Copy This

Copy This is a handy Windows Phone 8 app that allows you to copy speech-to-text directly to your Windows Phone clipboard. Play This was updated to version 2.0.3 to work with the new speech APIs in Windows Phone 8.1.

This will allow you to press and hold the search button, say "Copy this…" and whatever you want copied and Cortana will add it to your Windows Phone clipboard.

Along with the Windows Phone 8.1 support, the version 2.0.3 update also redesigns the app to make the instructions for use a little clearer and adds support for en-GB speech recognizer.

Copy This is an interesting Windows Phone 8 app that could come in handy when you have your hands full. There is a free trial version available for Copy This that is fully functional but with ads.

The ad-free version of Copy This is currently running $2.49 and you can find Copy This here in the Windows Phone Store.

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Video courtesy SplintoApps