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5 years ago

Nokia Lumia 610 unboxing and hands on video


Although we're not expecting too much more in terms of new Windows Phones for the next few months, Nokia is just getting the Lumia 610 into people's hands in various countries or unlocked for those who want it.

The Lumia 610 is Nokia's device for emerging markets and thus features lower specs than most users are accustomed to, in turn they are able to keep the price down, hovering below $300 contract-free.

We just had ours show up on our doorstep so we figured we would give you a quick tour. While plastic throughout the device comes in four colors including black, cyan, magenta and white, giving it quite a nice appeal. Truth be told, while it lacks the ClearBlack screen (but it does have Gorilla Glass), it's a nimble little guy and quite impressive for those who can spring for the higher-end Lumias.

Featuring a 3.7" screen, 256MB of RAM (ala "Tango"), a 5MP camera and 8GB of storage (5.59 GB available), the 610 is not particularly mind-blowing, especially with its Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 7227A  800MHz CPU, which just gets it by in terms of performance.

The bigger story of course is that this phone allows Nokia to push down into the rapidly expanding emerging markets of the world, someplace where Apple can't go but Android has with a vengeance (the quality also drops rapidly on the latter on such low-end hardware). Will the 610 be successful? All in all, it's so far not a bad experience and we imagine for many, this will be a solid Windows Phone introduction.

We'll have more over the next week on this device, so pay attention to Windows Phone Central.

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5 years ago

Editor's desk: First impressions of the AT&T Samsung Focus 2


Samsung is back in...white...with the Focus 2 on AT&T. What do I think of it after a few hours? Let's find out.

For many of us, the original Samsung Focus (review) was our first foray into the Windows Phone world. And truth be told, it was an excellent experience. With it's 4" Super AMOLED screen, slick design, light body and decent (for the time) camera, the Samsung Focus set the precedent. Recent numbers also reflect that status with upwards of 90% of AT&Ts first generation Windows Phone being the Focus.

Today, AT&T and Samsung have released the Focus 2, a moderate update to the original design (check out today's unboxing video). Eschewing glossy black for the new hip white, dropping in a faster 1.4GHz CPU and adding 4G LTE are the most notable changes. Adding a more rounded design with some updated sensors and cameras are the more under-the-hood type differences.

So how does it stack up in the first few hours I've been toying with it? For $50 on contract or $399 off, the Focus 2 is a nimble little guy that has certainly caught my attention.

The feel of the device is really good in the hands albeit a touch slippery. The roundness of the device, while slick, makes it a joy to hold and at 4" for the screen size, it's a more natural fit. The chrome accent adds a touch of class and while the device is very plastic, it doesn't feel cheap. The buttons have an interesting layout with the volume keys to the left, power and camera to the right. While odd, it does make it less confusing than the Lumia 900's where they are all lumped together on the same side. Travel of the keys is good and they're tactile with no rattle.

The Super AMOLED screen is really brilliant but obviously not as good as the Lumia 900's. Still, it holds its own and it's great to look at while not getting to grimy.

Audio quality is moderate with very little distortion when maxed out. It's a touch tinny but not by much.

The camera is surprisingly good even at 5MP, in fact forgetting the loss of resolution, it's as good if not better than the Nokia Lumia 900's. While it doesn't really contain any advanced settings e.g. no anti-shake or panorama, photos are well detailed and pleasing to the eye. We do however recommend turning up sharpness and contrast a smidge more to make the most of it.

Any extras worth reporting on? No, not really. There are the advanced GPS settings (GLONASS) and Samsung's "extra settings" present but other than that it has the same wallpapers as other Samsung Windows Phones and their regular cheesy ringtones.

Overall though, we're impressed and like the Focus 2 a ton. It feels great in the hand, is fun to use and makes a solid addition to AT&T's lineup. I'm going to have little problem adding it to my repertoire of Windows Phones.

Check after the break for a few more pics of the device and a couple camera samples (compared to the Lumia 900)...

