear minority. Microsoft have probably added to this by not shipping enought options to transfer from when thoose who had the 520 as thier first experiance was giving up but in the end most prefere other OSes. I myself miss the start meny of my Lumia 830 but not the often bad app experiance and the non-existance of local apps but the old 8.0 and even 8.1 WP was in my opinion wonderful. Not so much in the majorities opinion and that was probably the major downfall of Windows on phone.

Ha ha. I've said it before & I'll say it again. Windows Central is going to struggle when there's no more mobile to cover. This site started as a mobile specific site and has tried to broaden its appeal ever since they saw writing on the wall. However, the figures speak for themselves. Look at the number of comments for this article. 140 and rising. The subsequent 9 articles haven't even broken double figures combined. Says it all.


Yeah, for me using it's for regular tasks both devices feel very similar for battery life, which makes sense if you're not hitting and sustaining peak turbo for long durations. Like, I couldn't say using the i5 felt like "OMG so much more battery".

Well said but I disagree that a new phone hardware has to be different. The current Surface PC devices are different *because* most of the PC hardware was lacking innovation when they had the largest market share. But Windows phone market doesn't lack innovation, it is lacking phones! So ANY phone will help here. Currently Microsoft isn't selling any phones anymore here in Europe. So what are they waiting for? 3D display? Foldable screens? What they only need is a device that can compete with the Pixel, iPhone and Galaxy. Nothing fancy, just a good phone.

I'm afraid that it's already too late. CShell is not a "reboot" but a friendly way of saying "we don't develop for mobile anymore", a phone is just a smaller PC for them.

And even if there would be a fantastic Surface Mobile hardware coming out, the software isn't competitive. While I'm still on Windows 10 Mobile (mostly because I love the UI) the first party apps are not good enough and the app gap makes this even more frustrating. When even Microsoft doesn't invest in mobile apps, the app gap becomes a deal breaker for many. Just compare Windows Maps with Google Maps. It's like bad joke.

It will turn out that not taking advantage of the Nokia Mobile purchase, Windows in general will struggle in the long term. If there is no cross-device advantage for consumers on Windows 10, Android will slowly but steadily win over the rest of the PC market. Microsoft will become the new IBM and Windows 10 will be only a hobby for them.

Had a head smacking experience this morning concerning windows and their store. Training the new employee I asked him about what music service he listens to. He said spotify. I said, oh great you can download that from the store and use spotify. He said, what store? Windows has an app store? This is a guy who left a company using windows 10. He uses his computer all day long. He had no idea there was a windows app store. He said it just downloads the player on-line. It's time Microsoft got aggressive in their marketing of the new way to use windows because this conversation happens all too often.

As a total war fan who has almost ever version on Steam. I stick with the historical games won't be getting this. 

I heard someone else say this. Then I told them to try it again because the launchers both received updates recently. They did and came back to tell me I was right. So maybe give it another try. I've been on windows phone since the Dell venue pro. What I have on my galaxy s8 with live tiles is superior

I think developers don't bother with widgets because they aren't used much. Same with Live Tiles. The notification center does a fine job and can be accessed anywhere at anytime. Widgets/Live Tiles just don't seem to be a compelling feature. I am one person, but I haven't seen much use for them other than for music apps which do tend to have great widgets.

Microsofts main problem is content. Not even a Prime app from Amazon, or a Kindle app, not even on desktop (okay, there is a Kindle Win32 offering, but it sucks and lacks a lot of features). Their own offerings always three years behind, always late to add features and offered at no cost advantage to gain traction.

Microsoft needs to accept, that their whole "do more" productivity-mantra is pointless in the consumer space. It's entertainment, baby!

The cheapest one I've found is $1 (One of these is called "A Short History Of The American Revolution")

You are one person. The vast majority of consumers didn't seem to agree or found the competition superior.

Excellent review Daniel..
Enjoying my new i5/8GB, also using battery bar pro to gauge how much better battery life is over the sp4 i5/8GB.

 The 2 year lifecycle of phones ends this Fall for the 950s.  If they don't have anything to announce this Fall, it will be really difficult to stick around, as much as it would pain me to leave.

I've just sent back an i5 SP for this very reason and awaiting a replacement.