Here's a break down of what we know so far!

  • Cortana is coming to the Xbox One! The voice dictation features Windows Phone users have been enjoying for a while are coming to console.
  • Messages and party invites can be sent out via Cortana, using natural language. For example, you can ask Cortana to execute complex commands such as "Cortana, record the last minute of gameplay and share it to my activity feed", or "Cortana, is Richard online?"

  • The new dashboard incorporates easing animations seen in Windows 10's start menu, in addition to its wire-frame iconography.

  • Richard Irving impressed the need for the dashboard to be fast, and from the video it certainly seems that this is the case. There wasn't a single incident of the upward hill struggle the Xbox One currently has when it switches from an intensive 3D game back to the home screen.
  • Recent games and apps appear in a feed, and developers can push announcements to gamers to inform them of new expansions or patches.

Stay tuned to Windows Central for the full video which will no doubt go live any minute, and be sure to check out our E3 2015 tag for our full coverage.