If you need a little extra push to follow through with something you said you'd do over email, Cortana is now here to help — automatically. Microsoft announced today that the digital assistant's new Suggested Reminders feature is now rolling out, ready to help everyone stay on track unprompted.

With Suggested Reminders, Cortana essentially uses machine learning technology to keep track of commitments you make in your emails that, let's face it, you might forget about after slogging through your inbox all day. Once Cortana detects you've made a commitment, it will then proactively suggest you set a reminder for just the right time.

As long as you're signed into Cortana and you've given communications consent, you don't have to do anything on your end for the feature to work. Simply send your emails as normal and Cortana will do the dirty work.

Cortana's Suggested Reminders feature is now rolling out in the U.S.

Again, Microsoft says this is only rolling out to those in the U.S. for now. Further, the rollout is starting now with Windows 10, and the feature will make its way to iOS and Android in the coming weeks. Lastly, the feature only currently supports Outlook.com and Office 365 work and school email addresses. Support for more email services is coming soon, Microsoft says.