Windows Phone Blue

Windows Phone 8.1 is right around the corner. Over the past few weeks we’ve seen screenshots and shared information about the upcoming update to Windows Phone. One places where screenshots have been leaking are in the Windows Phone Central Forums, the place you frequently visit. Curious how Windows Phone 8.1 will work in action? Here’s a probable example.

Screen caps from the animation

Forum member qXerro has been sharing screenshots in the forums the past few weeks. Whether the screenshots are coming from the Windows Phone team or cleverly created by him with knowledge of the upcoming OS are to be seen. However, we’ve been able to verify everything he’s shared so far as authentic with our sources. He (or she) recently put together a little example of what Windows Phone 8.1 will be like when it’s on your device.

Follow the source below to click play and watch the concept animations. You’ll notice it shows off actionable notifications. It also shows how swiping to the left will show the ‘me’, quick share, settings, and personalize section.

Rumometer 5

What do you guys think so far of Windows Phone 8.1? Sound off below. Remember, the animations appear to be a concept of what to expect in Windows Phone 8.1 from inside sources that qXerro has.

Source: Dropbox