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Hmm let's see.

I have a collection of games. But I used them. 

Controllers? I have 3 xbox 360, 3 PS3, 2 Wii controllers but I used them for years.

This gen I have 1 PS4, 1 steam, 1 WiiU pro controller and that's it. When I have friends or family visit I usually bring play old gen consoles, the wii U or PC with 360 controllers.

I find this collecting controllers strange...

Reminds me of a XB fan talking about it on one video:

For the quiet hours, use "Silence" and buy the Silence Premium app.  You can set up quiet hours, whether or not the phone is silent based  on meetings from your calendar, etc.  You can also set who it allows to ring through when it is on silent (do not disturb)mode.  The app will set it for you.  A very good purchase.

Great point.  You just reminded me how bad the default weather app that comes with Microsoft Launcher is.  It was much better on Windows Phone 8 and it's so bad now that I've been forced to download a 3rd party weather app.

Isn't this article about the MS Android apps though? Given the context, I'm guessing FuzzyD was talking about the MS version.

They are about to drop them from Windows, they certainly aren't going to introduce them to Android.

No way Andromeda has the tile interface. It won't look like anything before it.

I'm talking of controllers in general. Why do people need to buy new controllers again and again when there are hardly any local multiplayer games? About this new elite controller? Are people suppose to change $150 controllers every 3 years now?

Like I said if only MS (and their fans) showed as much passion in making games. It's kinda sad when a console has more version of controllers than AAA exclusives. I guess if people still hype and buy controllers and downplay importance of exclusives MS will continue feeding XB1 owners controllers... Why shouldn't they, it probably is a lot cheaper to have these different controller designs than making new games/IPs.

I think square icons with notification numbers could be a start for 3rd party apps, but then they could make the Microsoft apps display actual live tiles.  That would improve the look of those apps and lead to more engagement.  If it caught on then 3rd party app developers would add live tile features to their Android apps.  It is worth a shot if Microsoft would at least try.

No mention of how you update the firmware via PC though, which is far from clear so ought to be in the article really.

In the past few months many apps have led me to just link their site on my home screen. On a rooted phone they dont discriminate in the browser. When apps were starting gto become a thing I was anoyed that I had to load and update all this seperate crap. Heres to hoping it all goes back to the web.

Grip layout looks like Nintendo Pro controller which is good. Was hoping for it to have built in mic for voice commands, gyro sensors for motion controls, and screen shot button though. They are pretty behind their competitors in those areas and this was their chance to catch up... 

Besides that, im hoping they really worked on controller durability this time around. Those joystick modules are pretty garbage as its luck of the draw when it will get drift. Also the bumper design needs a redesign as its design flaw has already been shown. 

There must be dozens of gallery apps that come on Android depending on the manufacturer. That is a very vague statement. Google Photos is probably the best gallery app on any platform. It has 500+ million users for a reason.

windows 10 tiles and horizontal scrolling, notification badges on tiles on android

Squarehome 2

Thank you :)

For me at least, it's part of the experience. A collection of controllers is much like my wife's 8000 pairs of shoes/boots. Do you need them, no, but I've got the money so I like to collect them. Bet, you have a collection of something other people don't understand.

it is.  I charge my XB1 controllers on the same charger/cable I charge my phone on.  I don't use my XBox to charge my controllers, primarily because I don't want to go into the entertainment cabinet to attach my controllers for every charge.

I think replicating tiles on Android would be too much. You would basically have to create and maintain a bunch of 3rd party widgets for apps they dont control. I mean, you could make square icons with notification numbers, but whats the point? To me the value of tiles was seeing news headlines, emails, the first few lines of a text, and such right on the homescreeen. 

You can in Outlook, but I could never get it to be my only system contacts. needs to handle syncing contact pictures across platforms. Google handles this nicely. I have now switched all my contacts to Google. I'm starting to question why I keep an and Google account on my phone when I could just do it all through Google.

For years I was told how awesome Android was and that I was a fool for using Windows. I made the switch once MS announced it was killing the phone and other than having real apps, I hate it. It is half baked and just terrible. Having choices sucks when none of them are fully integrated into the OS. Everything just worked on Windows Phone. The glance screen is worthless other than telling the time and date. I really hope that MS brings back a phone soon. 

