The Eclipse Intuit Phone designed by Eddie Goh looks two parts awesome and two parts questionable.

The awesome parts:

  • It's to be equipped with a 5 megapixel camera and (if the image above is to be believed) Windows Mobile. Of course, that's a WM-Standard screenshot there on a touchscreen device, so clearly somebody just threw something in there. Still, WM would be a good fit.
  • There's a 'chemically thin solar skin' for charging the battery. Sounds quite a bit like this Apple patent. It will probably never be your primary source for charging, but a little top-off here and here sounds good to us.

And the questionable parts:

  • The slide-out keyboard is touchscreen with 'tactile feedback.' If you're going to give us a slider, we think we'd prefer actual buttons, thanks. Not to mention we've yet to see 'tactile feedback' that's any more advanced than janky 'haptics' amounting to little more than vibrating the entire phone when you tap the screen. We'd prefer localized haptics. Still, though, a 2nd slide-out screen does sound pretty cool.
  • Yeah, it's just a concept phone, so don't expect to see this, you know, ever.

So kudos to Goh for coming up with a neat concept and a pretty looking kit there, but we'll keep our smartphone hopes and dreams pie-in-the-sky for now, as opposed to the Intuit's pie-in-outer-space. (mmm, space pie).

Thanks to Lisa for the tip!