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5 years ago

Samsung announces low-end Omnia M Windows Phone for Europe


Perhaps not too surprising, Samsung today has announced the Omnia M, a follow up to the Omnia W and obviously riding the Focus 2's mid-range specs.

The device is a ho-hum 1GHz  CPU with a 4" Super AMOLED screen and a disappointing 4GB of storage on board. It features HSPA at 7.2MBps which is even a low-end data, bypassing the much preferred HSPA+ or HSPA+ DC like on the Lumia 900.

It does have a front-facing camera though and the design, while reminiscent of every other Samsung phone especially the W, still looks svelte and comfortable to use.

Having said that, this is obviously Samsung's "Tango" phone, playing up against Nokia's 610 and the ZTE Tania, meaning most of you will probably want to pass on such a phone and wait for Windows Phone 8.

We're curious though how such low-end devices will sell. In theory, if this phone is offered for next-to-nothing on contract it could be a very desirable phone for those who don't yet have a smartphone. That's an important market and while it doesn't earn headlines, for market share, it's an important demographic to consider.

No word on release though we imagine it will be out in a few weeks. It's planned for Europe and "other regions".

Source: Samsung

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5 years ago

Samsung Focus 2 hands-on


First out of the gate from CTIA 2012 in New Orleans is the Samsung Focus 2. The follow-up to the (wait for it ...) Samsung Focus brings a 4-inch Super AMOLED display with a 5-megapixel rear-facing camera, 8GB of internal storage and it's rocking a 1.4 GHz processor. And as was confirmed by the official specs earlier today, it's got a 1750 mAh battery. 

The Focus 2 actually is a tad heavier than its predecessor, but it's in a slightly smaller form factor. It feels decent enough in the hand. It's definitely got a plastic feel to it, which you'd expect from a Samsung phone. But, indeed, for an entry-level device, you're not going to be ashamed to pull this one out of your pocket. And it's always nice to see a dedicated camera button on the side of a phone.

Other items of note: It'll be available May 20 for $49.99 on contract ($19.99 on upgrade). We've got more pics and hands-on video after the break.

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5 years ago

We examine the LG Fantasy (E740) Windows Phone prototype


WPCentral's unofficial review of an LG Fantasy prototype phone with NFC. The phone that never was.

Although LG has announced its plans to not produce any more Windows Phones and then changed their tune a bit, we've managed to get our hands on one of their prototypes that may never see an official launch.

For months now there have been rumors of a new device from LG called the E740 'Fantasy' (and a presumably canceled CDMA variant for Sprint). The phone looks to have been prototyping in late 2011 with development abandoned in early 2012 when LG decided to focus on Android and take a hiatus from Microsoft.

The E740 looked to be another low to mid-range offering from the Korean company and we'll be honest, we're not that upset that it might not be released.

While it may make an 'ok' low-end Windows Phone, companies like Nokia and their Lumia 610 simply blow it out of the water in terms of quality. Still, like the Lumia 610NFC coming in the third quarter, the LG E740 has an interesting trick up its sleeve: fully functional Near-Field Communication (NFC) hardware.

We decided to document what we can from this device for posterity. Read past the break for our exclusive video hands-on and photos of the device.

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5 years ago

Unboxing & hands on with the Glossy-White Nokia Lumia 900 for AT&T


Though it technically goes on sale tomorrow, we reported yesterday evening that some stores were selling the super limited and highly coveted Glossy-White Nokia Lumia 900. A device which has already earned the nickname 'The Stormtrooper.' We likey.

We managed to track one down (literally, it was the only one) here in midtown Manhattan and we picked it up for quite a steal ($99 and all we did was extend our contract by 3 months). To celebrate the latest addition to the Lumia 900 family, we figured we'd snap a couple of photos for you to get you drooling a bit and even do an old-fashioned unboxing video for giggles.

Many have concerns about the durability of the Glossy-White polycarbonate shell of the Lumia 900, specifically if it scratches or gets dirty. While we can't answer that now, we'll be putting it through its paces of the next few weeks.

