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Still love Media Center on Windows 7, but its days are definitely numbered. I will most likely use Silicon Dust option when I do need to (with Win10), but for now Windows Media Center is a great experience and free.

I entirely agree: I use the BaseQI adapter with a Samsung MB-MC256DAEU 256 GB EVO Plus MicroSDXC UHS-I Grade 3 Class 10 card. Using anything less than a Grade 3 card may cause a slowdown when enumerating the contents of a folder or library. Please Windows Central update the article to reflect 2017 technology.

KOTOR - confirmed
Ninja Gaiden: Black(will take whatever though)
Black(just a gorgeous game)
Jade Empire
Dej Jam NY
Panzer Dragoon Orta
Phantasy Star Online


Completely agree with both your comments. Kotor the main for me from that list and Jade Empire would be the icing if made BC. Two masterpieces from Bioware...

JE was/is a masterpiece. If it gets BC i definitely recommend picking it up. Amazing story, concept and character design. A game ahead of its time.

Did you get the dlc too? I'm thinking of getting this too on steam but was wondering about the dlc

Something they should consider for the SB2 is put a micro slot on the clipboard for permanent storage so the full size reader on the dock can be used more for transferring etc.

Ohhhhhhh, I see, it's "Embers of Mirrim". I saw the title of the article and was like "so, the fading smolder of Japanese sweet rice wine seasoning?" ;-)

As if Windows phone doesn't have enough problems, now it's code can be picked up by google.

Ummm, maybe. Can't say no, because there's no evidence I'm right, or wrong. Unless you believe everything Microsoft, and Daniel, say...🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

I found this out the hard way. Unless it says U3 on the card, I don't bother.

That would be amazing.

It is funny, now that I look back, they made such good out there games on the Original Xbox, even though it struggled, chances were taken.

This gen on the Xbox has been pisspoor in comparison. Just no imagination.

SSD should be faster due to parallel nature of NAND chips, not a ton better, but it should be quantifiable.

And yeah, 16GB version is the ultimatel, should fair better in the long run.

I wrestle with this every day. Super hard to choose. May do an article about it and why it's hard to choose i.e. the pros/cons of each.

Always tough to quantify that, I've heard years ago that such things affect battery life, but I'm not really convinced now that it does.


Yeah, I think Core i5 should be enough. Obviously, an i7 will feel better for some things, but the i5 is more than capable. Adobe Elements runs very well on just about everything.

I like it, so it would be the best to have an option, so everybody could choose what they want. Some like it flat and clean, some prefer it fancy.😄

Many thanks for the accurate reporting compared to the fear mongering and click bait headlines on other sites. Nice to see at least someone dealing with the facts. Great job!

You forgot the performance laptop users (Lenovo P50, P51, Dell 7710, 7720 etc.) TB 3.0 doc can't give enough power to these devices. If you switch from traditional doc to TB 3.0 you will need two power adapters instead of one. One for TB 3.0 doc and second for the laptop. Result is more spagehtti on you desk and you have to connect two cables when leaving or coming to workplace. TB 3.0 drivers and support other than Intel GPU may give some headache.

Better in graphics only. Xbox version was censored and multiplayer was garbage. But I still want it.

Well... To add some substance and deflate some other sites who paint a rather catastrophic picture.

I hope more leaks and someone can make an android installation image one day. Like some Xiomi devices which you can use android or wp 10 inside as you like.

Better than whiny little fan girls in here crying about windows mobile devices that will never be produced.  

Samsung Evo Plus U3 ... 60MB/sec *Writes* ... very important as all the U1 cards manage is 10-20MB/sec. 128GB $44. Windows Central once again avoids cards that actually perform.

The only biggest feature for mobile is "feature 2" (at least for current devices).

This is very similar to Windows Embedded Compact/CE Shared Source that ships with each paid copy.

I find only On Demand Sync interesting. For the rest there's nothing in there that will help me personally be more productive.

Most other articles I've seen are linking together the cumulative totals of the other incidents in an attempt to artificially inflate this incident. So "to explain, add context, and clarify" is really appreciated. Thanks Zac.

I am totally making assumptions about something I don't know jack about. You're 100% correct.... I'm not saying this is definitely the case, just saying that's how these things go sometimes.
Now, are you trying to start some d r a m a this morning, Daniel?😂😂😂

Gonna go old school digital on this one. 3 games were launched year 2 of Xbox live for digital download. One was a car game, one was richocet the other a puzzle game i think. I want those first to be digital. That would be a historic Xbox moment.

It really brings the platform around 360 the way fmhorizon 3 does with groove playlists.

Sounds like you're making assumptions about something you don't have any concrete info about to make this sound more dramatic than it is because d r a m a.