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I stopped android central because their ads were getting overwhelming. Hopefully we don't get the same here.

I've been using the MS launcher on a phone and tablet for a couple of months. On the phone, I like it a lot. Quick, stable, removes distractions, fair amount of customization. On a tablet....meh. Too much wasted space, folders are icky (kinda like iOS). I like the concept of adding widgets to the "left" panel, but the implementation is a little wonky. There are a few misses that can be easily corrected. Example: when you use the built-in agenda widget or page, when you click on an item, if you have more than one calendar application installed, it asks you every time which app to use....there's no "Do this every time" setting.

To me, in the future all AIs will be connected to the same services, no crap like what Google does barring MS from their services. And each AI assistant will be just a different choice of how to access those services. Really, brands and conflicting OSs should be a thing of the past already. This is a crappy thing that Apple restarted and sustained way after the PC standard was created.

I actually have a Harmon Kardon Invoke powered by Cortana. I have friends with Alexa. While Alexa clearly has the lead in consumer usage I find the Cortana experience on the Invoke to be much more mature compared to it's Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile implementations. Additionally it continuously evolving(multiple updates over the past couple of months). Unfortunately I'm not sure the Invoke with get the props its due. Additionally the cross compatibility partnership between Jeff Bezos and Satya Nadella could lead to a great experience for a broader user base.

At some point you might have to.. Your WP won't last forever, and there's no guarantee that MS is coming with a new mobile device.

Reading the article pisses me off that we can't get anymore terrific Lumia devices.. I know Lumia is gone for all the right reasons (and a few ridiculous ones), but Lumia hardware has always had it all, and sacrificed nothing.... Camera buttons, Wireless Charging, terrific Cameras.. It's really frustrating.
I was really excited about this device until I read the review.. I really hope that MS makes a Surface Mobile device of some kind with hardware that has it all.. At this point I care more about the device itself than apps.

Microsoft wants to democratize things...

Then dictates what data we share with them for software we buy...

I call bullshit.

Jason, any idea what happened to the Nissan partnership? Did they change their minds as others have?

If you operate your console behind closed cabinet doors, it's going to get over heated.

2 was on the PSP in NA/EU, 3 was JP only I believe. There is a translation fan patch out though...

I have kind of stated this first. We need the digital version sales number before saying this is due to loot boxes. It getting g hard to sale the disc version. People one impressing digital now.

Yes but you didn't grew with games that required you an insane amount of grind just so that you would be tempted out of frustration to pay to skip it.

What's the point of not rewarding good players and give an incentive for weak ones to improve.

Also multiplayer and Pay-to-win can't go along in any game and even less in a 60$ one.

The free DLC is just BS to justify MT. A lot of players wouldn't buy them or the season pass anymore with the experience that we all have with this practice in previous games. The attach rate is probably dropping therefore they are moving away from paid DLCs.

Look at apple. Locked down system, removed ports, removed headphone jack, removed fingerprint scanner...

Did anybody from normal consumers ever thought for a second they are being played and purposely robbed for no other reason than to spend even more money for accessories they didn't need at all? :-)

I bought a game that has free dlc and options to buy upgrades faster. In the same game that I have not purchased in game microtransaction boosts, those who buy loot crates still get rekt. It's annoying to hear pay 2 win when it is not. It's more pay 2 progress faster.
EA has fixed or improved almost everything from the first BF, but the loot crates and hero locks. Btw, Rainbow Six Siege also has content locked behind a pay wall, but these gamers only like to hate on certain games and certain game development companies.

I don't see the point of MS making one of these. It is looking like 2018 will see the launch of the Surface not-Phone and once that's happened what will be the point of trying to make Android devices look like Windows? May as well run the real thing.

To be honest I think most people have passed on the game because the first one was so...bad.

The whole loot crate debacle won't have helped either.

Likely everyone complaining about microtransactions has purchased content in some game or another.
I feel this article and many similar articles leave out that this is part of a transition to digital. By leaving that key part out, the premise is that the game is selling poorly.
I love the game and rarely buy in-game content.

