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The intelligent edge is a noticeable difference in strategy, having a cloud based logic system, that THEN can become local is interesting. I hope MS extends this to all their machine learning efforts - we really do not want cloud latencies for every machine learning based task. Yes its handy, if your machine (like a phone) doesn't have the juice, but if your machine does - why should we suffer the delays? 

Surface phone is a year that's what i call balooney.

I don't like Steam a lot but I'm gonna recommend to just buy the Steam link.

So, you're saying you're not hungry? Well, you need to make up your damn mind! Be a man! Try the damn cinnamon, or keep your trap fastened. Damn, man. You gotta be the most hard headed lettuce cruncher on the internet. You got issues, son.

Of course, no assistants are primarily machine learning yet. Machine learning is very narrow, and nobody could build an entire natural language platform from one yet. 

Machine learning programs are incredibly narrow. Because of this, various assistants will gain leads in specialised areas. Apple, MS and googles assistants will becomes "better at different things". MS seems to be focusing on natural language interactions. Googe appears to be focusing on expanding search functionality. Apple may also be heading into search IMO - they have invested in dark data AI AND partnered with IBM, to gain use of watson. I think google is smart to be AI first right now, because someone like apple could beat them at their own game with an AI that actually catergorizes content rather than uses markers. MS on on the other hand, like apple, and sony have the potential for AR/VR markets - because they have more powerful hardware under their platforms. 
This is another reason why google has to be AI first - phones will not be a profit core of VR/AR. Googles best chance of future proofing itself is the IoT. 

Let's hope so. I am against the dongle life though having to carry around a dongle for all my USB-A needs. That's a deal breaker for me. If they keep 1 USB-A port, I'll be happy.

Interestingly, the battery life of 8 hr is not exciting. If they claim 8 hr, the real life usage could be abysmal. I am going to wait and see the test on WCentral.

Wait... are we just writing random sentences now? If that's the best you can do, I don't have time for this.

You're gonna spoil your dinner, sweet cheeks..... Maybe you should try some cinnamon?

Awww... was I that obvious that I had a thing for idiots too stupid to tie their own shoes?

None of those are linked to your personal files, except the ones you upload to them. You blind fanboys really need to learn the difference between a web service and an OS...

If they really don't care, then they should simply give an option to turn the spyware off. Can't be saying "I don't care" yet keep stealing everyone's data...

Security however is a concern. The thought is that the more an AI knows about me, the more useful it is but at the cost of my personal security. I think Apple has a slight ACE up their sleave here. They state that security is its utmost importance. Consumers hear this and think that Siri is the the best AI even though it lacks features compared to Google and Microsoft. This could be damaging to microsofts efforts. How will they manage this narrative when to the consumer they are getting hit by malware/infections (ie. Wannacry) regularly and Apple keeps saying they are the most secure.

Wow, you just wrote all that?
You're definitely in love with me💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Have to agree. As much as I would like a shiny new Surface Pro, my SP3 still runs like a champ. No real reason to upgrade except the desire for new toys, and this is a rather expensive toy to try to keep current. That said, I do predominately use it with the cover attached, so we'll have to see what a SB2 looks like.

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That's refreshing kind of news for tech sites normally focuses on metal stuffs.
Previously we had an article how to take care of Alcantara fabric. Today, it's about pets.
I'm loving this direction that W Central also focuses on people and life around tech as well.
Well done!

So the enterprise features are supposed to be coming late summer, and then the FCU is in the fall, so HOPEFULLY they re-merge after the enterprise features. Also hoping the enterprise features involve the improvements they promised regarding continuum!

If you really must know, HP Elite X3. But you clearly didn't mean that based on your comment. So I'm going to stop now. If you're that daft to think you can try to save your argument by stating first, "not on a WP device ... might want to try iDroid Central" and then say, "i figured you meant a ... Win7 machine," you clearly need more education. Also, please stop using "hear" instead of "here." It really makes you look like you're in elementary school. Or at least at that level of education. I was going to give it a pass the first time, but it's now appeared more than once in your other comments. Seriously. If you're going to use the language, at least learn to use it properly. I don't work for Microsoft either. I wish I did, don't get me wrong, but I don't. And anyone who thinks people who work for Microsoft somehow think shooting down lowlifes on the internet is someway to save the company, well... you need more help than I can provide. I'm just the opposite of a troll. I have fun showcasing their stupidity.

😂😂😂😂😂 I figured you meant a funky old Win7 machine.. So, who's making assumptions❓❓❓ .... Answer the question.. What "Phone" are you using?

Or you know, someone using a non-mobile device like a Windows 7 machine... but I'm sure you thought that through before making your stupid assumption about folks only using mobile devices... oh wait... no you didn't. You shouldn't make assumptions. It makes an ass out of you in front of me.