For what its worth, the AT&T representative told us that Nokia's flagship phone has been selling very well, basically clearing off the shelves. That's a big deal for a store smack in the middle of the Big Apple. There are no Cyans around but we were told that customers were still ordering them and getting them direct fulfilled in about 2 days time, which ain't half bad.

Although seeing how the Lumia 900 is selling a few weeks from now will be more important than today, we have to admit, this is starting to really feel like a hit device with AT&T. There's a lot of buzz and nearly two weeks after launch, the phone is still clearing off of shelves. Now with the addition of the Glossy-White  version, we think this will keep it going even longer.

Finally, remember: today is the last day to get the $100 credit applied to your AT&T account for buying a new Lumia. That counts for the Glossy-White too, if you can find it...

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5 years ago

Nokia Lumia 900 or HTC Titan II, is one better than the other?


So which Windows Phone is better? The Nokia Lumia 900 or the HTC Titan II?

The Lumia 900 definitely hit the AT&T store shelves with a bang while the Titan II kinda snuck in under the radar. I've used both over the past few days and I will say this without reservation. There's not a bad choice between the two.

Okay... so that may be fence straddling but the differences between these two phones boils down to individual needs and personal preferences. Do you need a "knock your socks off" camera? Go with the Titan II. Do you prefer a screen with richer colors and more contrast?  Go with the Lumia 900. Are you looking for a splash of color for your Windows Phone other than plain old gray or black? Choose the Lumia 900. Are you wanting more real estate in your screen? Obviously the Titan II would be your choice.

These two new Windows Phone are so closely matched the difference may come down to which fits the best in your hand (and that's no easy measure either). We'll try to break things down a little better after the break to give you a fighting chance at deciding which is best.

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5 years ago

Nokia acknowledges data connectivity bug in some Lumia 900s, giving everyone $100 for their troubles


This, ladies and gentlemen, is the definition of a win-win. See, there's been this little bug in the Lumia 900 (by the way, you've read our Lumia 900 review, right?) that has been causing some early adopters -- regular consumers as well as reviewers -- to lose all data connectivity. As in, the phone kinda forgets the fact that, in fact, it is a phone. Not good, to say the least.

Nokia, in a blog post this evening, starts off on a positive note. "Award-winning CES product" blah blah blah. "Stars aligned for a successful sales start on AT&T" blah blah blah."Very positive response on Day 1" blah blah blah.

Oh, and, yeah. A "memory management issue was discovered that could, in some cases, lead to loss of data connectivity." That's kinda a biggie. The good news is that Nokia's found the issue. Here's what's going to happen next:

  • On or around April 16 (that's next Monday), an update will be made available via Zune. That should fix all this nonsense.
  • Or, you can swap your current phone for a new one that will already have the updated software.

And Nokia's doing even one better. If you've already bought a Lumia 900, you're getting a $100 credit on your AT&T bill. If you're going to buy a Lumia 900, do it before April 21. Because you'll also get a $100 credit on your bill. That covers the cost of the phone on contract. So, you're basically getting a free Lumia 900 for your troubles. Or for trouble you might have had. Either way. It's a sweet deal.

And good on Nokia for making it right. But that doesn't change the fact that black eyes do sting for a little while. Read more on the issue and join the discussion in our Lumia 900 forum.

Source: Nokia Conversation

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5 years ago

HTC Titan II Review


HTC Titan II Review

WPCentral's Review of the AT&T HTC Titan II

While all the attention has been focused on the Nokia Lumia 900, another Windows Phone has slipped on to the AT&T store shelves. The HTC Titan II joined AT&T's Windows Phone lineup on April 8, 2012 and it is bound to turn some heads now that it's out of the shadows.

The HTC Titan II sports a 4.7" Super LCD screen, 16gb of storage, a 1.5GHz processor and a sleek uni-body design. While the large screen could easily be the center piece feature of the Titan II, the 16mp rear camera will likely stand out more on the Titan II spec sheet.

