Cortana may soon be ready to impart her knowledge onto iPhone, Android users

Cortana may soon be ready to lend her sagely knowledge and wisdom to users of non-Windows Phone platform. Microsoft could soon be ready to unleash Cortana, a digital voice assistant that debuted on Windows Phone, on to competing operating systems to take on the likes of Siri for iOS and Google Now on Android. Though specifics were not disclosed, Microsoft hinted at its plans to free Cortana soon.

According to a report on Business Insider, Microsoft chief experience officer Julie Larson-Green told a group of journalists and analysts that Cortana could be destined to land on other OSes.

When asked if that meant Cortana would eventually come to other operating systems, Larson-Green said, "The short answer is, yeah."

Likely, the experience of using Cortana on a system like iOS or Android would not be as rich or easy as it is on Windows Phone. Microsoft likely won't be able to tap into hardware keys to quickly call up Cortana as it does by a press of the search key on Windows Phone. The case is similar to Google Now for iOS, which requires iPhone users to launch the Google search app to call up Google's digital assistant versus a long press of the home key for the native Siri.

What do you think of iPhone and Android users potentially having access to Cortana in the future?

Update: Or as Rudy Huyn mentions, other OSes could imply Microsoft's own family rather than competing operating systems. In this case, Cortana could be headed to Windows or Xbox.