What seems like a lifetime ago,  I remember two comedic publications, Mad Magazine and Cracked in the 70's.  Cracked.com is the online transformation of the printed magazine that poks fun at society and current events. The Cracked Reader brings all the content of Cracked.com to your Windows Phone.

The Cracked Reader is spread out nicely and mimics the categories on the website. You have pages for Latest Articles, Archived Articles (pulled up by the month), Photoplasty, your Favourite Articles, Popular Articles, Greatest Hits, and Craptions (a twisted effort to caption photos of current events).

Articles are pulled up within the app and when tagged as a favourite, are added to the Favourite Page of the reader. Additionally, you also have the option to open the article in Explorer or share the article via email, sms, Facebook or Twitter.  It is a simple, yet effective app.  The content is a mixed bag but most of the articles should bring, in the very least, a slight grin to everyone's face.

The Cracked Reader ran smoothly and if you are a Cracked.com fan, it's a must have app for your Windows Phone. Cracked Reader is available here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace for $.99.