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What a time of innovation we are living when a filter option deserves an announcement.

BTW....Exclusive is not the word you are looking for...Integrated is.  there is NOTHING EXCLUSIVE about Macs.  other than they have terrible UI,  WAY overpriced since you are getting last gen,  and older hardware,  no touchscreen,  no pen support,  no detachable screen etc.   The macbook pro should be 800-1000 dollars MAX...just like the insprion 7000 series.   actually,  the 7000 series are better than the macbook pro.  

Great except it’s not native 4K and the frame time issues make the game feel less smooth also the FPS dips are annoying . I would have rather they’ve just lacked the resolution to 1800p or 1440p if it meant a smooth 60fps

All I know is that I enjoyed my Lumia 925, miss it, and would go back to it in a hurry with proper motivation.

I be ready to watch as usual. And next month is the holidays. But next stream. I bet Paul will be tired from eatting all that turkey. And he would be dying alot if you can die next week game. And he will be current 2017 record of 21. And it might be as low as 50.


I can't help but think that Nadella isn't so much steering the company awry as coming to terms with the mistakes Ballmer made.

It wasn't just that Ballmer missed the boat on mobile, and that some of the company's consumer-focused ideas have been half-baked.  It's that the company had a bad habit of making a big splash with initial efforts, but quickly losing heart if it's anything less than a blockbuster hit.  Zune isn't immediately putting the iPod on blast?  Eh, we'll start skipping product years and putting out little more than mild capacity updates.  Windows Phone had a huge media blitz when new, and then... it quickly grew silent.  Ballmer and crew seemed to assume that merely having Microsoft's name attached to something guaranteed a Windows-style monopoly, and gave up when they realized it didn't.

Here's why Apple and Google have done well in the consumer space: consistency and frequent iteration.  They release significantly upgraded products every year.  They treat every release as if it's the most important, because it is.  They understand that they have to play a long game.  Microsoft has done this: it's generally been good about developing the Surface line, and of course the Xbox gets lots of attention even if hardware is rare by necessity.  But outside of those spaces, it's notorious for having a short attention span.

oh, I forgot to answer the question about canning the CEO...

 I have to say, a CEO or a leader of anything, must first of all be in tune with those they are trying to lead. It seems to me that there has been very little discernment at play in the recent developments. So keeping someone around who doesnt care about success is insane it would seem.

It's things like this that really make me wish developers didn't agree deals for "console exclusives" as Uncharted, Zorizon Zero Dawn, The Last of Us and soon; Death Stranding.
These games are/look amazing in story and gameplay and I feel developers would make much more money selling then for both consoles, as I can't justify buying a "weaker" PS4 Pro just for some games, therefore I miss out.

Hi Jason,

Let me give you a short rant. Microsoft discontinued support for my Nokia 1520. It has stopped producing further new versions of W10M for my Lumia 950xl. It had cancelled the mobile platform on which I had developed two apps.

Now I moved to Android. I bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. I was an Android user before I switched to Nokia and I feel home again.

Microsoft has wasted a lot of time of me while being on the mobile platform. Being a windows insider they have consumed hours and hours of my time trying and testing incomplete versions of W10M, while providing feedback... I was a W10M app developer and being in the program was the only way to keep up with all the changes and the additions.

Now being on Android, I see a great platform, stable, finished, performant.

Microsoft has misused my trust, never apologized for it, and just keeps on miscommunicating and deviating people and milking its cloud business...

This will backfire one day to Microsoft.

I will never consider buying anything from Microsoft again unless I cannot do without.


That's never been a secret. Intel always moves away from motherboard platforms after two generations.

Certainly not. It's like sending the neighbor's child to school and living your own.Honestly does that make sense? No! They should focus on the Surface phone and come up with a 5"variant to compete with the iPhone SE. That will make sense than craving to make an android phone. (in my opinion).

Thank you, for the frank and realistic article. We long time Microsoft consumers who have been using their products since the beginning would love to continue to use the tools and services MS provides. That is as long as we arent jilted at every corner, we understand some changes will always need to take place, but many of us are not so well off that we can afford to throw everything away every year or 2 and start over. We also understand that platform changes and learning new features is important as well, but completely revamping an OS so that the users feel completely lost is unwise especially if some users have already been contemplating switching to a new IOS or Android platform, no time like the present when you feel you must learn an OS all over again anyway right?

Bottom line is we need to feel like we have some kind of synergy in our devices and a good symbiotic relationship with MS instead of feeling like we expendable sheep to be fleeced and kicked to the curb. Maybe we just need Microsoft to communicate better with us so that are info isnt coming from trolls and ios and android fanboys.

hello Mr.Ward. what i see in your latest articles is that you feel lost. a feeling that a consumer like me doesn't have. lets not make things complecated. you use words that i understand but i have to think alot and search my brain for them. please write simple and easily understandable words. you make too much tension. Microsoft is not putting too much effort in android and iOS. in fact i don't think they put any effort. top markets for micr

Please re-read the articles.. Your summation that they contain just condemning sections with giving MS a free pass is incorrect.

Also I set this piece up so that readers could clearly see that I was presenting Microsoft's side as a mediator that understands and as I explicitly state (DON'T HAVE TO AGREE WITH) the other side. I clearly convey that its about communicate what each side is saying - not justifying MS side. Please revisit the piece, it's there,😉

As note the section after the one you chose to mention highlights that fans are infuriated by Microsoft's behavior and even made a pont of putting the responsibility on MS for making consumer products that enticed users that they didn't support. Despite thier professions about being a platform company and tool maker. I even made that statement a bold visible block quote so that it wouldn't be missed.

Microsoft's failures have been not supporting thier own products some of which like Band and phone were positioned to inspire OEM support. As I state, in-line links to other pieces, like the Windows 10 Mobile and the enterprise pieces, stress that point.

