Cortana will get a dedicated key on Toshiba's Windows 10 PCs

Cortana is already making a big splash in the Windows 10 Insider Preview, and it looks like Toshiba is ready to add another option for accessing the digital assistant on its PCs. Speaking with PCWorld, the company said that it will build a Cortana button into the keyboard on all of its Windows 10 PCs when they start shipping later this year. From PCWorld:

The Cortana key will be on all of Toshiba's Windows 10 PCs—"across the board, top to bottom," according to Jeff Barney, the general manager and vice president in charge of Toshiba America's PC business. The key will sit in the upper left area, near the function keys, he said. Triggering it will launch Cortana, Microsoft's digital assistant.

The dedicated hardware key would add a third way of accessing Cortana in Windows 10, after voice recognition and the dedicated taskbar button. As of right now, Toshiba is the only manufacturer to announce a dedicated key, but it would be interesting if it ended up cropping up on machines from other manufacturers, or even third-party keyboards. What do you guys think? Would you use a dedicated hardware key for Cortana, or do you think it's a superfluous addition?

Source: PCWorld