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We'll let you know on the mobile strategy by Jan 2018...and if by that time you're no longer with us that's fine...We make plenty of profit on other things and can survive without mobile!

I like the app, but my but am annoyed when I have a playlist all set and accidentally hit play on a different podcast. My playlist is wiped out and replaced with the one episode I hit - usually by accident. No prompt, no way to get it back - just a playlist that needs to be rebuilt again.

How much of the gross income is subject to US taxation?
How much is in storage overseas?
Those Are the questions...

The only thing missing is Bluetooth seek control support; being able to skip forward/reverse using an external control

I'm excited for all new releases. Though I will be mainly playing on PC. I will uprgrade to the Xbox One X from my S model so when I travel I can still enjoy gaming. For those of you that say only buy a PC, you must never leave the house.

Can't think of one killer game coming out for Xbox one X. But I'm am looking forward to the halo five visual improvements

They just earned 24.7 BILLION dollars and you're calling them a failure?!? LOL!!!

Guys, it's just a phone. It isn't the end of the world. I get it, I really do. I LOVE Windows Mobile. It's the only Mobile OS that I actually like. But it didn't work out (hopefully just for now) so I moved on. I've got a decent Android phone with all the apps I want and a passable Windows Phone launcher.

It isn't anywhere near as good as an actual Windows Phone but you get used to it.

While I was testing out the heroes, I was just donating all of my equipment to level the NPCs.聽 Didn't even know about the crafting until much later :D

Apple ar is a joke against hololens (look at hololens partners) also microsoft is miles ahead apple and google in vr with windows mixed reality platform, also oculus and htc vive work on windows

Lol, nice overlay for those who have a hard time remembering keyboard shortcuts and have no plans of ever changing them in Adobe's applications...

Wish Microsoft would stop being a d!ck and open up the Surface-connect port for third-party keyboards. I'd definitely like an Eve V-like Surface keyboard.

No, you should walk PAST your thermostat, to your desktop, grab the microphone, say "testing testing 1-2-3",, and say "HEY Cortana! Can you warm me up by two?"". She fails to hear you, you get enraged, and thrash your entire office, costing you $10k in damages.. 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

Was Microsoft originally going to publish this?聽 They made a lot of noise about this a year or so ago, and then nothing for a long time.聽 Now they are published by Perfect World, and I am pretty sure that wasn't the case originally.

Yes, IBM is losing money but in the 90s and early 2000s they were doing what MS is doing right now - abandoning any consumer products, "retrenching" from PC markets and focusing on highly specialized enterprise solutions and consulting. They did try OS/2 like MS was trying Windows Mobile/Phone/Mobile/on ARM/'whatever the next name is' but quickly abandoned that too. In 2000s they figured the next big thing will be AI and so they focused on Watson. Sure, amazing thing but they didn't know how to utilize that and it never really earned its place in the market and remains extremely expensive, niche solution that is losing market in comparison to Google, MS and others. Basically in the long term IBM is done and I bet they will be bought by some young and vibrant company within 10 years. They missed everything in the past 25-30 years. Now, Microsoft is following the same steps, just 15 years after IBM. So they will not perish, they will thrive in cloud, enterprise for a while, become more and more specialized, forgotten by consumers and eventually losing slowly everything piece by piece. Since Nadella came, there was this hype about how MS became open and so innovative. What a BS! Open sourcing often in reality means: "we're abandoning this project, do whatever you want with this". Example: WinJS. And what's the point of being innovative if your innovations stay in the lab and your competition is bringing that to the market way ahead of you? Like Hololens. This product is already finished, they will bring it to enterprise in 2 years, when Google glass, Apple whatever they will make AR/VR, Oculus and countless still nonexistent products will come and grab everything there is to grab. Nadella is a tasty poison pill.

Only way I have a use for this is if they upgrade it to allow having different shortcuts/wallpapers on different Desktops, just like Dexpot used to offer on earlier versions of WIndows. That way, I can have 1 Desktop for General tasks, 1 for photos tasks, and 1 for gaming. As it is now, it's useless to me.

Yes, lack of a meaningful mobile product offering leaves a huge hole in Microsoft's market presence and mindshare.聽 Given that they've largely attributed their failure to reach their 1 billion Windows 10 deployments goal to their effective withdrawal from the mobile market, there potentially could have been up to half a billion Windows phones in use around the world by now.

I would think two weeks is plenty of time for preorders and initial sales to at least have some effect.

It'll take time for developers to develop for HoloLens. It's not gonna take weeks but months or years to do it right. The ecosystem needs a head start so the headset can flourish.

Except that it should be renamed -

ReCore: The Full Game We Should Have Originally Launched聽
Subtitle: How we killed an original Microsoft IP

Ended up getting the Fractal Design Define R5 case. It's awesome. Thanks for those suggestions although 4 months too late. 馃槈

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how'd you guess鉂擆煒

This could easily be tied to the existing Family Safety stuff in Microsoft Account.聽 It is already used to control game time on the xbox

Would that be Texas? That market is quite a bit different, but just a little east, my local regulated utility (which I actually work for) is trying to get regulators to let them actually distribute free smart thermostats to customers. Apparently these things work so well at controlling energy usage, if they can curtail enough of the peak summertime load with them it is like building additional generation.

Everything looks great...
Now, MS needs Phone, Mobile, and Marketing... Developer, Carrier, and OEM Support.. And, MS needs Auto Industry support with infotainment integration... Then, they will be in the 21st century.

Don't like where that pen sits by the way - HP is doing cool stuff though. Loving my HP and it makes me think strongly about getting a HP laptop instead of the SL. :)

Yeah the real winners in the cloud business is Amazon, IBM, and Beidu.
MSFT is just riding the wave and hoping people come to them instead.

I just got the privacy screen thingy for my X3. It's like a screen protector but it works like this Sure view thing. I am in two minds about it. I like how it keeps people from looking from an angle, and it DOES work, but I don't like how it takes away from the vibrancy of the screen, and it DOES! On the other hand it does give protection from scratches and possible light drops, so....maybe I'll suck it up for a while and if I get sick of it I'll rip it off. ;) This sure view on the HP laptop is great though as it obviously has a function especially in the business environment.