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2 years ago

Divekick review – Kick some heads in this humorous fighting game for Xbox One


The Xbox One launched with a killer fighting game that continues to be updated even now. That would be Killer Instinct, which will start its second season of content next week. While the new Killer Instinct was originally developed by Double Helix, Chicago-based Iron Galaxy Studios eventually took over on development duties. Iron Galaxy has quite the history with fighters, having developed/ported several Xbox 360 fighters for Capcom.

Now Iron Galaxy has just published its own fighting game Divekick: Addition Edition + on Xbox One as part of the ID@Xbox program. Divekick is anything but serious, filled with joke and parody characters and requiring only two buttons to play. It's a fighter boiled down to the barest essentials. Bring your sense of humor and appreciation for fighting games and you're going to love the art of divekicking. Read on for our detailed review and watch Jonathan Dollison and I divekick it on video!

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2 years ago

WPCentral Store Canadian Thanksgiving Sale - Save 20% on all accessories!

2 years ago

NASCAR now using Microsoft Windows to 'revolutionize' the racecar inspection process


Microsoft made headlines earlier this season with the NFL exclusively using the Surface to help manage players and for strategy planning. Now it looks like the world's most famous racing circuit in the US is jumping on board too.

Today, Microsoft, and NASCAR are sharing their new partnership, specifically using Windows to power a new racecar inspection process. Previously, NASCAR relied on the old pencil and paper method for checklists, but now the group is outfitted with a Surfaces and some customized Windows software to help automate the tasks.

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2 years ago

Minecraft Pocket Edition for Windows Phone already in early stages of development


A few weeks ago, Microsoft acquired Minecraft makers Mojang for a rather large sum of money. The next obvious question is when can we see Minecraft Pocket Edition for Windows Phone? After all, even BlackBerry 10 has it at this point. Microsoft's Phil Spencer did claim it would happen, even for Windows 8.1.

As it turns out, Mojang had begun development of a Minecraft port to Windows Phone before the acquisition. So says Tommaso Checchi in a series of recent tweets. Checchi is a developer on the Mojang team and even tweeted a photo of the game, seen below, listed in the app menu of the dual-SIM Lumia 635, which seemingly confirms it runs on 512 MB phones too.

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2 years ago

This simple yet protective Lumia 520 skin case is only $4.95 today!

2 years ago

Latest intel: AT&T launching HTC One for Windows Nov 7, same day as the Lumia 830


If you are on Verizon Wireless, you may well be thinking of dumping the carrier after their early retirement of the Lumia Icon. Blame poor sales and denounce their staff, but the fact is Verizon is a tough carrier to love when it comes to Windows Phone. Luckily, the blackout from getting your itchy fingers on the svelte, cold metal of the AT&T HTC One (M8) for Windows just got an end date, at least according to our sources.

I reported earlier that Friday November 7 was the planned launch date for the Nokia Lumia 830, which is shaping up to be a prevalent launch for that phone (example: all of Canada). Additionally, it looks like Microsoft is going to have some welcomed competition that day as we hear AT&T's version of the HTC One is also launching the same day.

If you have been waiting for a new Windows Phone, your choice now becomes a little more complicated.

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2 years ago

Here is how to relocate your default Library folders in Windows 8


Beginner's Tips Series!

Previously, we took a look at different methods of creating screenshots on the Surface Pro 3 and other Windows 8 devices, some of which automatically saved to a subfolder in the Pictures directory called Screenshots. This folder gets created the first time you use the Home (Windows) button + Down Volume to make a screen grab and becomes the default folder going forward.

You may decide that for ease of use or organizational purposes that you want to change the default folder where these files are saved. If that is the case, fear not, you can easily change it. Furthermore, this procedure is not limited to your Screenshots folder. It will work with just about any of your default folders, like Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, and Videos. However, for the sake of continuity, we will stick with the Screenshots folder.

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2 years ago

The Evil Within threatens to terrify Xbox gamers next week


This week, the Xbox One and 360 got their most frightening game since Outlast. That would be Alien: Isolation. And you might think that after getting chased around by an Alien, that horror fans would literally be frightened to death and no longer able to consume future horror games.

That would be silly, though!

October is the month of scares, so every horror fan owes it to him or herself to stay alive at least until Halloween. You might as well play all the scary games you can until then, or your heart gives out. Next week will bring us just the perfect follow-up game – The Evil Within from Bethesda. Read on for the creepy details and a look at the game's last trailer before launch.

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2 years ago

Lumia Creative Studio update re-enables Color Pop

2 years ago

Square Me, possibly the simplest game in the Windows Phone Store that will drive you nuts


They say the simplest things in live are often the most enjoyable. Square Me is a Windows Phone game that hopes to tap into that philosophy and find its way into your Windows Phone gaming library.

Square Me isn't a very complicated game. You are presented with a collection of colored squares and have to find the one square that doesn't match the rest. The goal is to try to solve as many puzzles in one minute. While all this sounds easy, you may be surprised how hard it is to find the one tiny little square that is just a fraction of a shade different than the rest.

Available for low-memory devices, Square Me is an appealing, addictive, sometimes frustrating Windows Phone game that is a nice option to choose when you have a few minutes to kill.

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2 years ago

Ashton Kutcher stars in Lenovo's YOGA 3 Pro ads

2 years ago

Dell takes stance against Amazon India as companies seek to regain control over pricing

2 years ago

Cortana set to make Canadian debut with Lumia 830

2 years ago

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare now available for pre-download on Xbox One

2 years ago

MSN apps updated with bug fixes

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