Stop the presses: A Microsoft software product has been found to have security flaws.

Ok, cheap shot. And really, WM5 hasn't, to my knowledge, had any sort of catastrophic attack on it yet. Even this is just a report of a threat, not an actual attack (a report of a threat, one should note, from a company that wants to sell you software to protect you). Still, MS is on the case and, really, it should just be a matter of time before we really have to starting thinking about malware on our smartphones.

Which amuses me, my two main platforms (Windows Mobile and Mac) are both pretty much malware-free. So I suppose the same thing people argue about WRT Macs could be applied to WM5 - is it security through obscurity? Good secure software?

Trend Micro has told Microsoft about the problems and has not publicly shared the vulnerability details. "The sky isn't falling. Nobody out there is aware of this," Thiemann said. The company doesn't expect any imminent attacks exploiting the problems, he said.

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