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People need to realize that Microsoft tried with Windows phone.. Can u blame them for going a different route and maybe try again? It happens everywhere with everything.. Nothing gets made and happen without trying.

I see your point...yet Windows 10 Mobile still has until at least 2019 support, and there is nothing wrong with it now. A infrastructure tuned device would not need youtube/instagram/snapchat/twitter/facebook while on the job. If you are referring to BYOD that is different. 

Everything works fine on the Elite X3 (Enterprise Device) last I checked (Exchange/Sharepoint/MDM) and it is a heck of a lot cheaper than even the iphone 7 plus/maybe even the 6s plus in somce cases, it's definitely less than the latest Samsung device.  MDM works with any device and W10M is no exception.  They are all managed.  It is purely choice, and news media can spell it out for folks some times without seeing what really is going on.  As it is Android in my opinion is a ticking time bomb while synced to an enterprise.  Just think how many BYOD Android devices will be left out there unpatched from the recent wifi exploit, yet all the currently updated W10M devices are taken care of. Not sure if iOS has the patch yet but last I checked they are planning on it...  I do not see anything wrong with Windows 10 Mobile phones from my perspective, especially from an enterprise view.  

It'll be pity for the matured Win 10 mobile to go to ruins... Dell or HP should buy win 10 mobile from MS and start developing and using it on their mobile devices. Both companies already have mobile hardware experience...

The person who has Apple products is complaining about Microsoft? Say it ain't so! Enjoy your Apple headset...

Missing the possibility to navigate by whole pages using the arrow keys (left/right).  Simple, yet not there.

"In fact, Dell just put its Visor headset up for preorder in time to make sure shipments head out on October 17"

I did my preorder a few minutes after it was announced, and this morning it was still in "Order Received" status. I ended up cancelling, stopped at my local Best Buy and bought the HP device. I already had the HP and Acer headsets, but needed the controllers. Unfortunately Dell has been screwing up orders for me left and right, both personal and business, and I have been stepping away from Dell because of it.

Their jobs is to report any news, and Satya talk is amongst that. So what is your problem sour puss?

I am downloading now to my Toshiba laptop via windows update, I ll see later on my HP.

If Nadella thinks that the enterprise decisions are not connected with consumer choice (other than maybe in the government) he's lost it.  He must think BYOD is going away.

Been using it for the past weeks now and it's quite good. Hope for more features and chat.

So they do listen now we have usb c... Can't wait for next pro and laptop so I can choose wisely lol

Yep. Nadella's a complete rooster and we'd all be mad to buy one of his phones. When can I get one in the UK though?

Where did they say they are trying to make Windows on phones attractive for consumers? They already said they failed at that. So, let's focus on desktop, Mixed Reality, tablets (look at the Surface Pro), Xbox, and IoT. Phones may be a consequence of that. That's why they made the Universal Windows Platform. Apps built targeting that platform, adapts for almost any device with ease, so, if Windows succeeds in 2 or 3 areas at least, a good experience on phones may be a consequence. Yet, this isn't their focus.

I thought it was a first party app for sec. oh well It's something! and it appears to work fairly well except for chat

They didn't fail at making a consumer smart phone, they just gave up. Before the release of Windows Phone 10 and the last few Windows Phones the platform was gaining real traction in Europe. I experienced it first had in the UK and if even overtook Apple in Italy. Only if Microsoft had persisted for a little longer and had the ability to see past just the sales in America...

No matter how much we love this OS on mobile, clearly those that be don't and we as users have to look to move on to what best suits us as close as possible to what we had before. Neither IOS or Android is W10M but at least there those OSes are supported and the apps are as well. Sorry to say but I have a L950XL DS and I love it and it's criminal what MS has done to this OS. Can't do anything about it as none of us have any control over the advancement of this mobile OS. Me I'm waiting to see how Nokia's next smartphone after the Nokia 8 comes over. Until then I'll stop getting upset over what Nadella says and just accept it and use my phone until I can't.

If it's a "phone" running Windows, it will be seen as Yet Another Windows Phone, regardless of what it is officially named.

But, 99% of people running "the second most used desktop OS" are already happily using iOS or Android phones.  Why are they going to switch to a windows phone that still has no MOBILE apps available?   Plus, being aimed at enterprises, it will never have consumer apps/services available.

So Microsoft's "Windows core Os devices" will target buisness.

OEM's could release a "Surface Phone" ( Im thinking about Samsung ).

They will provide some consumers hardware and Microsoft will provide nice update for the software.

Surface book 2. I'm truly srprised it is here. And usb c, now womderimg why the  surface pro "5" doesn't support usb c.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Jason.  Eager to see what 2018 holds for Microsoft and new technology.

Ok, but I disagree. I use Windows 10 and Ubuntu on my laptop, and while I love Ubuntu too, Windows 10 is my go to. It's reliable, have the apps and programs I want, choice of hardware and, what I like most, it's constantly evolving with updates. I think you are confusing Windows 10 with Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone. And I think too, that the users of the second most used desktop OS disagree with you, as Windows 10 currently have 29.09% of market share, left behind only by Windows 7, mostly because of the Windows 8 fail.

The man is out of touch with how enterprise works these days. Enterprise features == Consumer Features more or less. They have been merging for years. In fact, the second Android and iOS allowed Exchange email MS should have taken notice of what was coming.


I think it was more angled at "We still have (enterprise) customers, so we're still going to support them."

I may be a glutton for punishment, but I'll be very interested in the fruits of their partnership with Qualcomm. The implication that we'll no longer have W10M left me glum, but if this simply paves way for Windows 10 in a phone form factor, I may yet get excited again.

I'm probably in the minority of people who don't care if this new path is to leave behind past handsets.

Jason, you have officially become a troll.  Back & forth, toying with our emotions. 

It's just not right.

Because it's a fantastic tablet. You didn't seriously expect to run VR/MR on a Core-M CPU, did you?

The Star Trek Crew on the Enterprise will laugh at whatever MS is bringing.....Captain Kirk cares about Snapchat, so this strategy is LOL!!

I think they are 10 years too late.   No one cares anymore.  Windows is seen as what you have to use at work.   It is not cool, and it's not what people WANT to use.  

By "people", I mean the general population of the planet.   Not the people here.  

One core isn't making Win10 Mobile unneeded. Not building mobile devices is making it unneeded. It seems pretty certain MS is just putting their SW on Apple and Android, integrating it the best they can and calling it done. I'll believe they'll have their own "mobile" hardware when I see it. Otherwise Nadella is just blowing smoke to avoid admitting they're not.

So go and use the Mixed Reality platform on the OS you prefer... Oh, wait... Nevermind.

I'm so tired of the dancing around on Microsoft's part. For once, just be up front and honest with your customers about the future. They play the greatest game of dodge ball and just leave everyone hanging and guessing.

Im deciding on a 15 or 13 maxed out...I don't game so I am not sure the extra GPU power is worth it for me.

So oct.31 in London he gonna show the world the ultimate portable pc. The device what let us make phone calls with Skype over internet. Hopefully this device is the Surface Phone where we waiting for!

How do I know the Media creation tool has the latest update when it goes live before I download. Need the ISO for 3 more devices.