You make a fair point Pierre about share price but, the last time I was interested enough to look, Apple was somewhat higher. At the time Apple had top to bottom consumer computing and MS has chased business computing. Growth in MS I suspect has been no greater than the sector. Cutting mobile cuts off that computing entry point that google and apple have been chasing and businesses, at least here in Australia, have begun to migrate away from MS as their employees have moved into alternative platforms. In my opinion focus on share price is a little short term and Nadella's focus on business will inevitably have the rug pulled from under it. If I could go further, Jason's comment re black/white is also debatable on the same grounds. Exiting mobile phones is a bit like cutting off your nose to spite your face - it might have short term benefits to share price Jason but puts the company's long term survival at risk. That's black with no shades of grey. 

So you need an iPhone then or a Sony XZ1 Compact. Not really much else around for people wanting what is now considered a small phone.

Don't think your comment has any relevance at all tbh.

Read the man pages, duh!

Sorry, was just parroting my experience with the Linux community back in the day. Part of the reason I renounced Linux and became a Microsoft die-hard. 

I used it, to ask it to play music from my streaming service. It was excellent at that. Was...

I asked Cortana what it thought of Windows Mobile. It said 'It suits me perfectly'. Oh dear...

I use Cortana to send sms from my pc and to get mobile notifications on my desktop. A few other things I find it useful for too. I don't think I even use Google assistant on my phone

You must be the only one. If it had been running Windows 10 mobile it would have made perfect sense.

We have the Harmony 650 and couldn't be more pleased.  While it's a little dated, it still works very well and is easily programmed.  Since most the Xbox One can do is let us mute/change volume on our sound system and turn on/off the TV, the Harmony picks up all the other duties for those devices and with a nice, colorful display.  Now if we could just get rid of the stupid Xbox controller.

Managed to have a look at one yesterday for the first time and although the screen was silky smooth and the size perfect for me I didn't like the overall design. It really does feel dated.

I instead opted for a Pixel 2 XL which I'm finding to be super. There are literally no drawbacks for me with this and feels like it is worth the cost. If I'd got the Razer Phone I think I'd have been disappointed paying £45 a month for it.

They are trying. They've already removed the functionality to play tracks from a music service (no Spotify for you, says Cortana) which is a major use for these things. This makes it clear that Cortana will not have a consumer focus going forward, so that the target audience (industry) will see it as a productive function and will be queuing up. I guess next, instead of your PC going to sleep after 10 mins Cortana will pop up and tell you to work faster. Good Times!

It's worse than that, Jim. Not only is there no progress, but things are going backwards fast. Unfortunately one of the things I used Cortana for the most was asking it to play music. A while back that suddenly stopped working for all but saved MP3 files, despite the service still being active. Just to rub it in, I suppose. We get sent over to Spotify, but it seems Cortana didn't get the memo? I hope a competing service gets on to Windows soon (NOT Google of course, I'm not giving that data miner a live link to record my home thanks) because at least the others have the basics covered.

If only the phone would come with a volume control, for when you don’t want to disturb others.

Agreed. When playing games or watching videos, those speakers would be awesome. Those looking for more of a regular phone experience are not the market this phone is after.

Under Nutella, Microsoft has the attention span of a gnat. You're lucky products stick around as long as the Kinect did.

I'm a little late to the article, but anyone have info about the LG 65UF8500. It supports the Ultra HD Deep Color LG version for HDR. But my One S still won't let me select the HDR option. I've looked at Xbox support and they do list Deep Color as a version of HDR10.

Cortana is more than just consumer AI. Cortana Analytics is huge for MS. With that said, yes, I unfortunately agree that Cortana has probably lost in the consumer space. I use(d) Cortana daily and enjoyed it. Just picked up an Alexa device, and, well, Alexa is a much more mature experience than Cortana is. I hope the best for Cortana and hope the Alexa integration will be a strong partnership, but I guess we'll see.