Okay.  So there's no such word as a ROMaholic but I've come to the conclusion that I'm hooked on custom or cooked ROMs. I just haven't decided if that's a good thing or bad.

It took me years to finally take the plunge and flash my first cooked ROM. After what felt like months of research, soul searching, tarot card reading and conquering the fear I would brick my Windows Phone, I flashed.

I've since tried cooking from various chef's (personal favorite is NRGZ28) and tinkered with various radios. All in an attempt to get the perfect Windows Mobile variation and best radio performance available.

Where the addiction comes into play is when I have a perfectly good ROM installed I find myself flashing again when the Chef releases a new version whether I need the updated version or not.  It's not so much an issue of never being satisfied but rather a curiosity on what the new ROM contains. Whether it is the latest version of Bing added to the recipe or a new version of the CoOkie's Home Tab, I feel compelled to flash.

So, for those who do flash cooked ROMs on their Windows Phone, how often is too often? Do you jump on board right away or wait and see if the new versions have any bugs?  Or do you carefully study the change log of the new ROM to see if it's worth the effort?