Neither yes MS is following Google nor No MS is not following google is correct. There was no need to start with a sensational headline. A simple headline that says AI - Ms and competition n than an article that explores what MS n Google are doing should have been enough. It almost seems like the attempt was to pit ms fans n not so ms fans against each other for debates n gain some traffic

Not on a WP device?
Then you might want to get on iDroid Central where you might understand more clearly.... But, this is Windows Central, so get a WP Device, or keep moving... 🌈⛽⛽🌈⛽🌈⛽ 🤔❓🌈❓💜 🤔💜❓🌈❗💜❗💜❗💜❗💜💜❗⛽❗⛽❓💜❗❗😭😍 🤓😍❓💜💜

Ugh, no. No one needs to hear it again. You've given enough opportunities to show how ignorant your views are. Seriously. Marketing helps. Yes, I understand that. But You can't market something that isn't ready. I believe you've already mentioned how there are no apps somewhere else, right? Could you imagine if they spent millions of dollars to market a product people will just return because there are no apps? Oh, right, that happened already without spending millions and they're not dumb enough to think spending money on commercials will somehow stop people from returning phones due to no apps. Do you need me to repeat that to get it through your thick skull? Seriously. I already showed how stupid your argument is. There's no need to rehash it by saying "marketing." Marketing isn't magic. It won't sell a product that isn't ready. You're just a couch potato quarter back. If you were really so brilliant that you could somehow lift a multibillion dollar company's struggling product line, i somehow doubt you'd only be spouting your toxic complaints on a forum. Do you think Microsoft hasn't heard these ideas hundreds of times? Do you think you're somehow unique and can't see what people who literally spent years studying this industry can't see? I'm dumbfounded by the absolute ignorance that is spouted by people like you. I applaud you for being brave enough to voice your stupidity, but it only needs to be shot down once. Doing so repeatedly is a waste of your time and mine.

😂😂😂😂 You really think your comments are gonna get you what you want? I think you don't understand who you're "challenging"... Are you new hear?
What devices do you currently use?

I think the problem was that it was 3 years since the 920 was released.  MSFT did not have anything prepared and fans did not have a phone to upgrade to at that point.  That's a an oversight for any company, unless the plan was to always do something else.  

Nope.. Try again.... Marketing. Get it through your thick skull.. Marketing is key... If you don't think so, whatever, but all that waste of time BS trash you just attempted to make yourself feel better with, isn't gonna change the fact... How many times do I need to repeat it to you? Do you need to hear it again?

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Fingerprint sensor on the 4s gets a lot of crap but once you learn you need to be firm with it it's not too bad. It's placement along with the Camera key is kind of annoying. (button placement in general on the Idol 4S is the worst I've ever worked with)

I've only owned one HP, bought it back in 2004 or 2005, had a single core processor before Core Duo or Turion were on the market. I just tossed it out because it's obsolete, but still worked.

The Idol is as good as any other, they all.have their issues.
I really wanted the fingerprint unlock, hated the iris scan.
I also wanted longer battery life, and I think a 5.5" screen is the goldilocks of screen size.
Camera can be quirky. So was my 950. Just different.

It will never die. It never has before.. MS has had 20 years of some form of Windows on a mobile device, and hiatus at times in the past as well.... What makes you think they are gonna stop now??...... Better question, what's your definition of dead?.... You're saying its dead because MS is about to evolve it into the next iteration?😂😂😂 Ok.. Right. Maybe the better question is what's your definition of WP/WM/WinMo?.... Obviously, we both don't see it as the same..
"Windows on Phone" is akin to Corvette. There's the C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7, and the upcoming C8... So, one day production will stop on the C7, and fools will cry "Corvette is dead"??? No, because even though GM retires the old chassis, there's always another, new version, coming after it.... Maybe people like you are used to iDroid, which never changes, and that's fine. But, MS has been on a path to bring PC to phone, and part of that task involves evolving, and moving on.. iDroid will never be anything but a mobile OS, but don't expect the same for WP.... Can't die unless Windows dies.

Are you using the windows store desktop app?
I have a first gen wireless adapter.

Id say it depends more on what site you're on and how many scripts they're trying to run. But that sounds about right i usually lose that much when on instagram

First, I never said I think anything. I actually stated IDK.. It was just a question of many I could've asked...
Second, who says the corners ever bothered anyone? They might actually help with griping the device. Do you have a Surface?.. Well, I do, and the fact that those edges don't taper makes for a more confident hold...

Exactly my my thought ha ha. Oh well, I'm an animal man so it was kind of cute:)

Google is doing very cool things!  I like Google Lens.

Cortana is no slouch either.  I don't think MS is following Google...they planned this...

Good things to come from each company!

The pen pisses me off. It's the fact we don't  have one AND OneNote on Win 10 Mobile still doesn't support ink. (The rest of Office does. OneNote on Android does). Oh, by still, I mean I've been waiting for OneNote the poster app for pen use since XP Tablet edition, to support ink since it debuted on a windows mobile device, the Pocket PC, which came with a stylus. 

Being able to use a pen, my Surface pen, in OneNote (or other apps) on my phone, essentially my pocketatble notepad, would have been killer.