Nokia Lumia 1520

Many iPhone users are probably very comfortable with iOS that they might be hesitant to switch to a different platform. That’s the case with one of our forum members, GPendolino. He’s quite interested with the Nokia Lumia 1520, but he has some concerns. He’s currently using an iPhone 4S.

Head past the break to see if you can talk him into a Lumia device.

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One of GPendolino’s concerns is security. He feels Apple is very secure. Is the same true with Windows Phone?

Another concern is gaming. He loves simple stuff like Words With Friends or JetPack Joyride. Sometimes, he likes some of the higher end FPS games that Gameloft produces.

GPendolino is reaching out to the community to read some of your impressions. Can you help him make the leap over to a Lumia? Head over to the forums to see the rest of his concerns. Several others have responded already and just remember, keep it civil!