One of our readers, David (aka SilverSharkDev), as informed us about a Mango app he’s been working on called Content Shield. The purpose of the app is to store various kinds of data and protect it should someone else get hold of your phone.

Content Shield stores the following kinds of information:

  • Passwords – Store various kinds of passwords so you don’t forget them. Categories include Facebook, Twitter, etc. Passwords can be copied and then pasted directly into the phone’s web browser.
  • Jokes – Add text jokes of your own or download them from the developer’s Twitter feed.
  • Agenda – Add items to your to-do list, categorize them, and then move them to the Completed page when done. To help remind users of uncompleted tasks, the most recent task appears at the top of the Content Shield Main Menu. Tapping on it jumps straight into the Agenda. The number of incomplete tasks also appears on the app’s Live Tile.
  • Shopping – Create shopping lists in various categories, including groceries and birthdays. Any item in your list can be instantly searched for in the web browser. Don't forget to buy Christmas presents for the WPCentral staff!

The protection aspect of Content Shield comes down to password protecting individual sections of the app. Create a password and a reminder, and then assign it to anything or everything so that other people can’t view or change things. Me, I simply rely on my phone’s lock screen password to protect my stuff, but this could be useful for people who share their phones for whatever reason.

The developer promises to add more features over time. Content Shield will appear on the Marketplace soon, and it will be free.

Head past the break for a second video preview that demonstrates Content Shield’s Agenda and Shopping functions.