Rudy Huyn

Since the Windows Phone community is still relatively small, we get the chance to know developers on a first name basis. One of those developers is Rudy Huyn, who has been behind some very popular apps on Windows Phone. There’s the Wikipedia app, which won Microsoft’s Next App Star contest. He also has some other fun apps like TVShow and recently released 6tag. He also reached a milestone in the Windows Phone Store. What happened?

Rudy has over a dozen apps in the Store, from titles like Wikipedia, 6Sec, 9Gag, Fuse and more. These apps are all together very popular and constantly top their respective section of the Store. He’s been around since the launch of Windows Phone 7. In fact, TVShow was built in a 30 hour period based off of community feedback.

Long story short, Rudy has been making some pretty handy apps on Windows Phone for a very long time. Earlier today he crossed the 3 million mark for number of times all his apps have been downloaded. That means the all of his apps combined have now been downloaded and installed over 3 million times. It was just earlier this year, around February, that Rudy had about 1.1 million downloads. So to that we say:

Congrats Rudy.