We get a lot of requests from you folks regarding what's a good compass app for your Windows Phone. To be honest, there's quite a bit out there and while some are great, there's a lot of 'meh' out there too.

Palladium Power, the folks behind the popular game Orb (which is temporarily free again) have make what we think is a top-notch and exquisite compass app that will please your senses as well as show you where to go. The app, called Compasses,  is very clean and minimalist, making you Metro-heads happy. It features two different modes: Analog and Digital with a third being reserved for Maps.  The Analog mode looks like a standard compass including directional setting and highly detailed design. In addition, you can select from five different "skins" including Standard, Metro, Camouflage, Rusty and Contrast, which gives the compass a unique look. The Digital version also has these same five skins lending consistency to the design.


The Maps option is much like the HTC Compass app where it allows you to pull down Bing maps (either satellite or street) as a backdrop for the compass, giving you real-time directional support. While HTC devices have had this option, those with a Nokia, Samsung or LG device have not been as fortunate. Finally, there's a auto night-mode, which adjusts the colors for nocturnal usage, the ability to email your current position and adjust the size of the compass rose--all great touches.

Overall this is easily one of the snazziest compass apps we've come across and if you need such a tool we have to highly recommend it. The app has been published to the Marketplace today and should be going live within the next 12 hours. You can keep checking the link here for when it does show up and it will priced at $1.49 / 1,49€ / 1,29£.

QR: Compasses