Microsoft has announced a new Fitbit skill is now available for Cortana. Now, you can easily keep track of where you are with your daily goals by just asking Cortana on Windows 10, Android, or iOS.

Using the skill is pretty straightforward. Once enabled, you can prompt Cortana to fill you in on the things your Fitbit monitors. Examples include the number of steps you've walked today, how you slept, and how much water you've drank. You can even prompt Cortana with a general request like "Ask Fitbit how am I doing today," and Cortana will keep you posted with a brief summary. And if you're in the habit of logging your food intake throughout the day, Cortana can do that for you as well.

The Fitbit skill was built using the public preview of the Cortana Skills Kit, which Microsoft launched in May. Through it, we should see many more third-party Cortana skills pop up in the future. For now, if you own a Fitbit, you can get started by saying "Hey Cortana, Open Fitbit," at which point you'll be prompted to connect your accounts.

You can see more at Cortana skills.

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