CommMgrPro, developed Daniel Herrero Rey with all sorts of input from the good folks at XDA is seeing an official version 2.1 release today. We've had some questions about profiles management in our Podcast before and this here software just might be the the bazooka to kill your profiles bug. It does it all -- managing ringers, radios, data connections, auto-sending of SMS, screen light levels, and more. All of which can be based on a ridiculously powerful set of customizable criteria.

Want silence when you walk into a certain (GSM) cell tower's range? Done. Want super-loud-ringer + dim screen when your calendar appointment has the word “discotheque” in it? Done (and we won't judge you for the fact that a. you use the word “discotheque” regularly and b. find it necessary to schedule it on your smartphone).

The software's 15 Euro and available for Windows Mobile Pro devices.