Buy it without autoreplenishment enabled and it's cheaper. That makes little sense to me. You would pay more for something which is likely to benefit Amazon.

Our old Canon MF8180c required an occasional drum replacement (expensive). Our 726's owners manual doesn't mention anything about replacing the drum.

Soon enough, you'll notice that it's unreliable ... messages will appear sporadically, and sometime not at all. That's the problem with it, you can't count on it to work. I get the impression the phone has to be within bluetooth range - that is, it doesn't seem to be using the wifi network to sync the texts.

"Brenon Holmes, creative director at BioWare has stated there's an "ongoing discussion" in how a loot box economy may be implemented, though details aren't set in stone."

How about this? **** loot box, **** loot box economy?

Just focus on making a good game instead of microtransactions and how to make people pay more once they already paid for the game!!! That statement and mindset is what is wrong with EA and many of these AAA studios.  

No Windows Phone is Microsoft BIGGEST blunder, It's the best platform there is/was for Windows 10. All they had to do was put all 100% of their apps on the phone, call it a business phone. Make sending data between your desktop and phone real easy. Sadly today, I walk with 3 phones just to use Microsoft apps, to get stuff done.

My 1020 died awhile ago so I got a 950XL which my cat promptly knocked off the shelf into the toilet. Now I'm using an 830 running the latest W10M release. Yes it can be done. I'm not giving up on Windows Phones. I'll write my own apps and patches if it comes to that.

Switched to the new Nokia 6. Had problems with it accepting my outlook (live) account. Could not get it to manage my outlook calendar or outlook contacts. It wanted me to copy all my calendar and contacts into gmail. I've been with outklook for my email for many yeears now and was not prepared to swtich or maintain a seperate outlook and gmail account. Too much overhead for me. 

Also since it wanted my contacts in the gmail repository, I could not get my contacts(outlook) recognized by Whatsapp and Viber .

In the end with all these problems I went to the iphone which was able to resolve all my above problems. IOS Mail can work withoutlook (email, contacts and calendars) very nicely. And because it could deal with my outlook contacts, whatsapp and viber were able to load all my contacts and make the correct linkages. IOS is ok, but since it works much better thats where I landed. 

It would be valuable that someone from a non-English speaking country tried to make the Invoke work. My guess is it doesn't work at all because it doesn't have any other languages in the device.

Nah, people in the US quite like them for some reason. There's definitely more than one of them bought one.

We use Canon all in ones here a the house. Our current unit is a MF726Cdw which has all four functions. Prior to that, we had an MF8180c. I have had to use the fax capabilities of both machines, but, not nearly as often as before.

Nah, not necessary. YouTube would have survived without Google's interference. That pretty much covers my involvement with them.

I am on Verizon and switched to ATT to get the Nokia 950 XL, but had to switch back as ATT has miserable coverage in upstate NY and Vermont.  Bought a Motorola.  Felt like I went backwards like 5  years.  Cortana worked seamlessly with my F150, I had to buy and app that is only half as good.  No synch of Outlook calenders.  The android system itself is not as smooth running as the Windows.  If I could get my money back on the phone I would buy a HP that Verizon has recently approved.  

"I'm not a sweaty ****, like all the people that talk about the grip coming off"

Or maybe you just don't play as much as them.

I have a Pixel 2 XL.  It has "Glance".  Really missed the feature when I switched from my Lumia 928 to an Icon.  Not hating Android so far. The battery on my phone is amazing. I charge my phone overnight and don't need to charge it all day. I sometimes still have over 50% left when I go to bed. I held out a long time from switching, but I now I have the apps that I need. Sad to have to have made the switch, but left with no choice.

What is it with MS (and their fans) and controllers? 

All this hype is really surprising considering that there are so few couch mutiplayer games on XB1. 

If only MS (and their fans) showed that much passion into making diverse new games/IPs. 

I know right? How am I supposed to "transition" from live tiles to icons that look like the ones on my daughters old Leapfrog? Android icons are hideously cartoonish and amateurish looking to me.