While the Nokia Lumia 900 is a fantastic addition to the AT&T Windows Phone lineup, the HTC Titan II is no slouch. Once customers have the opportunity to handle the Titan II in AT&T stores, the choice of which new Windows Phone will get a little harder to make.

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5 years ago

Nokia Lumia 900 Review


Nokia Lumia 900 Review

WPCentral's Review of the AT&T Nokia Lumia 900

“With one of the best displays for a Windows Phone around, a $99 price point and Nokia’s svelte and sexy design, the AT&T Lumia 900 is one of the best values for a smartphone today. For those people upgrading from a first generation Windows Phone to those folks just coming on board, the Nokia Lumia 900 is sure to impress.”

The Lumia 900 is designed and manufactured to perfection. This shows in the end result, while not as smooth as the Lumia 800, it's still beautiful.

Unibody, check. Single piece of injection molded polycarbonate, check. Feels great to hold and use? Check.

Powered by Windows Phone Mango Release 2, a 1.4Ghz processor, 4G LTE and an 1830mAh battery, the Lumia 900 will keep you going throughout the day.

AT&T, Nokia and Microsoft have done a great job with the Lumia 900. It's not perfect but it's certainly close.



Solid 8MP rear camera and outstanding 1MP front camera make the Lumia 900 a great video phone. The polycarbonate unibody design makes this device one of the nicest looking on the smartphone market and the 1830mAh battery ensures great battery life even when using AT&T's blindingly fast 4G LTE. To cap it off, the 900's AMOLED screen is one of the nicest we have used.


The rear 8MP camera could stand to use a BSI sensor to reduce noise and increase brightness in low light situations. The non-removal battery may be an issue for some and the rattle from the vibrate feature is cringe worthy.


For $99 on contract, the Lumia 900 is one of the nicest Windows Phone on the market today and for the foreseeing future all at a great price. It has solid hardware including super-fast 4G LTE and the latest version of Windows Phone Mango ensuring a great experience for new users and veterans looking for an upgrade. Plus the device oozes with Nokia's quality craftsmanship making it a device many will want to talk about. With all the hype around this phone, this could be the next "it" device for the summer.

The Nokia Lumia 900 on AT&T is the most anticipated release for the Windows Phone since the system was released back in October 2010. There’s a lot riding on this launch for Microsoft, AT&T and certainly Nokia, with the latter betting everything on the fledgling mobile OS from Redmond.

In fact, this is the first time outside of Microsoft enthusiasts that a Windows Phone actually has some buzz in the mainstream media, partially due to Nokia’s rapid buildup with the Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 along with those respective advertising campaigns.

Does the AT&T Lumia 900 live up to the expectations? We gave the 900 high marks for its display, super-fast 4G LTE speeds, mesmerizing design and solid battery life. All of which exceeding most of our expectations.  Yet, all is not perfect though and there are few minor complaints, especially around that rear 8MP camera. Still, the Lumia 900's esthetics and visual appeal will make up for any deficiencies it may have in the long run.

Read on for our definitive AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 review...

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5 years ago

Nokia holding event for South Africa


If you needed anymore proof that South Africa isn't just being tossed aside when it comes to the Nokia Lumia/future devices, then we have great news for you. We have just received word from an anonymous tipster that Nokia is holding an event in Midrand near the end of this month. Although the invite doesn't outright say that this is a launch party or unveiling event, it's probably quite safe to assume that it is.

And here is the invite:

Besides the obvious positives of Nokia launching their Windows Phone 7 devices in South Africa, there is another aspect that you may not have considered. Blackberry and Android may be all the rage over here at the moment but before that Nokia was a really big player in SA.

I remember a time when almost every person I knew either had a Nokia or was attempting to get one. What this means is that when they start selling their new phones people will not be buying Windows Phone, they will be buying a Nokia, because they trust the brand. So this skips the step of people avoiding WP7 because of their feelings on Windows Mobile, and allows them to experience the amazing everyday with no bias.

