We may have made a tactical error in using the Tilt for the Smartphone Round Robin, folks. It is incredibly powerful - WiFi, GPS, decent RAM and Processor - but also the only “Two Hands Required” device in our lineup. Still, Kevin was able to see past that to get a pretty good take on Windows Mobile from a BlackBerry user's point of view:

Unfortunately, though I came to understand and respect the Windows Mobile platform, my final conclusion is that it’s not a good operating system for the hardware available today. The Tilt is a cutting edge device, yet running Windows Mobile it is unbearably slow and a fully-charged battery never lasted more than 18 hours while I had it in my possession. Windows Mobile is a beast of an OS, and therefore needs a lot of MHz (and therefore a lot of battery juice) to get the job done.

Read: Smartphone Round Robin: Final Thoughts on Windows Mobile and the ATT Tilt | CrackBerry.com

He's definitely right about the battery - it's not ideal on the Tilt. As for WM requiring too many resources for today's hardware, well, I'm not 100% positive I can agree. More is always better, of course, but I also think that with the right tweaks WM can run well even on memory-nemic devices like the HTC Touch. Here's a question: what WM devices have great, non-tweaked, out of the box experiences? I'd vote for the Treo 750 in that camp, are there others?

Go take a read of Kevin's article for sure and give 'em some comment love for a chance to win in the Round Robin Contest. You can do the same here - I'm curious, which device might have been better for a BlackBerry user? Treo 750? Moto Q9h?