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Disagree with the Windows 8 but oh well. Anyway why are you on the comments section so much on Windows Central, all you do is **** on Windows, have yet to see a positive comment about Windows from ya.

They rebooted because there were no sales. WP7 flopped hard so they didn't feel any pressure to keep it going. Same with WP8.

You have to understand, it'll be a multi level unfoldable device.  It'll start as a 5.5" phone-like screen, but then you unfold it, and unfold it again, and keep unfolding it until eventually you have a 27" display.  The tricky bit will be folding it back to the starting point.  (You know, like a paper map...) ;-)

What sales? If you're speaking about Windows on a phone that was killed by Microsoft rebooting and tell devs to make new apps, that is why sales got terrible, no devs means no apps, no apps means no people. You can't tie that to no one wanting windows on a small device. Also I guess I'm one of those 6 people that use the Surface Pro without a keyboard. My wife would be another one of them.

I feel sorry for Windows phone fans who supported this platform for so long. But it's time to learn lessons from past and to try to eliminate Microsoft from your day to day life as much as possible. This company does not deserve you!

Sports? Seriously? Besides the fact already mentioned by others that people watching an event at home means empty stadiums and therefore quite unlikely considering how many entities would be against history has already shown what is really driving adoptions of these kind of technologies and it is... PORN! 

Says it has Micro USB charging, so probably. But Cortana won't work without an internet connection. 

....and  Nintendo Switch continue to sell better than Xbox One. Soon the Xbox will be the 3rd gaming ecosystem.

What Mr "Hit Refresh" will do when that happens? Anu guess...


Yep. As always because developers are too stupid to test against the PUBLICLY AVAILABLE PRE-RELEASE VERSIONS.

I thought the NFL is still mad at Microsoft for pushing those Surface tablets on the coaches...

Wow! You really have a collection of defunct Microsoft hardware. After buying all that stuff, I doubt you could resist a Surface Phone. Come on, admit it!

I don't know why Microsoft doesn't add a third UI into Windows 10 (Desktop, Tablet, Phone). 

I would rather MS fixed the missing group email feature first, rather than focussing on fancy graphics that add little to functionality.

Just leave it enabled to clear app data in the background, where's the problem here?

It's sad that someone who wrote such a forward thinking article is backward enough to be unable to comprehend an obvious joke. The commentor that you replied to was clearly making a social commentary on the average view of an uneducated person. Not everything is meant to be taken literally, especially by the ones portraying themselves as the intelligent.

That seems like it would really be up the graphics card itself. Most comps with TB3 ports can handle either (2) 4K displays or one 5K display per TB3 port, IIRC.

I don't know anyone that uses Google home.  My wife is a die-hard iPhone user and never uses Siri has been harassing me over my Windows Phone (although she always wants the pictures I take with my Windows phone).  we now have an Amazon dot in the house.  No one uses it.  But I like music and I want this device to play music.  My attempt to get Sonos working in my house bombed.  no one uses it either.  I know I will use this device in my family room.  My expectation is my wife will use it too.  Maybe this will get her to use Cortana on her phone.

I want a podcast player that looks and acts like the current version of Groove Music. Grover Pro is the closest app but doesn't get updates that often.

I know this might be a dumb question, but I'm not sure how these speakers work... If you have smart bulbs, or other appliances, can this speaker work with them?... Is that one thing they're for?

Syncing does need improving but my work around was to set one device as the master to update the sync every 15 minutes and the other devices every 12 hours. This way the other devices won't overwrite the master and only downloads the sync streams based on the master.

I think the snag would be that you set it up with a Microsoft Account, not an AD account, like you would for Skype for Business. That said, you can combine regular Skype and Skype for Bus calls, so functionally I bet you could get it to work. Not sure you could initiate a call, buit I bet you could bring it into a call. 

As a developer I can confirm that 99% of downloads of my UWP apps were for Windows 10 Mobile. Very strange to know when people have the ability to use the same app on their laptops and they don't do that. As a customer I do the same, I just download the apps to my phone because I simply wear it with me and use it more often than laptop or desktop. In comparison between WP8 and W10M there were 80% of WP8 downloads. Too many customers with old and unsupported system. Very bad. I don't know if there is big interest to develop apps for Android and Windows using Xamarin, I'm not an Android developer, but I would not focus myself on Windows if I were an Android developer. Now I'm afraid of the end of Windows IoT. But we developers have to never give up. :)

Plus, the NFL already has enough problems getting fans to the stadium.   They have no incentive to make the home viewing experience even better, if even for only 2% of viewers.  

Cant seem to edit the other post.  "Ones" should be "does", obviously.  

Nothing has beaten grover pro afaik. I wish they made this cross platform for android and ios now that Windows 10 mobile is defunct.

Right now just that half a dozen brands noted in the article, but the expectation is more to come. I have tested with Insteon and it works reasonable well. Don't have any of the others to try. Dan notes some experience, and I expect others will chime in on what they have.

grover pro does have the ability to play video or audio only and I think there's a way to create multple playlists.

Sports fans - particularly NFL football fans - are generally not computer nerds.   This is a dumb idea that will go nowhere.  

Besides, Sports fans already have huge flat screen TVs with multichannel sound.   What ones the geeky helmet bring to the table?

To be clear, this is an area needing progress on other platforms as well. If you have multiple Echos they also will all respond if they hear you. Typically one will take action, but I have had more than one set a timer, but only one shut off when done. I have had more than one react, but neither take action. How to handle multiple units is a difficult problem which requires some thought. Echo and Google Home have a little less to worry about as people don't already have multiple devices around the house. You can place your Echo where you need it without having to consider the XBox or PC close by. The existance of Cortana on these devices is actually a hindrance to MS in this case.

You're right, and I'm sure plenty of animals, and bugs, hear it...... Lol.
But, MS isn't gonna be relevant if only animals, and bugs, hear them... They need the attention of humans😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

I honestly don't understand the investment in digital inking. I have never once seen someone using a pen with a phone or tablet. This seems like an incredibly small niche for digital artists. Touch is more useful for more people.

MSFT should have released a simply microphone/speaker device quickly.  Then released the high-end speaker (Invoke device) once the necessary engineering was completed.  But from what Daniel states, MSFT has been working hard just to get the software for a smart device up and running.  I don't have a microphone connected to my PC so I don't use Cortana in the house.  My kids and wife don't use Siri.  I use Cortana on my Windows phone.  So I am perplexed.  If Cortana has been on PCs for over a year, and MSFT has been working with Cortana on the 950 for over 2 years?  Why so much time to get a smart device into the market?  Where is the Surface team?

Enlighten me. How does your Pill stream your OneDrive collection? Do you BT to MS servers? Do you maybe BT to a phone or PC playing Groove from OneDrive?  The Invoke can do that.

I am sure MSFT is working on this.  Cortana, Alexa, Siri, etc.  want to be the primary service form which all devices respond.  MSFT hired 5000 engineers to build AI.  You have got to believe making Cortana a master of all devices is in the plan.  I also understand the AI is much more than a digital assistant.  But why could you not say, "hey Cortana, email Jason the 2016 P&L and current rent roll."  This would require Cortana to know your outlook emails.  Know Jason wants the P&L and rent roll.  Probably knows that Jason is a mortgage banker that requires the info and is happy to get this info together.  If Cortana gets that smart, why couldn't Cortana say, "Jason from the bank is requesting the P&L and rent roll?  Should I email the info?"


Of course, for this to happen, Cortana would have to be able to access your accounting software, which for me is a SalesForce/Google Docs product.  While it is a great integrated cloud-based product, the quality is inferior to the quality of Office documents.