AdDuplex has released its latest OS statistics for the month of May, giving us a peek at the Windows 10 Creators Update's reach after its April launch. So far, the Creators Update makes up 18 percent of Windows 10 PCs, up from the 10 percent coverage seen just a couple of weeks after launch in AdDuplex's April report.

Creators Update now on 18 percent of Windows 10 PCs, AdDuplex says

Creators Update PC coverage is still minuscule compared to the Anniversary Update, which is currently on just on 75 percent on Windows 10 machines. The Mobile side of things is a completely different story, however, as the Mobile Creators Update is already on nearly 56 percent of Windows phones. That's compared to 34.4 percent coverage for the Mobile Anniversary Update. Given that the Mobile update began its rollout much later than on PC, that's certainly interesting to see.

AdDuplex's latest numbers are an interesting, if not all that surprising look at the current status of the Creators Update. As the firm notes, the rollout is following a fairly similar pace to what we saw with the Anniversary Update, and it's likely we'll see it reach a similar dominance by the time the Fall Creators Update is ready to launch.

Keep in mind that AdDuplex's numbers are based on data collected from a sampling 5,000 Windows Store apps using the AdDuplex SDK. These particular numbers were collected on May 22. Actual figures are likely different, but these stats give us a good estimate of the update's reach.