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Ok, so we agree that LinkedIn was an excellent investment. And it's only started to bear fruit. Recall also that there was stiff competition for that acquisition.

Now, as to device creation, it's clear that the billions wasted on the Nokia acquisition (device creation) were not a good investment. There was also no competition, and Nokia was going under without the purchase. Terrible investment.

Really seems like a great alternative to the XPS 15. Give up the 32GB ram option to get the GTX 1050Ti and, while to me, it's not as much a looker, nice to shed a half pound over the XPS.

Your bugging out you better go watch Jaystwocents or pauls hardware cause the 480 is literally the best budget video card on the Market and when you cross fire them you get NVidia 1080 performance then max wattage is 125 and idle is 45 watts

I am really enjoying this game, already finished it once when I was on my Lumia 930 running windows 8.1, now playing it on my Lumia 950 XL.
The game mechanics is complex enough to give you a good challenge, the story is interesting espcially if you've read the books and/or played the FPS games. On top of that there are twists in the plot and surprises to keep you on your toes.

Highly recomended.

Lol yes they do. Check out any American College. Flooded with Macs. And I just spent 1,300 on a laptop too.

All we need now is 'the app' that gets another few hundred million people to see the benefits of the platform and we will all be happy then, but hey one at a time is a step in the right direction :D

I play on both Xbox one and PC, cant say i really had issues besides bugs like getting stuck with Jason, flying character and the get away car that flies ala Harry potter.

Yeah, you're worse🙄
You're problem is that you don't know a pathetic fanboi when you see one... You just call any WP fan a famboi, which is blind in itself... Anything that you could possibly say bad about about WP, and the way MS handles WP, I will most likely agree with... I'm THE biggest WP fan, but I'm also It's biggest critic... Nevertheless, you CONTINUOUSLY refuse to see that...... To be honest, yes, I don't believe trolls like you ever used WP, and Yes, I think this place would be better without your stupid negativity........ Change your ways, dude.

I can live with a lesser experience of Microsoft app integration because of everything else the Android ecosystem offers. I can stil use all the Microsoft services I love. Okay somethings might have been better on W10M (outlook, I absolutely agree with you on that one).

But the benefits of the full Android ecosystem far outweigh wat ever Microsofts brings to the table these days, as they seem to be doing nothing worth mentioning on the smartphone front lately (since the launch of W10M and the Lumia 950 series).

Combine that with the full backing of Windows Central to push everyone to use Microsoft services on Android/iOS the community is not what it used to be and Microsoft is not in anyway rewarding their platforms loyalists. They had it coming!

The UX360 or ZenBook 12" for example have premium build quality (dindn't go hands-on with the new devices yet), especially compared to competing Lenovo or Acer devices, but regarding display, cameras, touch pad, and some other internal parts, Surface SKUs are far more premium.

No answer eh? When I used blue stacks you were required to link your email to a google account to be able to install apps.

Unacceptable. Thanks for the heads up. Not supporting this crap at all. Was actually thinking of picking this up later today. Now I'll probably never will.

the comparison itself is laughable. The Surface line is PREMIUM quality while this Asus is low-mid range at best so... nothing to compare here

what do you mean?
i think 500 for a laptop is average.. for that price, you will get a HW which can run average tasks without problems and the laptop itself will last for at least 2 - 3 years

everything under 500 is considered as cheap plastic toys - at least for me

fingerprint magnet. The design of Asus laptops is very ooutdated, they should do something with it

nah, I wouldnt touch this. It consumes a lot of electricity compared to Nvidia, price / performance ratio for FHD gaming seems to be okey BUT... i would invest in Nvdia 1050/60 = less heat, less noise and Nvidia drivers are more stable and supported by many games / not like AMD

launch issues? Oh... i tought its still BETA cuz the whole game looks and feels like a beta PlayForFree game 


AHHHH....NO it does not, GET A ******* GOOGLE ACCOUNT!  Jesus christ its like trying to talk to a toddler.   Don't give the bullshit either about google being the evil empire and microsoft being considered for saint hood because they are all the account is free...

