We shared a preview of the Windows Phone Mango app Content Shield the earlier this month and now the utility app is available over at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Content Shield is a multi-purpose utility for your Windows Phone that covers four areas.  Each of which can be password protected within the Settings Menu.

Passwords: Here you can store all your passwords and generate new ones. Live tile support will show the last time your passwords were accessed.

Task manager: Content Shield has a task manager/to-do list generator. Live tile support will show the number of incomplete tasks.

Jokes: What's a utility without a sense of humor? Here you can store your own jokes or download them from a Twitter feed. The feed is updated daily and if you're feeling giddy, you can submit your joke to be included in the feed. There is no live tile support for the Jokes section.

My Shopping: Last but not least you have a shopping list generator and storage area. The shopping lists range from grocery lists, wish lists, and gifts for friends/family events (Christmas, birthday, anniversary, etc.). You can also the ability to compare prices on items from your lists via Ciao from Bing. Live tile support will display the number of items currently in your shopping basket.

Content Shield is an interesting utility app for your Windows Phone with a little bit of something for everyone. There are a few quirks but not enough to detract from a nice Windows Phone app. For example, in comparing prices of apples you get price comparisons for Apple iPhones. Not sure if this is a case where the search criteria doesn't specify that your looking for fruit or Ciao not picking up the differences.

It is a free, ad-supported application and you can download Content Shield version 1.0 here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.