Connector is a Windows Phone 7 is a rather interesting multi-level puzzle game where you have to connect various towers that appear on your Windows Phone screen. You do so by drawing a line from tower to tower (tap, hold and drag on the screen) and connect them in pairs. Lines can be drawn in segments (to create bends and turns) to help connect the towers. Sounds simple enough but there are some rules that adds to the challenge of the game.

  • You can only connect towers of the same color.
  • Lines may not collide with obstacles.
  • Lines may not cross each other.
  • The more line segments used, the worse your score.

Connector shows a tutorial before you attempt the earlier stages to better acclimate you to the game. All in all, there are 60 levels to tackle with new challenges every twenty levels. This gives Connector plenty of playing time.

There is a trial version avaiable for Connector and the full version will run you $1.99. You can find both versions of Connector here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.