READ WHAT?>>>>.all you asked was about having a google account i said yes, and asked what your point is...then you make totally incoherent ramblings about me.  YOU are.......I have no word.

Again your point? need a play store of else will you get all your apps....whats the big deal?  

Wear them like a badge of honor. I love it. As you said, the more downvotes you get, there more truth you have spoken on this site.

Wow, thanks for the heads up on this one. I backed a similar game called Last Year on Kickstarter. Hope when it goes live, it doesn't have as bad of release.

The JBL speakers are the only one I've ever heard that had some bass. But mp3 and a one small speaker can't offer a good sound.

Guys, don't attack each other because one likes Surface more and the other likes Asus more. That's just opinions and preferences.
We're all Windows users.
You can choose Surface or Asus no problem. Even if you buy a MacBook pro and install Windows 10 on it, I believes Microsoft is equally happy.

you really are a ******* dummy....what is your point with having to have a google account for using are just making yourself look stupid by not answering my question..SOOOOO AGAIN,  whats your point with your original comment?

Yeah,  As I stated on here many times before,  if W10M had the apps my iphone has,  and microsoft didn't **** around it's users of the denim based w8 phones,  I will still be using it happily.   however,  websites do NOT have the functionality of apps and my 1020s were left in the dust after MS took back their all denim promise so,  BYE.   But since they brought 3d builder to moible,  I see a need for the 950xl now.  I am excited to try it out with my CNC machine...that should be really cool.  take a picture of something I need to make...even if it's a drawing,  and load it into builder and it should convert to "print" on my CNC plasma machine or 3d printer,  depending on what I need.  Will make making Motorcycle frames SUPER EASY!....and exhaust pipes too!  

Just so the downvoter knows...the hinge on the suface book adds unneccessary thickness and complexity to a device that would otherwise be perfect.   However, that hinge is terrible.   and.....the fur on the keyboard wears.  mine did on my surface 3,  and that will wear on the surface pro.   No way to avoid it.  Surface devices are aewsome but they are not PERFECT as fanboy is touting.

If the world is not screwed up real bad by the planet Niribu coming close to it then in 2018 Microsoft will mix Windows 10 mobile and Windows 10 on ARMS CPU in to a new Windows 10 mobile OS that will run Full desktop Win32 x86 programs on devices with 6 inch to 17 inch screen mobile devices.

Well hopefully it performs well with the task, mine handles most tasks flawlessly nowadays, though I'd like to freshen the look of it with another mozo cover

The Surface Pro is the better device for me to use because i like to do some Computer graphics work. Microsoft should increase the screen size of the Surface Pro Tablet/laptop hybrid to 14 inches and the Surface laptop to 15 inches . 

Totally disagree with your Android comments. If all you have is Microsoft services the Android experience sucks as the lack of integration is a major hit to useability. Microsoft's outlook app is terrible compared to the W10 version, can't edit contacts unless you do it from the outlook app. The only advantage using android is the app selection. I'm sure if I used google services it would be much better experience but I eagerly await the return to W10.

I don't believe there were many 2-in-1 laptops, when first introduced and MS was seeking to kinda be the demonstrator in the market, not so much the leader. I do agree that MS's offering isn't necessarily those most awe inspiring, when compared to what's out now. However, without their initial lead in this category, I doubt the market would have as many options today.

It says a lot that competitors are inspired enough by a form factor to create something just as good or better to compete with the likes of the Surface Pro and Surface Book. I certainly appreciate the options that are and will be available. Now, I don't have to limit myself to just MS products to get a premium machine in those form factors...and at a better price point in some cases.

oooooo my son has autism too,  he loves cortana....unless,  like you said,  if she gets on his case..ha ha ha.   I may do the same!  He uses his Ipad everyday for ALOT of things.   I started a new business and my logo even has puzzle peices for a shout out to my son,  and all the families who have family members and friends with autism.   

Well,  in order to do what I want with 3d builder I needed it.  I could have swiped my son's kinect camera,  but wireless would be better for me.  Like I said,  its' not my daily driver.  UNLESS i can get bluestacks on it...I my use it alot then....but for right now,  it's a tool I need for creating parts and things in my business using my 3d printer and plasma CNC machine.