One of the weaker aspects of HTC Windows Phones has been the camera. We keep hearing reports that the camera has dramatically improved on the second generation Windows Phones from HTC.  We've seen comparisons with the HD7 and Titan and now we are seeing a comparison between the Titan and the new iPhone 4S.

Les Numeriques did a comparison of these two smartphones and based on the photos the Titan appears to be capable of holding its own. For the most part, the Titan produced sharper images than the iPhone but the flash seemed to be harsher.  Color saturation seemed to be a draw and overall one could make the case that the Titan is the better performer.

The test photos were taken from a distance of three meters and all settings were automatic.

Granted, these test photos were taken under ideal or studio conditions. The softness in the iPhone photos can be adjusted/eliminated with post-processing software and overall, the iPhone's camera isn't too shabby.  Still, it is nice to see HTC getting the in-phone processing software better tuned and it will be interesting to see how the camera performs in every day conditions.

Windows Phone cameras have come a long way and maybe, just maybe, the HTC Titan will give us a quality camera to go along with a quality phone.

source: Les Numeriques Thanks goes out to RedSamuri for the tip!