What are people using for listening to podcasts across Android and Windows 10?

I am currently using Grover Pro across my Windows 10 machines & my Lumia 950.

How is iOS a major target for malware infections?  Nokia conducted a study in March that showed that iOS represented 4 percent of all mobile device malware infections versus 81 percent for Android.  4 percent.  Nokia didn't say how many of those were jailbroken or from people explicitly trying to download from unofficial sources, either.  Stick to the App Store, don't jailbreak and you'll very likely be fine.

Also, keep in mind that we don't actually know Windows 10 Mobile's practical security rate because its user base is small.  Right now it sounds like you're basing your views on gut feelings rather than data (because there really isn't any).  And security through obscurity isn't a viable defense against intruders.

I'm still considering buying this as the single player campaign is actually really good. I'm not worried by the microtransactions as I'll never use them anyway. The way around this is to charge outrageous prices for the microtransactions e.g. 80,000 in game credits for £160, however if you play the game you can potentially earn far more than the top microtransaction will give you.

If you're not the top 2 players in the market, you are not going to be successful enough to sustain. Tho you'll have support for other players, it won't be significant enough. Democrats and republican, Android and ios, Xbox and Playstation, Macbook and surface book, Honda and Toyota, BMW and Audi, US and Russia, and so on. So, I understand the years of attempts Ms made to make W10M successful, but it stayed the third wheel. If Ms decides to make a surface phone and accept the fact that Android is the new standard for the mobile os, then they would satisfy the criteria of supplying the amazing hardware as well as consumer requested app portfolio. As a MS fan with an android phone, I would definitely bite. At least until they ingest more and more services into the device, similar to Samsung. Consumers are happy. Company sales are happy. Win win.

Hopefully they can add a filter for Xbox Live, Xbox Play Anywhere, and Crossplay games on the PC Microsoft Store. That would be a huge help on helping people see actual games and push back the mobile stuff.

It will be a phone, tablet and/or PC. Microsoft doesn't have the software or experiences for a small touch screen device. Any such device will be DOA no matter what they call it.

The fact that Microsoft is the only company that has pretty much every popular consumer product and still fails is astounding.

Not sure how I feel about usb-c headphones.... I guess we will end up making battery tech more efficient so we get cheaper and better wireless headphones or stick two usb c ports on phones...

No new win 10 phones? No support of win 10 mobile? Well jolly good, very well, carry on....

@bleached. Unnecessary wires??? Lol
A dongle is a unnecessary wire, it's a absolute hindrance. But sure, use your usb c adapter whilst I use my phone, listen to music using the headphone jack, whilst transferring data via bluetooth whilst I charge my phone.

All I did was buy a Mac, buy an iPhone and I've stopped using Windows and Windows Phone... simple, Apple are much better now. It saddens me as I used Windows since 3.1 as a kid, the first time I even touched a Mac was 2015... but it's just better than what Microsoft delivers these days, plus it seamlessly works with my iPhone.

Any ways, Microsoft won't be around in 10 years, so you all better switch to Android or IOS as well.

You're always very defensive to constructive criticisms to your comments. It's great that you are active in your articles, and that you feel the need to be clear in your defenses, but maybe take a step back and absorb some of the constructive feedback, rather than always getting so defensive.  Dude, you're fine: no need to feel insecure: just say thanks for your point, I'll take that under consideration. Have a thicker skin when writing online with a comments section.  #imho #unsolicitedAdvice 

@Kadcidxa same. I had a G1 before it was google branded and that did not have a headphone jack and Nokia E61. After that experience I have never used a phone without a headphone jack. Plus without the headphone jack there is no way you can use the built in FM radio on your phone.

@Xanderone,  Im sure MS is shaking in their boots because YOU will tell all 3 of your friends not to buy it.   AHHHHHHH the immature fanboys at their finest here folks!  SOOOOO CHILDISH!  Oh,  and another will not a be a "useless contraption" as you call it....considering windows 10 mobile devices are canned,  therefore they are the USELESS ones....MS's phone running android will do just fine even without your AMAZING SUPPORT....****!

@Razerdave, you are incorrect I had a sendo M550 it had one port - a 3.5mm headphone jack, it carried audio and was also used to charged the phone.

Engineering is a malleable art form, if you see limitations, you will only see obstacles. If you see potential, you see opportunity.

They're all in it to make a buck, nothing wrong with that. HOW they go about doing it is the problem.

I see this argument a lot and I'm not sure this is necessarily correct. Even if the games still sell for about $60 the market has expanded too. There are more gamers than ever before, so it's possible revenue could still increase with constant prices. EA is a highly profitable company.

Jason, I'm sorry to say you're going to have a hard time simple because of peoples cognitive dissonance and unwillingness to see every single angle.
I totally understand where you're coming from, to resolve disputes one must see all angles and find a mutual footing so all parties can move forward. But not everyone is able to or willing to do that as it's way out of their comfort zone. It takes years or a lifetime or several lifetimes for most to develop + understand their cognitive processes and functions, rarely you will find anyone willing to learn and understand said processes and functions in order to confront their own bias. As until one does not, they will never be able to keep an open mind to be able to perceive and foresee objectively, subjectively, in first person and third person.
Never the less keep doing what your doing Jason, I for one like reading your articles : ).

This seems to be the common problem that gets mentioned. I wonder, since Directx 12 is suppose to optimise CPU thread usage, doesn't that mean CPU bottlenecks shouldn't be too much of a problem on Microsoft consoles at least?

This looks good and I hope THQ make a come back, I grew up with their games. Which blow most current games (especially wrestling) out of the water in terms of game play.

en-GB...not working for me.

Is it app specific or should be available to any text entry location?