EDIT: This is a private event.

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5 years ago

Windows Phone Review: T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 710


Nokia has had a good amount of success with the European launch of the Nokia Lumia 800 and has hopes that success continues as the company begins its push into the North American market. The first Nokia Windows Phone for the U.S. Market is the Nokia Lumia 710, that is now available over at T-Mobile.

The Lumia 710 is a compact, entry level Windows Phone that sports a 3.7" screen that is protected by Corning's Gorilla Glass. The latest Windows Phone feels solidly built and comfortable in the hand.

As with other second generation Windows Phones, the Lumia 710 is designed more for a specific audience and may not appeal to everyone.  Some will find the 8gb of storage limiting and the missing front-facing camera disappointing. It may not suit your fancy but the Nokia Lumia 710 is a very good Windows Phone and a nice entry level model. It represents Nokia very well as their first U.S. Windows Phone.

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5 years ago

T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 710: First Impressions


The Nokia Lumia 710 is expected to hit T-Mobile's shelve on January 11, 2012 and will run just under $50 after contractual discounts . It will be the first Nokia Windows Phone for the U.S. Market and we've gotten our hands on one.

First impressions? The 710 is a very nice, compact Windows Phone. Feels solid in the hand and the screen looks great.

The Lumia 710 is slightly smaller than T-Mobile's other Windows Phone, the HTC Radar, separated by only tenths of an inch. The Lumia 710 has a 3.7" screen while the Radar sports a 3.8" screen.  The Lumia 710 is also very similar in size to the AT&T Samsung Focus Flash with the Flash being slightly smaller and lighter in size.


  Nokia Lumia 710 HTC Radar Samsung Focus Flash Size 4.69 x 2.46 x .49 4.7 x 2.4 x .43 4.57 x 2.31 x .27 Weight 4.4 ounces 4.83 ounces 4.1 ounces

The Lumia 710 is fitted with 512mb RAM, 8GB of storage, a 5mp camera, and 1300mah battery.  As with other second generation Windows Phones, the Lumia 710 comes across as a well built, solid phone but due to smaller storage space, the lack of a front facing camera and other specs it may not appeal to everyone.

We'll take the Lumia 710 out for a test drive over the next few days and get a full review up on the site shortly thereafter. If there's anything in particular you'd like us to look at, speak up in the comments.

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5 years ago

Nokia and T-Mobile bringing 'something exciting' to NYC on Dec. 14


Nokia and T-Mobile are teaming up for an event Dec. 14 in New York City, and it looks like we might well get our first glimpse of some sweet, sweet Nokia Windows Phone love here in the United States.

As you'll recall, we've already seen the Lumia 710 pass the FCC with its AWS bands intact, so that's a strong bet. Hopefully we'll get the Lumia 800 here as well. We've got our invite in hand. Guess we'll see what's what in a week.

More: Lumia 800 hands-on; Lumia 710 hands-on

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5 years ago

AT&T HTC Titan - Review


AT&T HTC Titan - Review

While I was impressed with the Samsung Focus S, Dan kept telling me "wait until you get your hands on the Titan." I expected to see a quality Windows Phone in the HTC Titan but was very skeptical of the 4.7" big screen. The Focus S was large enough with the 4.3" screen but would a 4.7" screen be too big?

Short answer... No.

HTC engineers have done a fantastic job of balancing a large screened device on a thin platform to minimize the bulk. The Titan feels comfortable in the hand, thanks to more beveled or curved sides and the 4.7" screen really shines. Add an 8mp camera with all the bells and whistles, a 1.5ghz processor, 16gb of storage, and a 1650mah battery and the Titan becomes a very strong performer.

Don't get me wrong, the Samsung Focus S is also a quality, large screen Windows Phone but the Titan has just as strong (some may say stronger) of an appeal. While the Titan may have an lengthy model designation (HTC PI39100) it's a solid Windows Phone. To read more on the AT&T HTC Titan, hit the break.


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