Oh this is some cool stuff here folks, stuff that we had no idea you could do in Mango. Developer Oliver Ulm has created a nice little free app called 'Connectivity Shortcuts' and its simplicity is its beauty. The app allows you to create four Tiles for your start screen which are shortcuts to Wifi toggle, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode and Cell radio.

Simply launch the app, hold down on the icon you want and you'll have a new start Tile that gives you a direct shortcut to that feature. For many of us, we previously could only do this on NoDo via sideloading a homebrew app. Now, this is a 100% legit in the Marketplace option for all of us, once you're on Mango of course (sorry NoDo users!).

We toggle our WiFi constantly, so for us, this is a must have app. It's free, it works and it's extremely useful. What more can you want? Pick it up here in the Marketplace.