Crazy Horses Match Maker is Nice Touch Games follow up Windows Phone game to Crazy Horses. Match Maker deals with the same pesky horses but instead of rounding up the horses you are creating match pairs among the horses.

Sounds simple enough, right? You are given a horse coral with various colored horses in it. Your job is to draw a line connecting the match pairs of horses so they can be re-united. To draw the line, you tap the horse and drag your finger across the screen to draw your path.  Once you have all the paths established, the horses race to each other, happy to be re-united.

Horse paths can not cross each other and to add to the challenge, you have obstacles to navigate around and, at times, treats you have to collect on your way to making the match.

Crazy Horses Match Maker has 55 levels of play with the first five serving as tutorial levels. The levels progressively get more challenging and in playing the game over the past few days, I found it to be a fun, entertaining game. The only complaint I could find is that at times it took a few attempts to get the horse's path drawn. I found it helped to touch on the horse, wait a second, then start drawing the path.

All in all, Crazy Horses Match Maker is a very nice puzzle game for your Windows Phone and worth a try. There is a free trial version available for Crazy Horses Match Maker with the full version running $.99. You can find both here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.